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Apex Legends Ranked System

Season 20 is out and Respawn Entertainment are Making Plenty of Changes to Ranked Mode

Apex Legends Season 20: Breakout is out! This season brings a significant overhaul to Ranked Play, introducing a new Ranked Points (RP) system, strategic Legend perks, and a revamped tier structure. This guide will help you navigate the new Ranked system and equip you with the knowledge and strategies to conquer the Ranked Arenas, ascend the leaderboards, and claim your legend amongst the elite.

Season 20 New Ranked System

Season 20 streamlines Ranked entry for new players. The Rookie Tier has been removed, and all players begin their Ranked journey in Bronze. As you climb the ladder, you'll encounter the familiar Ranked tiers:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Predator

Each tier offers exclusive Ranked rewards to showcase your ranked achievements.

The Player Distribution in Ranked


Percentage of Players

Types of Players



Novice players, those who are just starting out or who haven't yet delved into the mechanics and strategies of the game.



Intermediate players: they have a good grasp of the basics, but still have a long way to go.



Advanced players, they master the basic skills and begin to develop advanced strategies.



Experienced players, who showed themselves to be competent in almost every aspect of the game.



Elite players, they spent many hours working, mastered advanced strategies and even developed some of their own.



This is the crème de la crème, and only players who have truly mastered every facet of the game can dream of reaching this level.

Season 20 Ranked Rewards

The image below shows you the kinds of rewards that you can win this season based on what rank you finish in.

What are Ranked Points (RP)

Forget about MMR, Season 20 introduces a simpler system revolving around Ranked Points (RP). Let's guide you on how to gather RP and conquer the leaderboards:

Combat Score: Your combat performance is now reflected in your Combat Score. This score combines points earned from kills, assists, and even participation (valued at 50% of a base kill).

RP Breakdown: Your Ranked Points come from a combination of factors:

  • Placement: Top placements award the most RP, with a maximum of 125 points for a first-place finish.
  • Combat Score: Your combat score translates into additional RP, with a kill cap to encourage strategic eliminations (max 26 RP for 6 kills/assists, then diminishing returns).
  • Bonuses: Eliminate higher-ranked players for Challenger Bonuses (50% base combat value). Aim for the coveted Top Five Streak Bonus, capping at 40 points after securing five consecutive top-five finishes. There's also a steady Promotion Bonus of 250 RP upon reaching a new tier.

Tier Entry Costs

Take note of the Entry Costs associated with Ranked matches. These costs start at 20 RP in Silver and increase by 20 RP per tier.

Winning a match not only grants RP but also offsets the entry cost, keeping you progressing through the Ranked ladder.

Apex New Legend Perk System

Season 20 introduces a revolutionary Legend Perk System, allowing you to customize your favorite Legends with unique perks.

These perks add a new layer of strategy by enhancing existing abilities or offering passive benefits. I expect them to shake up team compositions and the overall Ranked meta.

Season 20's New Additions

  • Thunderdome Map: Get ready to rumble in the all-new "Thunderdome" map – a vibrant addition to the Ranked and Casual map rotation!
  • Festive Touches: Celebrate the season with festive decorations like balloons and blimps across the Battle Royale maps as it also commemorates the games' 5th year.
  • Breakout Rewards: Complete special Legend Challenges throughout Season 20 to earn permanent Legends, skins, trackers, and more.
  • Club Revamp: Clubs are gone. Now, you can personalize your username with a cool 3-4 character tag.

Tips to Reach Predator in Apex

Here are excellent tips to rank faster:

  • Experiment with Perks: Test the new Legend perks in casual or Arenas to discover powerful combinations and improve your strategies.
  • Learn from Past Games: Analyze your Ranked history to identify areas for improvement and capitalize on your strengths.
  • Map Rotations: With the maps changing, you'll need to adapt your approach to each map's layout and loot distribution. 
  • Performance Mode (120fps): Console players can now enjoy smoother gameplay with a new optional setting called Performance Mode, which aims for 120 frames per second!
  • Crafting Rework: You'll have more options for what you can get from Crafting Replicators, allowing you to adapt your gear choices based on the situation. 

Master the game with this guide and keep climbing the Ranked ladder! You'll be a legend in no time.

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