Marijn Laros

boy with black shirt

Hey folks! Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Marijn, a spirited, 19-year-old guy hailing from the glorious tulip lands of the Netherlands. I've always been one for adventures, and my current one has taken me across borders where I've been enjoying living abroad for the past month, soaking up new experiences and cultures. But don't be bewildered, I still have another four fantastic months to relish on foreign soil! 

I've also found myself an amazing role amidst this adventure; I'm currently spinning my days away as an intern at the epic GameChampions! And speaking of games, boy, do I love them! My passion for gaming can't be fenced within borders just like me. Whitewater rafting through the CS series' high stakes world, concocting winning strategies on Fortnite's battlefield, or strategizing every move in Valorant – each offers a thrill I can hardly put into words. 

Aside from the digital battlegrounds and my international adventures, I have other passions that keep my life vibrant. A soulful serenade on my guitar after a long day can be as rejuvenating as a good game. And you'll often find me pumping iron at the gym, chiseling my spirit and my physique. 

I'm a nature enthusiast too, always keen on embarking on a hike to witness the earth in its raw form. It's like stepping into another game, but this time the environment is all-natural and the visuals, oh they're breath-taking. 

So that's just a bit about who I am - a game-loving, guitar-playing, gym-hitting, nature-exploring intern from the Netherlands! As you read my blog posts on GameChampions, you'll discover more layers to this fun-loving Dutch guy.