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Powering an Inclusive and socially committed ESPORTS community

Our Vision is to build an “inclusive and socially committed ESPORTS community" where gamers of all skill levels can compete in a FAIR and FUN environment while making a positive impact through charity fundraising. We host a variety of tournaments and league competitions on our platform to promote and inspire player development. On our platform, we are always looking at ways to take skill gaming to the next level. We want to push casuals up a level to grow into avid gamers while guiding our more hardened users on the path to becoming elite and possibly professional.

ESPORTS have the amazing power to bring people from different backgrounds and walks of life together. Forming this feeling of community and togetherness on our platform is of the utmost importance to us. We want this to be a social yet competitive environment where gamers can come to challenge one another and also share meaningful and lasting interactions. We are committed to making Game Champions an enjoyable social experience. We prioritize user individuality and interaction through our extensive communication and customization systems

Our ultimate goal is to provide a secure and fair competition environment for gamers of all skill levels to compete and bet on their performance. We strive to maintain the highest standard of integrity and upfront transparency with our users to become the most trusted ESPORTS Platform on the web. 


The young and innovative team at the European Hub of ESPORTS 

We are a young team of gamers and web developers committed to bringing a competitive edge to gaming in Europe, by developing innovative concepts and AI-driven solutions to make competitive and casual gaming more exciting and rewarding. Our technology has been featured by reputable publishers including Betanews, Techonthego, and Hiddenwires.

We are an EU-registered company based in Malta (European Hub for Gaming Companies) and our business model has been approved to operate as a Skill Gaming platform that organizes free and pay-to-enter ESPORTS competitions. We do NOT offer or promote any type of gambling on our platform for users to bet on the results of matches played by other players.

  FAIR and FUN competition for ALL skill levels 

As Gamers, we know how it feels when you win or lose a match and that is why we promote fair competition and we have zero tolerance for cheaters.  We monitor all matches and protect all our players with a foolproof anti-cheating process for a fair and secure gaming experience.

Our unique skill-matching system considers the skill level of the players to find fair and challenging matches for all players. We have developed this unique skill-matching system in response to the overwhelming number of complaints we received from novice and intermediate-level players who registered on other platforms and found themselves paired with high-level players in completely unbalanced matches. We are filling this gap in the market through innovative AI-driven solutions to guarantee fair play and balanced matches so that all of our players can enjoy a safe and rewarding gaming experience 

Our ultimate goal is to provide a FUN and FAIR competition environment for gamers of all skill levels to compete and bet on their performance.


ESPORTS to boost cognitive skills, team spirit, and wellbeing  

Corporate Leagues:  Game Champions' roadmap as an ESPORTS platform has a clear focus on casual gamers but also includes an entire segment dedicated to Corporate Leagues to improve employees' cognitive skills, team spirit, and wellbeing. We will create an online environment where professionals come together to game, bond with colleagues, and make new connections all while making a positive impact through charity fundraising. Game Champions will offer businesses an affordable entertainment activity with easy, fast, and global reach to boost employee engagement and corporate / team spirit in the new era of working remotely from different locations

Mental health and wellbeing. Recent research carried out by Oxford University has indicated that video games can have a positive impact on your mental health and wellbeing for a variety of reasons (Oxford Internet Institute). As human beings, we need social interaction and this has become even more evident during the long periods of lockdowns and social distancing impose by governments to stop the spread of the COVID19 virus. During this pandemic period, millions of employees felt lonely and isolated in their own houses which in many cases resulted in serious health issues leading to depression and other psychological/mental disorders. ESPORTS games are ideal for combatting loneliness, and online multiplayer games can be a great way to meet people and feel part of a community that is there anytime you need it. You can chat online with friends, meet new people, play your favorite game, and practice forming bonds quickly as part of team game sessions. 

Improving Cognitive Skills. Scientific studies have shown that people who game often have better cognitive abilities in terms of analogy, processing speed, deductive reasoning, and mathematical intelligence than those who don’t play video games. Cognitive skills like these are important for thinking and learning, and they can even help us develop better memories and attention spans. So, playing games can make our brains healthier and process information more effectively especially video games that require concentration and mental agility like chess, checkers, and similar strategy video games.  These cognitive skills can also help us succeed more at work and in education, in addition to performing better in our everyday lives, which in turn can make us happier individuals. So, there are plenty of reasons to continue developing your gaming skills as featured here by the Wellbeing Magazine.

We are continuously looking for new ideas and feedback to become the most trusted ESPORTS platform on the web.

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