TOTS Thumbnail

FUT TOTS is one of Ultimate Team's longest-standing promo events and a true classic of the game mode. Click here to read more about this special promo event and find out about the best new players released. 

WEEK 1, Tournament #2

Our second Free FIFA 21 Tournament has been live for a full week! Click here for a Week 1 review of everything that worked and some things that didn't as we launched our new and improved FIFA 21 Tournament. 

New FIFA 21 Tournament

Our second Free FIFA Tournament goes live TODAY at 6 pm! Click here to learn more about the big changes we've made to ensure this tournament becomes a more immersive and entertaining experience for all our players. 

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Our Free FIFA 21 Tournament is coming to an end after two exhilarating weeks of competition. Click here for a full review of everything that worked well and some things that still need improvement as we conclude our first-ever Free FIFA 21 Tournament.