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Fortnite Ranked Mode: Everything You Need to Know

By | updated On Nov 30, 2023, 3:32 PM UTC


The competitive Fortnite ranking system invites players from all around the globe to join its frenzied battleground, running parallel to the casual play mode yet offering a much more ambitious, competitive environment. 

Craved globally by Fortnite enthusiasts and rookies alike, the Fortnite Ranked experience is an adrenaline-pumping, exhilarating space that brings out the best or the worst in a gamer. It's designed to push players to up their game continually, hone their strategies and master the art of quick decision making.

How Fortnite Ranked Works

Fundamentally, your performance in matches will determine your Fortnite rank. It's a matchmaking system designed to finally pair you with players of similar skill levels. Performing well and consistently will see you rise through the ranks swiftly. 

Game Modes supported

Fortnite Ranked mode offers its tantalizing blend of palpable excitement and high-stakes competition across two main play methods, or game modes: Battle Royale and Zero Build. Each of these game modes uniquely influence how Fortnite takes shape—each offering a different flavor of gaming exhilaration. 

Before we dip into the exhilarating world of Fortnite ranks, it's vitally important to understand that players can choose between two distinct game modes in the ranked play: Battle Royale and Zero Build. Each brings its own unique challenges and rewards, upping the ante and providing a thrilling experience for every player at every turn. 

Battle Royale Ranked Mode 

For those with a competitive spirit who enjoy the thrill of outliving other players in a fast-paced environment, the Battle Royale ranked mode is the perfect fit. In Battle Royale, you can play solo, duo with a buddy, or gather a squad to establish dominance. 

Zero Build Ranked Mode 

Then there's the Zero Build ranked mode. As the name suggests, there is no building involved here. Unlike Battle Royale, Zero Build mode only allows duos, creating an intense environment where each decision could mean the difference between triumph or defeat. 

Note: The Zero Build ranked mode is a test of pure combat skills and teamwork. Here, you'll need to think on your feet, strategize, and rely on your partner to climb up the ladder.

Ranks in Fortnite Ranked


Starting at the bottom, we have Bronze. This is where every Fortnite player begins their journey, largely composed of beginners, and those still exploring the vast dimensions of Fortnite. Equipped with just the basics, the players here are making their first steps towards mastering the game. 


Next, we hop onto the Silver tier. Players at this level have grasped the fundamental mechanics of the game. They know their pickaxe from their pistol, and have scored at least a few Victory Royales. 


The stepping stone to higher tiers is Gold. Gold ranked players exhibit a sharper tactical acumen and better building strategies. They are adept at handling critical situations and utilize resources effectively to secure wins. 


Then we venture into the realm of Platinum. Platinum players demonstrate a significant improvement in their battle techniques, equipped with seasoned tactical abilities, quick decision-making skills and an impressive collection of hard-won Victory Royales. 

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The Diamond level represents a group of high-performing players. They know the ins and outs of every map and can turn the tide of a skirmish in their favor. Only the elite batch of players get to flaunt this dazzling diamond badge. 


Moving a step further, we reach the Elite tier. This exclusive tier is reserved for top-notch players with consistent performances, advanced weapon handling dexterity, and remarkable strategic depth. 


Unreal, the pinnacle of Fortnite rankings, is the domain of those who have achieved mastery in the game. These players have honed their skills to perfection, navigated countless battles and emerged victorious enough times to be deemed 'Unreal'. Engine.

Rewards to Unlock in Fortnite Ranks

One of the enticing aspects of Fortnite's Ranked mode is the plethora of rewards that are, quite intriguingly, free cosmetics. These dazzling rewards are yours for the taking upon accomplishing Ranked-exclusive Urgent quests. As a testament to your triumphs, you will receive thematic rewards befitting your rank as each fresh and adventurous season unfolds. 

How to Activate Ranked

To enable Fortnite's Ranked mode, follow these steps: 

  1. Launch Fortnite
  2. Choose Your Mode: Select "Battle Royle" or "Zero Build".
  3. Ranked: Look for the "Ranked" option and then make a selection.
  4. Queue Up and Wait

activating ranked mode in fortnite

Mastering Fortnite: Tips and Tricks to Rank Up

Be Tech Savvy 

Perfecting your technical skills is absolutely critical. If your building and shooting techniques are not up to par, you'll find yourself consistently outpaced and outgunned by those at higher ranks. Start practicing your aim, your build speed, and your reflexes. Use creative and playground modes to perfect your techniques, free from the pressures of a full game. Never underestimate the power of a perfect headshot or a well-placed fortification! 

Master the Art of Navigation 

Just being good with hardware won't grant you an automatic ticket to the upper ranks. You need to be smart as well. Knowing the Fortnite map in detail is as important as nailing those headshots. Understanding rotation patterns, landing zones, and resource hotspots are your ticket to a systematic and controlled climb up the ranks. Don't stay confined to your comfort zone; instead, explore the entire map, learn the terrain, and turn the battlefield to your advantage! 

Tactical Positioning 

A common mistake that many budding Fortnite players make is neglecting the importance of positioning. Being constantly on the move and at the right place can put you in advantageous situations or save your neck in tricky ones. Positioning includes knowing when to be aggressive, when to lay low, and when to reposition. Remember, high ground often wins fights. Always try and secure a position above your opponent to gain a considerable advantage in engagements. 

Communication is Key 

Last but not least, particularly in team games, is clear communication. Coordination within your team can be the difference between a heartbreaking loss or a euphoric victory. So, listen up! Ensure you're keeping your teammates informed of your plans and movements, and be sure to listen to theirs as well. As the saying goes, divided we fall, united we conquer—make it the golden rule of your Fortnite engagements. 

Learning from the pros 

Improving one's skill set in Fortnite by learning from some of the game's maestros is an excellent strategy, and YouTube is replete with such resources. Here's a list of some exceptional Fortnite players who, apart from their regular uploads of incredible gameplay, also provide insightful commentary that can prove invaluable in your journey to climb the Fortnite ranks. 

  • Ninja (Tyler Blevins): A legendary figures in the gaming world, Ninja's prowess in Fortnite is unrivaled, and his YouTube channel is a goldmine of top-tier gameplay footage and commentary.
  • Myth (Ali Kabbani): As one of the game's earliest adopters, Myth has a wealth of knowledge and experience, making his YouTube channel an invaluable resource for aspiring Fortnite players.
  • Nick Eh 30 (Nicholas Amyoony): A popular YouTuber known for his electric personality and formidable Fortnite skills, Nick's game commentary is both entertaining and educational.
  • Dakotaz (Brett Hoffman): A firm believer in the power of stealth in Fortnite, Dakotaz's commentary emphasizes tactics that make you a difficult target while maximizing opportunities for offensive maneuvers.

Remember, watching these players regularly will present you with new strategies and techniques. Moreover, their commentary will provide you with strategic insights into their playstyle, which may prove useful when formulating your own game approach to rank up in Fortnite. Good luck, soldiers!