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Fortnite Ranked Mode: Everything You Need to Know

Fortnite's ranked mode is fresh on the scene, and it's no surprise some folks are scratching their heads. But fear not, this guide will be your weapon to dominate the leaderboards! Jumpstart from Bronze to the ultimate Unreal rank. 

We'll break down the tiers, the point system, and the best ways to climb the ladder fast. We'll even share some pro tips to make it happen even quicker. 

How Fortnite Ranked Mode Works

Let's start by understanding how Fortnite ranked mode works. It currently adds a well-defined ranking system, spanning from Bronze to the coveted Unreal. 

Once you reach Unreal, you're safe from demotion that season. You'll then compete on a global leaderboard to prove you're the ultimate champion. Note that your initial rank, after your first ranked match, is based on your past hidden matchmaking performance. This is why new players will likely start in Bronze or Silver, while pros might find themselves in Platinum or Diamond.

Bronze (Tiers I, II, III)

This is where everyone starts. Bots will populate some matches, allowing you to get used to Ranked play. 

Focus on: Building, shooting, and decision-making fundamentals

Silver (Tiers I, II, III)

Silver players understand the basics. They can distinguish a pickaxe from a pistol and have secured a few wins. Competition ramps up as you face more real players. 

Sharpen: Refine core skills, learn basic rotations, and strategize landing spots.

Gold (Tiers I, II, III)

Gold marks the gateway to higher tiers. Here, competition skyrockets. Players possess sharper abilities; and focus on advanced building techniques, quick thinking, and strategic engagements.

Platinum (Tiers I, II, III)

Platinum showcases players with significantly improved battle tactics. They have sharp decision-making, loads of Victory Royales, and a solid understanding of the game at this level. Expect coordinated teams and highly competitive matches.

Diamond (Tiers I, II, III)

Diamond players are map masters with unmatched combat prowess. Mastering rotations, endgame strategies, and clutch play become paramount.


This exclusive tier is reserved for top-notch players. Consistent performance, advanced weapon handling, and remarkable strategic depth are hallmarks of these top-tier players.


This is the second-to-last tier, just before the ultimate challenge. You'll clash with the absolute best in intense and strategic battles at this level.


The pinnacle of Ranked, Unreal signifies mastery of the game. These players have honed their skills to perfection, navigated countless battles, and emerged victorious enough to be deemed 'Unreal'.

Players who have reached Unreal will see their names on the leaderboard (Battle Royale/Zero Build) unless they have opted to modify their game account and privacy settings.

Fortnite Ranked Modes

Battle Royale and Zero Build are the two primary ranked modes. Each has four queues: Solo, Duo, Trio, and Squad (availability might change per season). Keep in mind that Build and Zero Build ranks are separate!

Battle Royale 

For those with a competitive spirit who enjoy the thrill of outliving other players in a fast-paced environment, the Battle Royale ranked mode is the perfect fit.

Zero Build  

Zero Build Ranked is a test of pure combat skills and teamwork. Here, you'll need to think on your feet, strategize, and rely on your partner to climb up the ladder.

Rocket Racing in Chapter 5 has its own ranked system. Here, points are based on your race placement, with victory granting the most glory (and points).



How Does the Fortnite Ranked Points Scoring Work?

Fortnite Ranked scoring just got faster! Placement in matches and eliminations are the keys to determining your points and helping you climb the ladder. 

Placement is King

The higher you place, the more points you score! Victory Royale grants the most points, followed by Top 10, and so on. Early fights are risky, so focus on strategic survival to reach the endgame and maximize points.

Eliminations Matter

Each elimination earns points, but less than a good placement. Early kills during a crowded match offer more points, but remember, dying early means missing out on valuable endgame points. Find the balance between aggressive and passive play.

Match Type Matters Too

Different matches offer different point values. Major tournaments provide the most points, followed by Cash Cups and Hype Nights. Regularly ranked matches award the least. Performing well in high-point matches is your ticket to faster ranking.

Rewards to Unlock in Fortnite Ranks

One of the enticing aspects of Fortnite's Ranked mode is the plethora of rewards that are, quite intriguingly, free cosmetics. These dazzling rewards are yours for the taking upon accomplishing Ranked-exclusive Urgent quests. As a testament to your triumphs, you will receive thematic rewards befitting your rank as each fresh and adventurous season unfolds. 

How to Activate Ranked Mode

To enable Fortnite's Ranked mode, follow these steps: 

  1. Launch Fortnite: this was going to be the first step :D
  2. Choose Your Mode: Select "Battle Royale" or "Zero Build" mode
  3. Ranked: Look for the "Ranked" option in the "Mode Selection"
  4. Queue Up and Wait to enter the lobby (The queue times vary based on what rank you are in)

Bonus Tip: If you're playing with friends (Duos, Trios, or Squads) the skill level of the lobbies will be determined based on who the host is.

Mastering Fortnite: Tips and Tricks to Rank Up

Be Tech Savvy 

Perfecting your technical skills is critical. If your building and shooting techniques are not up to par, you'll find yourself consistently outpaced and outgunned by those at higher ranks. Practice in Creative or Playground modes. Focus on aim drills, build speed, and reaction time. Remember, a perfect headshot or well-placed wall can turn the tide. 

Master the Art of Navigation 

Just being good with hardware won't grant you an automatic ticket to the upper ranks. You need to be smart as well. Knowing the Fortnite map in detail is as important as nailing those headshots. Learn rotation patterns, key landing zones, and resource locations. Don't be afraid to explore, understand the terrain, and use it to your advantage. 

Tactical Positioning 

A common mistake many budding Fortnite players make is neglecting the importance of positioning. Positioning is key. Being constantly on the move and in the right place can put you in advantageous situations or save your neck in tricky ones. Positioning includes knowing when to be aggressive, when to lay low, and when to reposition. Remember, high ground often wins fights. Always secure a position above your opponent to gain a considerable advantage in engagements. 

Communication is Key 

Last but not least, particularly in team games, is clear communication. Coordination within your team can be the difference between a heartbreaking loss and a euphoric victory. So, listen up! Ensure you're keeping your teammates informed of your plans and movements, and be sure to listen to theirs as well. As the saying goes, divided we fall, united we conquer—make it the golden rule of your Fortnite engagements. 

Learning from the Pros/Streamers

Improving one's skill set in Fortnite by learning from some of the game's maestros is an excellent strategy, and YouTube is replete with such resources. Here's a list of some exceptional Fortnite players who, apart from their regular uploads of incredible gameplay, also provide insightful commentary that can prove invaluable in your journey to climb the Fortnite ranks. 

  • Ninja (Tyler Blevins): A legendary figure in the gaming world, Ninja's prowess in Fortnite is unrivaled, and his YouTube channel is a goldmine of top-tier gameplay footage and commentary.
  • Myth (Ali Kabbani): As one of the game's earliest adopters, Myth has a wealth of knowledge and experience, making his YouTube channel an invaluable resource for aspiring Fortnite players.
  • Nick Eh 30 (Nicholas Amyoony): A popular YouTuber known for his electric personality and formidable Fortnite skills, Nick's game commentary is both entertaining and educational.
  • Dakotaz (Brett Hoffman): A firm believer in the power of stealth in Fortnite, Dakotaz's commentary emphasizes tactics that make you a difficult target while maximizing opportunities for offensive maneuvers.

Remember, watching these players regularly will present you with new strategies and techniques. Their commentary offers a window into their thought process, revealing the strategic thinking behind their moves. This knowledge is a huge advantage as you develop your approach to climbing the Fortnite Ranked ladder. So, tune in and learn from the best! Good luck, soldiers!

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