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How to Rank Up in SMITE

Everything I have learned presented in an easy to understand way. Let's rank up!

learn how to rank up easily in smite

SMITE, developed by Hi-Rez Studios, is an action-packed MOBA game that tosses you into the heart of mythological battlefields. As you've battled through the pantheon, mastered the mechanics, and made it past the minions, now, you're ready to climb that competitive ladder—the SMITE Ranking System. 

 Ranging from Bronze to Grandmaster, each rank signifies a player's prowess and level of ability. You're probably wondering, "How does SMITE decide my rank?" or "What rewards await me at the next level?" Well, worry no more. This article will guide you through every step of your SMITE ranking journey, explain the perks that come with climbing the ladder, and provide essential tips to rank up faster.

All SMITE Ranks Listed

Let's dive straight into the heart of the SMITE ranking system, which is organized into several distinct tiers. Each rank is designed to represent a certain level of skill and progression in the game, effectively segregating players according to their competency and expertise. 

  1. Bronze: The first rank in the SMITE hierarchy. This is where a new player to ranked play initially lands. Don't be disheartened by this rank, every great player starts somewhere!
  2. Silver: The next step up. Players in this range have gained a fair understanding of the game but still have a lot to learn.
  3. Gold: As another step up, Gold rank showcases players who have developed more advanced game strategies and show significant improvement.
  4. Platinum: This rank houses those who have far surpassed the average skill level. These tough competitors have a deep understanding of SMITE’s meta and champion mechanics.
  5. Diamond: Reserved for the top echelon of players, those in the Diamond rank firmly understand the game mechanics and consistently perform excellently in all facets of gameplay.
  6. Masters: An exclusive rank for those who dominate in their games. These players have exceptional game knowledge, decision-making skills, and mechanical prowess.
  7. Grandmasters: The apex of SMITE's ranking system. Only the top 50 players in each region are given this prestigious title. They are the best of the best, exhibiting elite skills and game knowledge.

It’s important to understand that these ranks aren’t permanent. Each competitive Season in SMITE lasts for a determined period, after which players will need to climb the ladder afresh, providing a dynamic and ever-evolving gaming ecosystem. 

Matchmaking in SMITE

When you begin your journey through the divine battlegrounds of SMITE, making sense of the matchmaking and the MMR (Matchmaking Rating) system might seem like understanding an ancient language. Fear not, for this essential guide is here to explain the mysteries lying beneath the surface. 

Understanding MMR (Matchmaking Rating) in SMITE 

MMR, shorthand for Matchmaking Rating, is the corner stone of SMITE's matchmaking system. It is a numerical value used to determine a player's skill level, and it directly influences who you will be playing with and against in your matches. Your visible rank certainly plays a role too, but it's the MMR that truly determines where in the ladder you belong, and it will work its magic to get you in that direction sooner or later. The MMR works in a simple yet cunning way: when you win, your MMR increases, and when you lose, it decreases. The goal of this system is to match you with players of similar skill level, ensuring the most balanced and fair matches. 

Remember this: Your MMR is not just influenced by whether you win or lose, but also by the opponent's MMR. Winning against a higher rated opponent will increase your MMR more compared to defeating a lower rated opponent and vice versa. 

Stats tracking and tools to improve

While SMITE does include some in-game features to help track your performance, these often lack the depth and detail many dedicated players crave. Luckily, there's a wealth of outstanding websites and digital tools available online that provide a more in-depth look at your gameplay and help refine your skills. Here are a few I highly recommend: 


An indispensable resource for SMITE players. Besides offering detailed player statistics, it includes features such as match details, ELO rankings, and MMR calculations. This tool can give you deeper insights into your performance and strategies to improve.


As the name suggests, this site focuses on providing 'pro-level' guidance for players. It records and shares the builds and strategies used by professional players in their matches. 

Utilizing these resources effectively will undoubtedly give you a competitive edge. Remember, the difference between a good player and a great one often lies in understanding the mechanics and nuances of the game. By taking advantage of these tools and the data they provide, you'll soon find yourself climbing higher in the SMITE ranking system.

Rewards from Ranking Up

Now, you must be wondering: what exactly are these rewards that the ranked system in SMITE offers?

  • God Leaderboards: Climbing up the ranks could land you in the prestigious God Leaderboards. Imagine the thrill of seeing your username eliciting respect from millions of SMITE players!
  • Seasonal Rewards: At the close of each season, players can earn exclusive cosmetics based on their rank. Higher ranks unlock more cosmetic items, which can range from skins, ward skins, loading frames to other visual upgrades.
  • Ranked Borders: Ascending through different ranks earns you distinctive border designs that encompass your player avatar. It's a badge of honor that clearly states your prowess to opponents and teammates alike.
  • Gems: To encourage competitive play, SMITE typically offers gem rewards for winning a certain number of games each week. The Gems can be used to unlock Gods and cosmetic upgrades.

Besides these rank-specific rewards, your long-term commitment to SMITE is rewarded too. As you move through the ranks and compete in matches, you earn Favor and Worshipers, two forms of in-game currency. Worshipers help to increase your god's mastery level, opening up new skins and avatar features, while Favor can be used for various in-game purchases. It's a small yet significant perk that adds dimensions to your SMITE experience.

How to Rank Up Faster in SMITE

With a clearer understanding of the SMITE ranking system and the rewards that come with it, you're probably wondering how you can level up faster. Let's go through some strategies that can help you rank up quicker in SMITE.

Choose Your God Wisely 

Each God in SMITE has a unique skill set and playstyle. In the lower divisions, choosing a God you're good with can often lead to a more solid performance and more wins. But as you climb the ladder, versatility becomes crucial. Sometimes, being adaptive to your team's needs and selecting a God beneficial to your team composition can make all the difference. As you play, make sure to also explore, learn, and master different roles and Gods. 

Mindset and Communication 

Bear in mind that SMITE is a team game, and nurturing a positive mindset can go a long way. Foster teamwork and avoid blaming teammates for a loss. Try to communicate effectively, using short, clear calls, and minimize arguing. Efficient teamwork often triumphs raw skill. 

Map Awareness 

Always keep an eye on the minimap. Good map awareness can give you a significant edge by providing information about enemy movements, objectives, and potential threats. It can help you make better decisions that can give your team the advantage.

In summary, ranking up in SMITE is not merely about winning individual games. It's about being a valuable team player, constantly improving, and understanding the dynamics of the game.

Don't rush your journey to the top. Enjoy the process, learn from your games, and in due time, you'll find yourself climbing the ranks with ease and confidence.

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