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Throne and Liberty: Available in Korea, Expected Global Release in 2024

Throne and Liberty, a brand new MMORPG from NCSoft, is shaking things up with its innovative features and captivating world. Launched in South Korea in December 2023. It is well-known for its free-to-play model, dynamic open world, and the unique ability to transform into different animals. Although the Western release date is yet to be determined, the game is highly anticipated and expected to take the world by storm in late 2024.

Throne and Liberty Global Release Date

throne and liberty release date global 2024

NCSoft, the game developer, has hinted at a possible release of their upcoming game in the West in 2024. They have also planned a closed beta test to give players a taste of the action. Though a firm date has not yet been set, there is a lot of buzz surrounding the game, which suggests a strong potential for success upon its global launch.

However, the question remains: does the delay in the global release affect the game's popularity? It's a double-edged sword. Here's why:


  • Increased anticipation since the wait builds excitement, making the eventual release even more anticipated.
  • The delay might allow NCSoft to further refine the game for a smoother global launch.
  • Observing the Korean reception can help tailor marketing strategies for the West.


  • With other titles constantly releasing, some players' attention might shift, leading to a decline in hype.
  • Delays may be perceived as development problems, creating a negative perception.

It is still unclear how popular the game will be globally, especially after the delay. However, the success of NCSoft's closed beta test and a well-planned marketing campaign closer to the release date will be essential in sustaining the momentum and attracting a large player base in the Western market.

What makes Throne and Liberty Special?

The game takes place in Solisium, a vast and vibrant world caught in the crossfire between two warring factions: the Liberation Army and the Carn Federation. Players choose a side and embark on a journey to shape the fate of Solisium. But Throne and Liberty throws out the typical MMORPG class system, allowing players to forge their path through a flexible character customization system.

Here's what truly sets Throne and Liberty apart:

  • Morphs (Animal Transformations): This revolutionary feature lets you transform into eagles for aerial recon, sharks for stealthy underwater attacks, and other creatures that add a strategic layer to exploration and combat.

  • Interactive Open World: Solisium reacts to the weather and time of day, making every adventure unique. 

  • Large-Scale Castle Sieges: Rally your guild and engage in epic battles against rival factions to control majestic castles. This focus on guild cooperation adds a new layer of excitement and teamwork to the gameplay.

Is it Free to Play?

Yes! Throne and Liberty is a free-to-play MMORPG, making it an ideal choice for players seeking a captivating fantasy experience at no cost. 

Where to Play Throne and Liberty

Currently, Throne and Liberty is only available in South Korea. However, the planned global release is expected to include the following platforms:

Keep an eye on @NCSoft_West on Twitter to stay in the know!

A Throne Awaits in Solisium

Throne and Liberty is an exciting new game in the MMORPG genre. It boasts innovative features, an enchanting world, and a free-to-play model, making it a potential hit with gamers who enjoy aerial combat as an eagle or the strategic depth of guilds. We hope that the Western release of the game arrives soon.

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