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All Armor Sets in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom

As gloom corrupts Hyrule, the fate of the kingdom rests on Link's courageous shoulders, but he won't be facing this darkness alone, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK) offers a vast array of armor sets, transforming Link into a tactical hero for any situation. Here's the complete guide to all TOTK Armor sets. 

All Tears of The Kingdom Armor Sets and Locations

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom boasts a diverse collection of 35 armor sets, each offering unique benefits for Link's adventure. All the exciting armor sets you see here can be discovered and earned through your adventure in Hyrule, and thankfully, No Amiibo-exclusive armor sets, though you can unlock Amiibo rewards! Here's a breakdown categorized by their potential features:

Environmental Mastery

Snowquill Set

The Snowquill Set- Snowquill Headdress, Tunic, and Trousers, is essential for those exploring Hyrule's icy terrains.


When all pieces are equipped, it grants the wearer immunity to freezing from ice attacks.

Where To Get

The entire Snowquill set can be conveniently purchased at the shop in Rito Village.

Breakdown of the Total Cost

  • Snowquill Headdress: 650 Rupees
  • Snowquill Tunic: 500 Rupees
  • Snowquill Trousers: 1,000 Rupees

Total Cost: 2,150 Rupees

Desert Voe Set

The Desert Voe set conquers the desert heat with style- a Headband, Spaulder, and Trousers. This three-piece outfit protects Link from the scorching sun. Each piece bolsters Link's heat resistance, keeping him cool and comfortable even in the hottest environments.


Equipping the full set also reduces electric damage, handy for those unpredictable desert storms.

Where To Get

Gerudo Town and Gerudo Desert. 

Breakdown of the Total Cost

  • Desert Voe Headband: 450 Rupees at Kara Kara Bazaar in the Gerudo Desert
  • Spaulder: 1,300 Rupees
  • Trousers: 650 Rupees - you'll need to gain access to the secret fashion club in Gerudo Town (spoiler: it's men only!).

Total Cost: 2,400 Rupees 

Rubber Set

The Rubber Set- Helm, Armor, and Tights, insulates Link from electrical dangers. Each piece boosts Link's shock resistance. 


The full set makes Link immune to lightning strikes

Where To Get

This set cannot be purchased from shops. Instead, you'll need to explore specific locations and find them as treasure hidden within caves or dungeons:

  • Rubber Helm: Sarjon Woods Cave (Necluda)
  • Rubber Armor: Whistling Hill Cave (Hyrule Field)
  • Rubber Tights: Horon Lagoon Cave (Lanayru)

Froggy Set

Navigate slippery terrain easily and enhance climbing with the Froggy set - Hood, Sleeve, and Leggings.


The Froggy Set grants Link exceptional climbing prowess in wet weather

Where To Get

The Froggy Set isn't available for purchase. Instead, you'll need to complete the "Potential Princess Sightings" quest offered by Traysi at the Lucky Clover Gazette near Rito Village. This quest involves visiting various stables across Hyrule. 

Miner Set

Light the way in Hyrule's depths with the Miner Set- Mask, Top, and Trousers! Each piece glows faintly, aiding visibility.


The set bonus grants Link a glowing trail, illuminating the surroundings

Where To Get

You can find them scattered across The Depths, a vast network of underground regions:

  • Miner's Mask- Abandoned Kara Kara Mine (Gerudo Desert Depths)
  • Miner's Top- Daphnes Canyon Mine (Central Hyrule Depths)
  • Miner's Trousers- Hylia Canyon Mine (Central Hyrule Depths)

Exploration and Movement

Climbing Set

Go up any high cliff with better speed and energy using the Climbing Set - Bandana, Gear, and Boots. Every part of this set makes Link climb faster, helping him get to higher places easily. 


When Link wears all three parts, he uses less energy when he jumps while going up. This means Link can save energy for longer climbs.

Where To Get

The Climbing Set pieces are found in Hyrule Ridge and Lanayru:

  • Climber's Bandana (Ploymus Mountain Cave) 
  • Gear (North Hyrule Plain Cave)
  • Boots (Upland Zorana Byroad)

Glide Set

Master the skies with steadier paragliding and fall damage negation with the Glide set- Mask, Shirt, and Tights, granting Link unparalleled paragliding prowess.


Wearing all three pieces gives complete immunity to fall damage!

Where To Get

The Glide Set pieces are scattered across three islands: Bravery, Courage, and Valor. Each island offers unique diving challenges to test your skills and earn the respective gear. 

Sky Set

The Sky Set is a tribute to a legendary hero and offers both style and power - Cap, Tunic, and Trousers


Increased attack power

Where To Get

Amiibo Connection- Scan the Skyward Sword Link Amiibo for a chance to acquire the set.

Deep Exploration

  • Retsom Grove (East Necluda Depths) for Cap of the Sky
  • Minshi Grove (Great Hyrule Forest Depths) for Tunic
  • Crenel Canyon Mine (Central Hyrule Depths) for the Trousers 

Combat and Defense

Flamebreaker Set

The Flamebreaker Set - Helm, Armor, and Boots gives Link the power to safely explore volcanic areas. This set has full fire resistance, protecting Link from burns while he explores hot places. 


If Link wears this set, he won't get hurt by fire or lava.

Where To Get

Goron City Gear 

Breakdown of the Total Cost

  • Helm - 1,400 Rupees
  • Armor - 700 Rupees
  • Boots - 1,200 Rupees

Total Cost: 3,300 Rupees

Frostbite Set

Dominate icy peaks with increased attack power and charged attacks with ice blasts wearing the Frostbite Set-  Headdress, Shirt, and Trousers. Each piece boosts Link's attack power in cold weather, enhancing combat effectiveness.


Link's charged attacks become faster in the cold, and unleash an icy blast upon impact or at the end of attack combos. 

Where To Get

The Frostbite Set pieces are hidden within Hyrule's coldest regions:

  • Frostbite Headdress in Lake Kilsie Cave (Hebra Mountains)
  • Frostbite Shirt in Brightcap Cave (Tabantha Frontier)
  • Frostbite Trousers in Hebra Headspring Cave (Hebra Mountains)

Hero Set

Harness the power of a reminiscent classic hero from Hyrule's past donning the Hero Set - Cap, Tunic, and Trousers.


This set offers Link increased attack power

Where To Get

Amiibo Connection: Scan the 8-bit The Legend of Zelda Link Amiibo 

Deep Exploration: 

  • Cap of the Hero in Abandoned Lurelin Mine (East Necluda Depths)
  • Tunic in Abandoned Kakariko Mine (West Necluda Depths)
  • Trousers in Corvash Canyon Mine (Hebra Mountains Depths)

Royal Guard Set

The Royal Guard Set- Cap, Uniform, and Boots, once worn by Hyrule's protectors, boasts a timeless design and historical significance.


The set doesn't offer a special bonus. However, the iconic design inspires confidence and intimidation.

Where To Get

All three pieces are located within Hyrule Castle:

  • Royal Guard Cap is found in Zelda's Room
  • Uniform is guarded within the Guards' Chamber
  • Boots is Located in the King's Study

Soldier's Set

Balance offense and defense with a well-rounded Soldier's Set- Helm, Armor, and Greaves for various encounters.


The set provides a solid defense for early battles.

Where To Get

All three pieces can be found within the Royal Hidden Passage, a network of tunnels beneath Hyrule Castle. To access the passage, head to the Emergency Shelter in Lookout Landing and explore the adjoining cave system

Stealth and Utility

Stealth Set

Move silently through the night with increased stealth and movement speed wearing a Stealth Set- Mast, Chest Guard, and Tights, perfect for ninjas and sneaky adventurers. Each piece enhances Link's stealth. 


The set offers Link a nighttime movement boost, making him a blur in the shadows.

Where To Get

The Stealth Set is in Kakariko Village, but complete a quest first. Help a Villager Heal. Complete the "Gloom-Borne Illness" side quest to unlock affordable prices.

Breakdown of the Total Cost

  • Stealth Mast: 500 Rupees
  • Stealth Chest Guard: 700 Rupees
  • Stealth Tights: 600 Rupees

Total Cost: 1,800 Rupees 

Phantom Set

Become a master of disguise and blend in with your surroundings with the Phantom Set- Helmet, Armor, and Greaves. Each piece augments Link's attack strength, making him a more dangerous opponent. This set is rumored to possess a hidden power.


While no specific set bonus has been discovered yet, rumors swirl about the Phantom Set's true potential. Perhaps further investigation will unlock its hidden secrets! 

Where To Get

The Phantom Set pieces are found in diverse locations:

  • Phantom Helmet: Puffer Beach Overhead Cave (Farron area).
  • Armor: Hidden inside Tamio River Downstream Cave (Gerudo Highlands).
  • Greaves: Ancient Altar Ruins (Gerudo Desert).

Tingle Set

The Tingle set- Hood, Shirt, and Tights features a flamboyant outfit inspired by the eccentric balloon enthusiast.


The full set grants Link a nighttime movement boost, making him a swift shadow

Where To Get

The Tingle Set pieces are hidden throughout Hyrule:

  • Tingle's Hood- within the Statue of the Eighth Heroine cave (Gerudo Highlands).
  • Tingle's Shirt- inside Dueling Peaks South Cave (West Necluda).
  • Tingle's Tights- Found tucked away in Cape Cales Cliffbase Cave (East Necluda)

Zora Set

Every piece of the Zora Set- Helm, Armor, and Greaves boosts Link's swimming speed, letting him zip through underwater currents with ease and believed to be designed by the Zora people for underwater powers.


The set lets Link dash through the water with less stamina drain, ideal for extended underwater exploration. 

Where To Get

You'll find the Zora Set pieces throughout the Lanayru region:

  • Zora Helm: Seek it inside a cave on Floating Scales Island (Lanayru - Sky).
  • Armor: Earn it as a reward during the "Sidon of Zora" quest.
  • Greaves: Find them as a reward for completing the "A Token of Friendship" side quest.

Mystery and Power

Awakening Set

The Awakening set- Mask, Tunic, and Trousers, was inspired by Link's classic hero attire from Link's Awakening.


Significant attack boost 

Where To Get

Amiibo Connection: Scan Link's Awakening Amiibo to acquire the set in a treasure chest

Solve Puzzles:

  • The mask is found in the Thundra Plateau (Hyrule Ridge) at noon by solving the shadow puzzle to reveal the entrance.
  • Tunic of Awakening is located by opening a secret passage at Ancient Columns (Tabantha Frontier).
  • Trousers are found on the bottom floor of the Coliseum Ruins (Hyrule Field) when you solve the statue puzzle.

Charged Set

Harness the power of electricity with the Charged Set- Headdress, Shirt, and Trousers. This electrifying outfit allows Link to harness the power of lightning. The perks of this set boosts Link's attack in thunderstorms, channelling the storm's energy.


Charged attacks become faster in a storm, and unleash an electric blast upon impact or at the end of attack combos. 

Where to Get

The Charged Set pieces are hidden around Dracozu Lake.

  • Headdress: Seek it behind a cave blocked by vines at Dracozu River
  • Shirt: Atop the river, overlooking Dracozu Lake
  • Trousers: Hidden behind some cracked rocks within Damel Forest

Dark Set

Embrace the shadows with this mysterious Dark Set- Hood, Tunic, and Trousers, cloaking Link in darkness.


The full set grants Link increased movement speed at night.

Where To Get

The Dark Set is not purchased with Rupees, but with a rarer currency - Poes. You'll need to seek out specific Bargainer Statues scattered throughout Hyrule.

Breakdown of the Total Cost

  • Dark Tunic- Offer 150 Poes at the first Bargainer Statue you encounter.
  • Dark Trousers- Seek out the second Bargainer Statue and part with 200 Poes.
  • Dark Hood-Make your way to the fourth Bargainer Statue and relinquish 300 Poes to claim the final piece.

Total Cost: 650 Poes

Evil Spirit Set

Wear the Evil Spirit Set- Mask, Armor, and Greaves to move silently in the shadows. Scare your enemies with powerful bone attacks, and use your stealth to avoid even the strongest foes. The individual pieces bolster Link's stealth, making him a silent predator in the night.


Bone weapons hit harder, and Stal enemies are less likely to attack 

Where To Get

The Evil Spirit Set is not found through typical means. Instead, you must complete specific Prophecy side quests:

  • The South Lomei Prophecy: This quest unlocks the Evil Spirit Mask.
  • The Lomei Labyrinth Island Prophecy: Completing this quest grants you the Evil Spirit Armor.
  • The North Lomei Prophecy: This final quest rewards you with the Evil Spirit Greaves.

Fierce Deity Set

This awe-inspiring Fierce Deity Set- Mask, Armor, and Boots grants Link godlike strength and stamina management, reminiscent of a powerful transformation from a forgotten legend. Each piece features an attack boost, making Link a devastating force on the battlefield. 


The set bonus provides Link exceptional stamina management when using charged attacks. 

Where To Get 

Amiibo Connection: Scan the Majora's Mask Link Amiibo.

Legendary Quest:

  • Fierce Deity Mask: Seek it in Tempest Gulch near the Kamatukis Shrine (Deep Akkala).
  • Fierce Deity Armor: Unearthed within Akkala Citadel Ruins (Akkala Highlands).
  • Fierce Deity Boots: Await atop the peak of Mount Daphnes (Hyrule Field).

Mystic Set

Uncover the mystical properties of this Mystic Set- Headpiece, Robe, and Trousers, rumored to possess a peculiar enchantment. This unique outfit prioritizes your rupees over your health. This set can protect your hearts. When struck, Link loses rupees instead of health, allowing you to take calculated risks in battle.


While there's no additional set bonus, the Mystic Set offers a unique playstyle for those willing to gamble with their rupees.

Where To Get

The Mystic Set is not obtained through traditional means. Instead, you'll need to find Koltin, a mysterious vendor who travels Hyrule at night. He trades Bubbul Gems for his wares, including the Mystic Set.

Breakdown of the Total Cost

  • Mystic Headpiece: 5 Bubbul Gems
  • Mystic Robe: 3 Bubbul Gems
  • Mystic Trousers: 4 Bubbul Gems

Total Cost: 12 Bubbul Gems

Radiant Set

Embrace the power of light with the Radiant Set- Radiant Mask, Shirt, and Tights and become a master of bone weaponry. 


Donning all three pieces gives Link a significant damage boost when wielding bone weapons and Stal enemies will hesitate to attack.

Where To Get

The Radiant Set is available for purchase at the Enchanted armor shop in Kakariko Village but you'll need to complete the "Gloom-Borne Illness" side quest before the shop owner will sell you the set at a reasonable price.

Breakdown of the Total Cost

  • Radiant Mask: 800 Rupees
  • Shirt: 800 Rupees
  • Tights: 800 Rupees

Total Cost: 2400 Rupees (after completing the side quest)

Time Set

Manipulate time itself with the reminiscent of a hero who bent time with the Time Set- Cap, Tunic, and Trousers. This classic outfit grants Link a timeless boost in power. 


Increased attack power.

Where To Get 

Amiibo Connection: Scan a Young Link or Ocarina of Time Link Amiibo 

Unearthing the Past:

  • Cap of Time: Seek it within Sturnida Lavafalls (Hebra Mountains Depths).
  • Tunic of Time: Unearthed in Lindor Canyon Mine (Hyrule Ridge Depths).
  • Trousers of Time: Await you in Gerudo Canyon Mine (Gerudo Highlands Depths).

Twilight Set

This enigmatic Twilight Set- Cap, Tunic, and Trousers, evokes a sense of mystery, reminiscent of a hero who wielded the power of both light and shadow while granting Link a significant offensive boost. 


Wearing the full set grants Link a noticeable increase in attack power, making him a more dangerous opponent in any battle.

WhereTo Get

Amiibo Connection: Scan a Twilight Princess Link or Super Smash Bros. Link Amiibo 

Challenge from the Depths:

  • Cap of Twilight: Face a Gleeok within a Gleeok Den (beneath the Depths, under Typhloo Ruins). 
  • Tunic of Twilight: Rist Mines (East Akkala Plains Depths).
  • Trousers of Twilight: Ancient Underground Fortress (South Akkala Plain Depths).

Zonaite Set

This technologically advanced Zonaite Set- Helm, Waistguard, and Shin Guards, was designed by the mysterious Zonai people and is ideal for those who rely on Zonai devices to explore the vast skies of Hyrule. Individual pieces improve the energy efficiency of your Zonai devices, allowing you to explore the skies for longer durations.


Donning the complete set grants you a significant boost that recharges your Zonaite Energy twice as fast! 

Where To Get

The Zonaite Set pieces are scattered across the treacherous Sky Islands:

  • Zonaite Helm: Lightcast Island, located in the Tabantha Frontier Sky area.
  • Zonaite Waistguard: Hidden behind the Yansamin Shrine on East Necluda Sky.
  • Zonaite Shin Guards: Found near Sky Mine in the Akkala Sea Sky region.

Returning and New Armor Sets

Archaic Set

The Archaic Set- Archaic Tunic, Legwear, and Warm Greaves is a simple yet practical outfit for beginning your Hyrulean adventure.


No special bonus for this set.

Where To Get

All three pieces of the Archaic Set can be found on the Great Sky Island, the starting area of the game:

  • Archaic Legwear: Look for a chest near the Room of Awakening.
  • Tunic: Venture inside Pondside Cave, located on the southwestern side of the island. You'll find the chest containing the Tunic deeper within the cave.
  • Warm Greaves: This piece is not technically part of the Archaic Set, but it complements the look and offers additional warmth for the cold climate of the Great Sky Island. You'll find it after completing the Gutanbac Shrine and speaking to Rauru. Look eastward towards a large tree stump.

Barbarian Set

Become a powerhouse with this attack-boosting Barbarian Set- Barbarian Helm, Armor, and Legwraps that reduce charged attack stamina use. Any piece of the Barbarian Set grants Link a significant attack boost, making him a force to be reckoned with.


While any piece of this set raises attack, having a complete Barbarian Set reduces the stamina cost of charged attacks. 

Where To Get 

Misko's Treasure Quest: Embark on this quest to have the locations of all three pieces marked conveniently on your map.

Exploration for the Bold: For those who prefer a challenge, you can find the pieces yourself:

  • Helm: Seek it within Robred Dropoff Cave.
  • Armor: Unearthed in Crenel Hills Cave.
  • Legwraps: Hidden deep within Walnot Mountain Cave.

Ember Set

Master the heat and unleash fire attacks with the Ember Set- Ember Headdress, Shirt, and Trousers, forged for Death Mountain's heat. 


Any Ember Set piece grants Link a combat advantage in hot weather. A complete Ember Set makes Link's charged attacks significantly faster in hot climates. Additionally, each charged attack or attack combo finale unleashes a searing fire blast!

Where To Get

The Ember Set pieces are scattered around Death Mountain and Goron City:

  • Headdress: Craft a special vehicle to reach the YunoboCo HQ South Cave and find the piece hidden within.
  • Shirt: Located deep inside Goronbi River Cave, on the southwestern side of Goron City (look for a dried-up riverbed marking the entrance).
  • Trousers: Located north of Kisinona Shrine and Foothill Stable (speak to the explorers outside for a hint).

Hylian Set

The Hylian Set- Hylian Hood, Tunic, and Trousers is a well-balanced, beginner-friendly armor set that provides a solid foundation for your adventures in Hyrule.


The Hylian Set offers decent overall protection for early battles.

Where To Get

The Hylian Set is readily available for purchase at the shop in Lookout Landing, making it a convenient choice for new players.

Breakdown of the Total Cost:

  • Hylian Hood: 70 Rupees
  • Hylian Tunic: 130 Rupees
  • Hylian Trousers: 120 Rupees

Total Cost: 320 Rupees

Wind Set

Boost attack power with the spirit of the wind in the three pieces of Wind Set- Cap, Tunic, and Trousers.


The full set bestows a significant attack boost.

Where To Get

Amiibo Connection: Scan a Toon Link Wind Waker Amiibo 

Conquer a Challenge: 

  • Cap of the Wind: Abandoned Lanayru Mine, located in Tingle Island Chasm.
  • Tunic of the Wind: Cuho Canyon Mine, nestled within the Tabantha Frontier Depths.
  • Trousers of the Wind: Cresia Pit Mine, hidden deep within the East Necluda Depths.

Yiga Set

Favored by the notorious Yiga Clan, embrace stealth and swift movement at night with the Yiga Set - Yiga Mask, Armor, and Tights.


Enjoy the perks of increased stealth but a complete Yiga Set provides increased movement speed at night.

Where To Get

The Yiga Set pieces aren't obtained through traditional means. Instead, you'll need to defeat specific Yiga Clan members:

  • Yiga Mask: Awarded after defeating a group of Yiga Clan members in a small shack on the Great Plateau.
  • Armor: Earned by besting the Yiga residing within the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, located near the Akkala Sea. Prepare for a fight!
  • Tights: Claimed as a reward for defeating the Yiga occupying the Maritta Branch hideout in the Hyrule Ridge region.

Ready for Adventure?

While this guide has mapped the path to acquiring Hyrule's finest armor, the true thrill lies in the hunt itself. Sure, some sets like the Royal Guard ooze historical significance, but others remain shrouded in mystery, waiting to be unearthed in hidden corners of the world.

The journey to discover a powerful new set and the satisfaction of piecing together its secrets make collecting armor so rewarding. So, with this knowledge in hand, go, explore, and forge your legend in Hyrule!

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