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Every week GameChampions is giving away a free copy of FIFA 22 for one of the lucky winners of the weekly FIFA league. The league is completely Free to join and its the best way to get your hands on FIFA 22 just by playing video games.

Upcoming Online FIFA Tournament

Our Free-entry FIFA 22 tournament is NOW available online. Simply login into your GameChampions account and start playing for free to earn points, climb the leaderboard and stand a chance to win your share of the Weekly Cash Prize. Every weekend hundreds of players on GameChampions are earning money simply by playing FIFA, so what are you waiting for? Play Now on your PS4, PS5, Xbox One or Xbox Series X

Tournaments and Leagues

Our tournaments are flexible and set up to give the players freedom and control over their own success. You will have a limited window of time—usually lasting around 24 hours, however, there will be weekly and monthly options- to play your matches.  What is refreshing about this format is that it is flexible to the player's needs. With us there is no obligation to be consistently active throughout the tournament, you are free to choose when and for how long you want to jump in and play. You can join our Discord Community to learn more about upcoming leagues and tournaments.

Weekly Leaderboards

Every week there will be a prize awarded to the top players on each leaderboard. Simply play video games for money to earn points and climb the leaderboards to stand the chance to win awesome prizes every month. Our FREE FIFA 22 Tournament for Playstation and Xbox has a huge prize pool of €1500 euros, will you you take home the prize? Only one way to find out, create an account on GameChampions and start playing for your share of the prize!

More Winners

Never feel like you have wasted a second of your time playing online with our inclusive prize allocation system. Sometimes no matter how well you play you can’t clinch 1st place on the leaderboards. We get it; we have all been there as gamers, whether it’s missing a decisive last-minute chance on FIFA or losing the final 1v1 gunfight on Warzone. The feeling of such a crushing defeat is enough to make any gamer rage-quit or just lose their appetite for competitive gaming as a whole. Luckily for you, our dynamic prize allocation system rewards the first 50 players with a percentage of the total prize. That way, if you stay within the top 50 players of the leaderboard, you will win yourself a cut of the tournament prize money. With Game Champions, your competitive efforts never go unrewarded!

How it Works

In our FIFA 21 tournament mode, you join a league and compete for points in head-to-head FIFA matches. At the end of the tournament, the players ranked in the top 50 positions on the leaderboard will receive a variety of fantastic cash prizes. There are different ways to earn points and climb the leaderboard. The first way is to play standard 1vs1 FIFA matches for money, and the second way is to play free tournament matches. Make sure to check out all the details on FIFA Online Tournament Rules Page.

Points System

Our points allocation system functions in a way that encourages activity and casual play as well as skill and competitive spirit. In this mode, you will get awarded points for playing matches regardless of the result. 

Free Matches

The simplest and most user-friendly way to earn points on the tournament leaderboard is to play free matches. When you join our tournament, you get the option to play five free games a day. Each of these matches contributes to your position on the leaderboard through your accumulation of points. Once you have played your five daily free matches, you can continue to play for free; however, your progress will no longer count for any points. Having a free-to-play option allows players to get a good feel and understanding of our platform before they commit and deposit money into the site. It also means that the risk-reward ratio is exceptionally favorable for the player. There is absolutely no risk in playing for free, and there are tremendous cash prize rewards to be gained from doing so.

Champions Mode

All tournament matches are played in Champions Mode. In champions mode the teams you will play as will change every match depending on your opponent and their skill level this ensures fair and fun competition. For example, if a beginner player plays against an expert player he will get a strong team like PSG and his opponent will get a weaker team like Burnley. Click here to learn more about Champions Mode and how it works. 

Special Multipliers

To keep things fresh and unpredictable, we launch various special multipliers at different times in the tournament's life cycle. During these select timeframes, you will be able to get double or triple points for every match played. Make sure to stay tuned for the final week of the tournament because that's when we apply our craziest multipliers, giving every player one last shot at the breathtaking cash prize.

Game Champions FIFA Gamemodes
In order to offer you the best possible gaming experience, Game Champions specializes in the most popular Football simulator game EA Sports FIFA. We focus all our energy to guarantee you a fair experience for players of all levels, striving to achieve a sense of Fairplay and community on our site.

FIFA 22 is the current version of the game on our site offering three different modes. In order to satisfy each player, you can choose:

  • Standard Mode, a 1vs1 match where you pick your favorite club and compete with other players at your level 
  • Champions Mode, a 1vs1 match where we pick the teams that both players will select in order to promote a Fairplay environment and guarantee a fun experience for players
  • Ultimate Team Mode, a 1vs1 match using your ultimate team squad to compete with others online

FIFA Community

Since 2020, the community of Game Champions' players has only grown with more and more new improvements to meet the expectations of the community. Changes to the site to adapt to different FIFA games and console platforms so that everyone can play from anywhere on every platform. With the addition of the global chat so that everyone can exchange messages and friendly discussions, this banter has led to long-lasting friendships and rivalries. Then the addition of Online Tournaments allowed us to expand the community and bring in more players from all over the world to connect and compete on Game Champions. More than just a game site, Game Champions is intended to be a place of excitement, glory and anger when you lose on the 90th minute, a living site that unites us all around the game of FIFA and its values.

The opportunity to thank the community of players, your opinions have always been precious and it is thanks to your opinions and your comments that Game Champions has become the benchmark site in online games. Many of you have already rated the site on the Trustpilot Review Page. Our reviews page is here so that you can tell us what is wrong, what you want to see improved and what we should add to the site

Take part in the future of the site, go to our contact page and speak up so that the site evolves towards what you would like.


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