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How to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends

Hey there dedicated Mobile Legends player! I bet you're reading this because, like me, you realize just how valuable Diamonds are in the game, and you're tired of paying for the privilege. Well, you're in luck! I've spent countless hours honing the art of earning free Diamonds in the game and I'm going to share the fruits of my labor with you. 

Before we dive right into the nitty-gritty, let's clarify a few things: 

  • Diamonds - these are the premium currency in Mobile Legends. You can use them to buy heroes, skin, gear and, boost your gameplay.
  • Free Diamonds - when I say free, do keep in mind that these tips and tricks I'm sharing do not require any additional monetary investment. However, they do require a little bit of your time and dedication. Hey, no one said the life of a Mobile Legends champion was going to be easy!

Now that we're all on the same page, let's dive into how you can start earning free Diamonds in Mobile Legends. 

Completing Daily Tasks and Achievements: Unlocking Diamond Rewards

As a dedicated player of Mobile Legends, I can honestly say that completing daily tasks and achievements is one of my prime methods of earning free diamonds in the game. The missions vary everyday, from simple ones like winning a match, to more challenging feats such as achieving a certain kill streak. It all comes down to your determination and strategy in gameplay. 

So how does it work? 

  1. The first thing you'll need to do is check your tasks for the day in the 'Daily Missions' tab. It's beneficial to do this right when you log in so you can plan your gaming session accordingly.

  2. Most tasks are quite simple and straightforward, such as defeating a certain number of enemies, participating in multiplayer matches, or even just logging in for consecutive days.

  3. On completion of these tasks, you'll be rewarded with points that contribute to your daily chest. Accumulate enough points and you'll unlock the ultimate prize - the chest containing diamonds!

Bear in mind that the diamonds are usually found in the final tier chest of the 'Daily Missions'. So, to maximize your potential earnings, you will need to complete as many tasks as possible. 

On top of the daily tasks, there are other in-game 'Achievements' that reward you with diamonds. These are more challenging and require a considerable amount of time and effort. You will need to fulfill specific conditions, like reaching a certain player level or winning a high number of matches. 

I definitely urge you to make the most of these daily missions and longer-term achievements. It's one of the surest ways in the game to steadily pile up your diamond cache, and it all comes hand-in-hand with the fun of playing!

Earn Diamonds through KOL Streaming Program

Another exciting way to earn diamonds in Mobile Legends is through KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) Streaming. By becoming a popular streamer or following one, you can gain diamonds via giveaways, missions, and contests. Engage with your audience, put on an entertaining show, and see the diamond rewards come your way. 

KOL Streaming Requirements

You should boast a solid fanbase of at least 10,000 followers on either YouTube or Facebook. And you know what's even more important? You've got to be a regular face on Mobile Legends, pulling in an impressive minimum crowd of 1000 viewers.

But hey, don't let this deter you! If you're a wizard at the game with a knack for captivating audiences, becoming a KOL Streamer is definitely a move you should consider. 

Taking Advantage of Lucky Spins and Events: A Chance to Get Diamonds

Ever found yourself looking at the spinning wheel in the game, wondering if it's your lucky day? And believe me, the feeling when the spin stops right at the Epic Skin or the Hoard of Diamonds, is matchless. As a regular player myself, Lucky Spins have often offered a chance to earn Diamonds, but more importantly, they've added a fun twist to the game. 

Understand the Lucky Spin Event 

In Mobile Legends, Lucky Spin is an event that usually runs every week. The player gets a Free Spin every two days during the event period and can also spend tickets to perform additional spins. And yes, Diamonds or Skin Tickets often appear as rewards, making us go, "Yes, this is my Lucky Day!" 

Know What's Worth Spinning For 

To my experience, it's always a good idea to check out the rewards before spending too many tickets on spins. If Diamonds or items you wish for are in the reward list, go ahead, and may the odds ever be in your favor! 

Joining and Participating in Tournaments: The Path to Diamond Riches

Now, gear up for some thrilling action, as joining and participating in the various in-game tournaments is another fantastic way I found to earn those much-coveted Diamonds in Mobile Legends. It's not just about the fun and excitement that the tournaments bring, but they also serve as a goldmine for rewards and perks, including the shiny Diamonds! 

In these tournaments, you get a chance to battle it out with players from around the globe. It's an opportunity to flex your gaming skills, develop strategic thinking, and of course, rake in some serious Diamond loot! 

Locating and Entering the Tournaments 

It's relatively easy to find these tournaments. You can spot them right on the main screen of your game or through the game's official social media channels. They often announce upcoming tournaments there. Once you've located a tournament, simply registering yourself for it is all it takes to secure a spot and wait for the epic battle to begin! 

The Reward System in Tournaments 

While it's true that top players in these tournaments get a significant amount of Diamonds, don't fret if you're not the champion. One of the beautiful things about Mobile Legends is that almost every participant can score awesome rewards, depending on where they land at the end of the tournament. And the higher you place, the more Diamonds you'll bag! 

In essence, even if you're not the top player, there's still a high chance that you’ll be going home with a pocket full of Diamonds. 

Practice Makes Perfect 

I won't lie to you: these tournaments can be quite challenging, especially if you're new to the game or if you haven't really dived deep into its gameplay. But don't let this discourage you. I found that with regular practice and seeing how other players strategize their moves, I slowly but surely started to get the hang of it, leading to better performance in subsequent tournaments. 

Utilizing Invite Codes and Referral Programs: Earn Diamonds Together

Here's an exciting strategy which is often overlooked by many players - referral programs and invite codes. These methods can act as an excellent source of earning free diamonds without much sweat. 

To get started with the referral program, you need to copy your unique referral link from your account and share it with your friends who are not yet playing Mobile Legends. If they download the game using your referral link and reach a certain level, you'll receive a reward in the form of diamonds. To push your chances even higher, you can also cross-refer between your own accounts if you are using more than one device. 

The invite codes are slightly different from the referral program. Usually, these are codes shared by either game developers or popular streamers, and they hold a certain value. They are limited in number and are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Thus, keeping an keen eye on the Mobile Legends' official site, forums, and social media can literally pay off! Once you have an invite code, you simply need to enter it in the game, and your account gets credited with free diamonds. 

A little tip from my personal experience, if you want to have a regular influx of diamonds via the referral program, consider joining a gaming community or forum where you can share your referral codes. Just make sure you return the favor and use other people's codes as well! 

Wrapping Up

And there you have it - some of the surefire ways to earn diamonds in Mobile Legends without shelling out your precious bucks. From completing daily tasks and participating in various events, to throwing your hat in the ring in tournaments, and maximizing referral programs, there's no shortage of avenues to build up your diamond stash! 

Just remember to approach each method with a level of strategical thinking. Some tasks and events may look appealing, but always weigh the effort against the potential diamond payout. For tournaments, practice is key. Going in blind may not yield the results you desire. 

So, what are you waiting for? Dive back into the world of Mobile Legends and start stacking those diamonds! Remember, patience and consistency is key. Before you know it, you'll find yourself sitting on a sizable stash of diamonds, ready to level-up your gaming experience! 

Good luck and happy gaming!

About the author

Adan Cabal

I’ve cultivated my writing skills and learned to marry my interests by working as a gaming journalist here at Game Champions. This is a perfect way to talk about the things I’ve always loved and share my thoughts with a wider audience.

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