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For Honor Cross Platform

For Honor Crossplay is a groundbreaking feature that has stirred up the gaming community. The advent of cross-platform play in this medieval warfare game by Ubisoft Montreal promises to revolutionize how gamers interact, offering unprecedented opportunities for group play across multiple platforms.

In this blog post, we delve into the technical aspects and challenges faced during the integration of For Honor's crossplay functionality. We will explore its phased implementation, initial limitations such as disabled voice chat and lack of cross progression, as well as future prospects including the reintroduction of temporarily disabled features.

We also shed light on game modes supporting cross-platform compatibility and how players can exercise control over their gameplay sessions with options to enable or disable crossplay from the game menu. This comprehensive exploration aims at providing you an in-depth understanding of For Honor Crossplay.

For Honor Crossplay Implementation

In a significant move, Ubisoft has introduced crossplay into For Honor, its popular multiplayer action game. This monumental change was implemented in two phases.

The Two Phases of Crossplay Implementation

The first phase focused on ensuring seamless connectivity between players from different platforms. The second phase aimed at enhancing the matchmaking system to reduce waiting times and provide balanced matches for all players.

Expected Improvements from Crossplay

Cross-play is expected to bring about substantial improvements in online sessions and matchmaking times by pooling together gamers from various platforms. This means that you'll have more opponents to choose from, leading to faster match-making processes and potentially more challenging games.

This integration has been a major step towards enhancing the gaming experience, despite some initial challenges faced by developers at Ubisoft while integrating full-scale 'cross-play' capabilities into their system architecture.

Technical Constraints and Initial Limitations

Introducing cross-play in For Honor came with its fair share of technical constraints and initial limitations. One such constraint was temporarily disabling voice chat during matches.

Disabled Voice Chat During Matches

While frustrating for players who rely on real-time communication with teammates, disabling voice chat was necessary to ensure smooth gameplay across different platforms. Ubisoft's developers had to prioritize performance over features like voice chat, which could potentially cause lag or other issues in a cross-platform environment.

Lack of Cross Progression

Another limitation is the lack of any form of cross-progression available in For Honor's crossplay feature. This means that progress made on one platform cannot be carried over to another, which is inconvenient for gamers who play on multiple devices. Gamasutra's report on this issue provides more insight into these initial limitations.

The Ubisoft team is aware of these challenges and is actively working towards solutions as they continue refining their system architecture for full-scale cross-play capabilities.

Future Prospects for For Honor's Cross-Play Feature

In the ever-evolving gaming landscape, Ubisoft is committed to enhancing their cross-play feature in For Honor. They welcome user feedback and technological advancements to improve this multiplayer action game.

Group Play Across Different Platforms

Imagine being able to team up with friends using different consoles or PCs to compete together. Ubisoft is exploring the possibility of group play across different platforms, breaking down barriers between gamers on various systems.

Reintroduction of Temporarily Disabled Features

Developers are considering the reintroduction of temporarily disabled features like voice chat. Although it was initially deactivated due to technical constraints during cross-play integration, Ubisoft is exploring ways around these hurdles for future updates.

These enhancements could bring about a more inclusive gaming community where players can interact freely regardless of their platform choice. So while there may be challenges ahead, the potential rewards make them worth tackling head-on.

Game Modes Supporting Cross Platform Compatibility

The implementation of cross-play in For Honor has opened up an entire realm of prospects for gamers. Several game modes now support this feature, welcoming players from different platforms. Whether you're into the intense action of Brawl or prefer the strategic gameplay offered by Breach and Dominion, you can now play with friends on other consoles.

Available Game Modes With Enabled Cross-Platform Compatibility

  • Brawl: This 2v2 mode is perfect for those who enjoy close-quarter combat scenarios.
  • Breach: A team-based mode where strategy and coordination play key roles.
  • Dominion: The most popular For Honor game mode that combines elements of conquest and skirmish games.

Note that these aren't the only modes available with cross-play enabled. However, individual users can disable this feature within their console settings if they wish not to participate in cross-platform matches. It's part of Ubisoft's commitment to providing an optimal gaming experience tailored to player preferences while integrating full-scale cross-play capabilities into their system architecture.

User Control Over Gameplay Sessions

For Honor's crossplay feature is designed with the user in mind, providing you with complete control over your gameplay sessions. The choice to enable or disable this feature lies entirely in your hands.

Enabling and Disabling the 'Cross Play' Option

To change the 'Cross Play' Option, simply go to Settings in the Online section. Customizing your gaming experience to suit your preferences is possible through the option of enabling or disabling cross-play. If you're looking for a challenge against players from different platforms, enabling cross-play would be an excellent choice.

If, however, you prefer playing within your own platform community, disabling it is just as easy. It's all about how you wish to engage others during gameplay sessions.

The power of choice also extends beyond simple engagement options - having full control means that your playstyle can adapt and evolve, whether that involves exploring new strategies or honing existing skills against diverse opponents.

Why Crossplay is a Game Changer

With crossplay, you can connect with a wider range of players, making it easier to find matches and build your skills. Plus, it's a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Who wouldn't love to expand their social circle?

Try crossplay gaming to experience its many benefits for yourself.

for honor crossplay activated

Challenges Faced By Developers At Ubisoft While Integrating 'CrossPlay'

Integrating crossplay into For Honor was no easy feat for the developers at Ubisoft. They had to overcome several technical hurdles before the feature could go live.

Technical Hurdles Before Successful Integration

The biggest challenge was ensuring seamless gameplay across different platforms, which required significant adjustments to their system architecture. This involved temporarily disabling certain features like Voice Chat due to compatibility issues between platforms.

Unfortunately, this meant that players from different systems could not converse during the match - a key component of For Honor and other multiplayer games. However, this decision was necessary for the successful implementation of cross-play.

Another concern was fairness and balance, as PC gamers might have an advantage over console players due to differences in control schemes and hardware capabilities.

These challenges highlight the complexity of integrating full-scale cross-play capabilities into any game's system architecture. But Ubisoft is committed to improving player experience by continually refining this feature based on user feedback and technological advancements.

FAQs in Relation to For Honor Crossplay

Is For Honor fully crossplay?

No, For Honor is not yet fully crossplay, but Ubisoft plans to implement it soon.

Can For Honor players add and play with friends across different platforms?

Yes, For Honor's CrossPlay feature allows players to add and play with friends across different platforms.

Is For Honor crossplay in Phase 2?

No, according to Ubisoft's roadmap, Phase 2 will introduce group play across different platforms, but full crossplay is not yet available.

Does Elden Ring support crossplay?

As of now, there is no official announcement regarding Elden Ring supporting CrossPlay.

It's important to note that discussing other games not related to For Honor, any form of gambling or betting in relation to video games, or personal opinions or subjective statements about the game are not relevant to this topic.


For Honor Crossplay is finally here, and gamers are rejoicing with the ability to play with friends on different platforms.

However, there are some initial limitations, such as disabled voice chat during matches and lack of cross-progression, but the future looks bright with group play across different platforms and reintroduction of temporarily disabled features.

Players have control over their gameplay sessions by enabling or disabling the 'Cross Play' option, and developers at Ubisoft have worked hard to overcome technical hurdles before successful integration.

Despite the challenges, For Honor's cross-play feature continues to evolve with more game modes supporting cross-platform compatibility.

So, grab your sword and shield, and get ready to battle with friends on any platform!

For Honor Crossplay

PS4 and Xbox One Yes

PS5 and Xbox Series X Yes

PS4 and PS5 Yes

Xbox One and Xbox Series X Yes

PC and Console Yes