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Is Golf With Your Friends Cross Platform

In a world full of fast-paced multiplayer games like battle royales, MMORPGs, and FPS shooters, Golf With Your Friends offers a different kind of gaming experience. It's not as intense and is more about relaxing and having fun. While it's not as popular as other multiplayer games, it's still a type of sports game.

Games like football, cricket, and basketball are really popular among gamers. Golf, on the other hand, is not that common. It's a bit unique and not everyone might enjoy it. But if you do enjoy it, you can have a great time with your friends.

This game was created by an Australian game developer called Backlight Interactive. They're not a big company with lots of money and employees. In fact, they started as a small studio run by three brothers.

The game first came out in 2016 as an early version, and it took almost 4 years to become a complete game in 2020. You can play it on various consoles like PC, Xbox One, PS4, Google Stadia, and Nintendo Switch. The idea behind the game is simple, but it took a long time to make it a reality.

You can play with up to 12 players on 13 different challenging levels. Each level has 18 holes to play, making a total of 234 holes to complete.

As you keep playing, you'll unlock different options to change how your golf balls look. You can also create your own custom levels using the level editor and play on them with your friends.

Since this is a multiplayer game, it's obvious that you'd want to play it with your friends. But can you play with friends who are using different devices? Can you play Golf With Your Friends on different platforms?

Is Golf With Your Friends Cross-Platform in 2023?

In short, the answer is no. As of 2023, you can't play with your friends on different platforms. It's disappointing that a game with a title like Golf With Your Friends doesn't actually let you play with friends who are using different devices.

If you and your friends have the same type of console, that's great – you can play together without any issues. But if your friends have the game on a different device, they can't join you. The only way they can play with you is if they switch to the same console that you have. Nowadays, many big games allow players from different platforms to play together, but not this one.

Why No Cross-Platform Play?

Many people want games to allow cross-platform play so that everyone can play together, no matter what device they're using. But it's not easy to do. Making games work across different types of devices takes a lot of time and money. Golf With Your Friends was made by a small group of people, and they spent four years making the game better before releasing it.

Console and PC games use different technology, which makes it hard for them to work together smoothly. There are things like delays in controls and how well the game runs that need to be considered.

Game developers want to make sure that all players have a fair experience. For smaller games, adding cross-platform play might not be worth it because not many people are playing. And if only a few people are playing, cross-platform play wouldn't be used much.

Because of these reasons, it's understandable that the developers didn't add cross-platform play to this game.

Hope for the Future?

Even though Golf With Your Friends doesn't support cross-platform play right now, that might change in the future. Some players really like games like this and would enjoy playing with friends on different devices. But as of now, there's no news about when or if this will happen.

Can We Expect Cross-Platform Play in Golf With Your Friends?

It's hard to say. The game's creators haven't said anything about adding cross-platform play, so it's not likely to happen soon. But a lot of players are interested in cross-platform play. It's a good thing because it lets people play the game no matter what device they have. New players can join in easily, and people who already play can play with their friends.

Cross-platform play is a big plus for any game because it brings more players together. Even though Golf With Your Friends doesn't have it now, maybe the developers will think about adding it later.

Final Thoughts: Enjoying the Game

To all the fans of Golf With Your Friends, don't be too disappointed. Even though the game doesn't have cross-platform play, it's still fun to play with friends on the same device. Not having cross-platform play doesn't mean the game is bad. It's still a good game to have a good time with your friends.

Cross-platform play would make the game even better, but its absence doesn't ruin the whole experience. The game is about having fun with friends, and that's still possible without playing on different devices.

Maybe in the future, the game will change and allow cross-platform play. But until then, stay positive and enjoy playing the game with your friends.

Golf With Your Friends Crossplay

PS4 and Xbox One No

PS5 and Xbox Series X No

PC and Console No

Switch and PC No

Console and Switch No

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