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20 Best Crypto Games to Play in 2024


If you're on the lookout for the coolest play-to-earn crypto games, you're in the right place. I've done the legwork to bring you a list of the top 20 games that not only promise a good time but also a chance to pocket some crypto rewards. So, let's dive into the world of blockchain gaming together.

1. Galaxy Fight Club: Cross-Platform PvP Battles

Fancy cross-platform PVP battles? Galaxy Fight Club has you covered. Engage in battles and win rewards like ETH and NFTs. The catch is you can join without owning any NFTs. Earn $GCOIN, the in-game currency, through various activities. It's accessible on Google Play, the App Store, and desktop, developed using Unity on the Polygon chain.

Pros Cons
Cross-Platform Compatibility: The game can be played on different platforms, including mobile and desktop devices. Dependency on Internet Connection: Being an online game, a stable internet connection is required, limiting its accessibility in areas with poor internet.
Potential Rewards: Players can win NFTs and ETH through battles, adding an incentive for competitive gameplay. Possible Financial Shipping Costs: Earning physical rewards may require shipping charges.
Accessibility: The game allows players to engage without owning any NFTs, removing barriers to entry. Learning Curve: The game involves blockchain technology and in-game currency, which might be complicated for newcomers to the crypto space.
Virtual Economy: Players can earn the in-game currency, enhancing the gameplay experience and fostering a virtual economy. Polygon Chain Dependency: The game is built on the Polygon chain, potentially limiting those unfamiliar with this blockchain.

2. Spells of Genesis: Where Trading Cards Meet Point-and-Shoot

Spells of Genesis is where trading cards meet point-and-shoot gaming. Collect cards, orbs, and blockchain collectibles. Use in-game currencies for purchases and withdrawals to cryptocurrency wallets. Developed by EverdreamSoft, it's available on Google Play and the App Store.

Pros Cons
Incorporates blockchain technology for unique trading card experiences. The game can be initially confusing for users new to the blockchain concept.
Allows in-game currencies to be converted to real-world cryptocurrency, creating the potential for monetary gain. Over-reliance on in-game currencies can cause less focus on actual gameplay.
Has a well-defined point-and-shoot mechanism, boosting in-game engagement. The point-and-shoot mechanism may seem overly simple for players seeking a more complex gameplay experience.
Accessible on popular platforms like Google Play and the App Store, providing broad accessibility. Quality and play experience may differ depending on the device used.

3. Forest Knight: Turn-Based Strategy on Your Phone

Love turn-based strategy games? Forest Knight might be your jam. This play-to-earn game is perfect for mobile devices, blending mobile and blockchain gaming seamlessly. Earn NFTs and $KNIGHT tokens by renting characters and staking. Developed by Chrono Games, it's available on Android and desktop.

Pros Cons
Easy to play on mobile devices Exclusively available on Android, not on iOS
Ability to earn NFTs and $KNIGHT tokens Understanding of NFTs and crypto assets required
Offers a blend of mobile and blockchain gaming May not appeal to players who are not interested in blockchain
Features turn-based strategy, appealing to strategy game players May not be as engaging for players who prefer action-packed games
Developed by reputable game developers, Chrono Games A relatively new entrant in the gaming market

4. Star Atlas: MMO P2E Strategy in 2620

Star Atlas takes you to 2620, where you explore the MMO P2E strategy game. Join factions, mine resources, and trade using NFTs, ATLAS, and POLIS tokens for in-game activities. Developed by ATMTA Inc., Star Atlas is available in a limited demo on the website.

Pros Cons
Engaging gameplay with rich, futuristic scenario. The game is still in demo version, restricting comprehensive gameplay experience.
Uses NFTs and cryptocurrency, providing real-world value to in-game actions. The use of multiple cryptocurrencies could be confusing for newcomers to the crypto world.
Provides opportunity for strategic decision-making and alliances. A sharp learning curve for those unfamiliar with strategy games.
Promises continuous development and updates. Interactivity and graphics quality may change as the game is further developed.

5. Silks: Fantasy Horse Racing with a Crypto Twist

Silks puts a crypto twist on fantasy horse racing. Own thoroughbreds, mirror real-world counterparts, and earn rewards when they win. The ecosystem includes avatars, racehorses, land, and more. Created by Troy Levy, Silks is an original idea available on desktop.

Pros Cons
Employs a crypto spin on the popular concept of fantasy horse racing, adding novelty and a chance to earn rewards. May not appeal to users who are not familiar with or interested in horse racing.
Encompasses avatars, racehorses, land and more, providing diverse avenues for user engagement. Its broad scope may become overwhelming for new players or those looking for an easy-to-understand game concept.
Mirrors real-world horse racing dynamics offering a realistic and immersive gaming experience. The emphasis on coupling gaming with real-world counterparts could potentially alienate players seeking purely fantastical escapism.
Conceived by Troy Levy, which lends credibility given his reputation in the crypto gaming world. Dependant on continuous development and updates for prolonged gameplay. A lull in development could impact a player's game experience.

6. Illuvium: Open-World Exploration and Autobattler

If you're into open-world exploration, autobattlers, and city building, Illuvium might be your digital playground. Stake tokens, earn rewards, and snag some ILV tokens for governance and liquidity mining. The catch? It's in Closed Beta testing, so keep an eye out for the grand opening.

Pros Cons
Offers an engaging combination of open-world exploration, autobattlers, and city building elements. Still in Closed Beta testing, suggesting potential bugs and lack of full features.
Provides opportunities for staking tokens and earning rewards. Token values may fluctuate significantly, presenting potential risk to players' investment.
Implements the ILV tokens system, allowing for aspects of governance and liquidity mining. Adherence to cryptocurrency trading regulations may vary, depending on a player's location.

7. SkyWeaver: Browser-Based Blockchain Card Game

SkyWeaver is a browser-based blockchain card game that takes the gaming experience to the next level. Win tradeable NFT cards, become part owner of the SkyWeaver universe, and trade cards in the in-game P2P decentralized exchange or third-party marketplaces. Developed by Horizon Blockchain Games, it's accessible via desktop or mobile.

Pros Cons
Playable on both desktop and mobile platforms Being a browser-based game, performance may vary based on internet connectivity
Ability to win tradable NFT cards, enhancing gaming rewards The value of NFTs can be volatile, dependent on market trends
In-game P2P decentralized exchange for card trading You may need a good understanding of blockchain technology to fully grasp the game's mechanics
Players get a sense of ownership in the SkyWeaver universe As the game is still being developed, it may contain bugs or performance issues

8. Decentraland: Enter the Virtual Realm

Now, let's step into the world of Decentraland, a virtual universe built on the Ethereum blockchain. It's all about exploring LANDS, trading digital assets, and even playing a part in the governance of the world through DAO. Want to earn? Grab some MANA tokens and LAND, and you're in business. It's been around since 2020, accessible on your desktop for endless adventures.

Pros Cons
Decentralized virtual reality platform that gives users a level of freedom and ownership unlike traditional games. The game requires relatively high technical knowledge. Novices may find the blockchain aspect overwhelming.
Decentraland has its own in-game cryptocurrency (MANA) that can be used for various transactions, offering real-world profitability. The game's economy is tied closely with the volatile cryptocurrency market, which can be unpredictable.
Gamers can contribute to the game's developments and make decisions through Decentraland's DAO governance system. Lands (Virtual Real Estate) in Decentraland can be expensive, which may pose a significant barrier to entry for some players.
The vast and open-ended virtual world gives players plenty of room for exploration and creativity. As an open-world game, Decentraland may lack a clear direction or goal for some players, potentially leading to confusion or lack of interest over time.

9. Gods Unchained: Trading Cards on Ethereum

Gods Unchained brings the thrill of trading card games to the Ethereum blockchain. Collect cards, build decks, and own in-game assets. Use $GODS tokens for governance, asset purchases, or expansion packs. The best part? You can play with or without a crypto wallet. Launched in 2018, it's available on Windows and Mac.

Pros Cons
Offers opportunity to trade and own in-game assets Requires understanding of Ethereum blockchain
Play can be enjoyed with or without a crypto wallet May be technically challenging for beginners
Game involves strategic thinking and planning The value of $GODS tokens can fluctuate
Available on both Windows and Mac operating systems Internet connection is always required
Provides a marketplace for trading cards Getting started might require an initial investment

10. Lost Relics: Action-Adventure RPG Journey

Lost Relics invites you on an action-adventure RPG journey. Explore dungeons, defeat monsters, and find valuable items. Trade in-game assets on the marketplace and stake RELICS for rewards. Developed by Cliff Cawley, Lost Relics is available on Steam.

Pros Cons
Multiple gaming elements (RPG, Action, Adventure) Potential learning curve for novices due to diverse gameplay mechanisms
Opportunity to earn in-game assets and rewards Marketplace transactions could lead to overspending
Wide range of enemies and dungeons to explore Required constant internet connection
Accessible via Steam platform Limited to PC gamers as it's not available on other platforms

11. Upland: Virtual Property Trading on the Blockchain

Upland combines virtual property trading with blockchain technology. Buy, sell, and trade virtual properties based on real-world addresses. Earn UPX, the in-game currency, and stake properties for additional rewards. Developed by Uplandme, Inc., it's accessible on Android, iOS, and desktop.

Pros Cons
Enables trade of virtual properties based on real-world addresses, providing an engaging gaming experience. The concept might be a little complex and confusing for those new to virtual property trading and blockchain technology.
Upland can be accessed on multiple platforms including Android, iOS, and desktop, offering versatility and convenience. Requires an internet connection for gameplay, which could limit accessibility for some players.
Offers the opportunity to earn UPX, the in-game currency, and stake properties for additional rewards. The earning and staking of UPX could encourage compulsive playing behaviors in search for rewards.
Employs blockchain technology, providing security and transparency in transactions. As with any online system, there are always concerns around data privacy and security risks.

12. Spider Tanks: PvP Brawls and Tank Upgrades

Spider Tanks brings you PvP brawls with a twist – you collect, trade, upgrade, and mix tank parts. Modes include team deathmatch, capture the flag, and chicken chase. Collect tank parts, earn Victory Points, and exchange for SILK, the in-game utility token. Developed by GAMEDIA, Spider Tanks is available on desktop.

Pros Cons
Earn Victory Points that can be exchanged for SILK, adding a real-world value to gameplay. The complexity of the trading, upgrading, and mixing process may be confusing for beginners.
Multiple game modes cater to different gaming preferences. Currently available only on desktop, limiting accessibility.
The competitive PvP aspect creates an engaging, dynamic gaming environment. As it is a PvP game, there may be a distinct learning curve for players new to the genre.
Developed by a reputable company, GAMEDIA, ensuring a quality gaming experience. The game being in the crypto space may present a barrier to some potential players not familiar with cryptocurrencies.

13. Zed Run: Virtual Horse Racing and Breeding

Zed Run is all about buying, selling, breeding, and racing virtual thoroughbreds. Earn ZED, the in-game currency, and stake for additional rewards. Developed by Virtually Human Studio, Zed Run is available on desktop and mobile.

Pros Cons
Realistic horse racing mechanics make the gameplay engaging. Requires stable internet connection.
It offers the thrill of ownership with virtual thoroughbreds. Can involve a potentially high learning curve for first-time players.
Possibility of earning ZED, the in-game currency, and additional staking rewards. Breeding and selling horses can be a time-consuming process.
Accessible on both desktop and mobile platforms. Requires strategic planning and investment in order to succeed.
Developed by Virtually Human Studio, known for its quality games. The game can become expensive if you invest heavily in breeding horses.

14. Axie Infinity: Breed Axies, Earn Rewards

Axie Infinity is a big name in play-to-earn. Here, you breed and raise adorable creatures called Axies for battles and exploration on the Ronin sidechain. The rewards come in the form of Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Small Love Potion (SLP). Get ready for some crypto cuteness. Developed by Sky Mavis, this one skyrocketed in popularity in 2021, attracting nearly 3 million monthly players.

Pros Cons
Opportunity to earn crypto rewards (AXS and SLP). High initial investment required for breeding Axies.
Strong community with nearly 3 million monthly players. Potential economic instability due to reliance on fluctuating crypto markets.
Fun and engaging game play with breeding and battling mechanics. The game's complex mechanics may pose a steep learning curve for new users.
Continuous developments and updates from Sky Mavis. Earnings can be affected by changes in game rules or market conditions.
Accessibility - playable on Ronin sidechain, reducing Ethereum gas fees. The play-to-earn model may not appeal to all players, as it blurs the line between leisure and work.

15. The Sandbox: Create, Own, and Monetize

Ever dreamt of creating your own virtual world? The Sandbox lets you do just that. It's a virtual world and game creation platform where you use SAND, the native token, to buy, sell, and stake virtual assets. Plus, it's got major partnerships with Atari and big names like Binance, Coinbase, and Gemini. Launched in 2012, The Sandbox is available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Pros Cons
Accessible on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS). Dependent on crypto market fluctuations which may affect the value of SAND tokens.
Allows players to generate income by creating and trading virtual assets. Requires time and effort to learn the mechanics of game creation and trading.
Has partnerships with reputable names like Atari, Binance, Coinbase, and Gemini. Limited to the digital realm, which may not appeal to traditional gamers.
Uses its native token (SAND) for transactions, providing a real-life use case for the cryptocurrency. Risk of asset loss or devaluation if the game server goes down permanently.

16. Chainmonsters: Catch, Trade, and Evolve

Chainmonsters takes us into a blockchain-based MMORPG where you catch, trade, and evolve monsters. And here's the cool part – you can turn these creatures and special items into NFTs for trading. It's free to play on PC, Mac, iOS, or Android. Fun fact: It started as a web-based game in 2017 on the Ethereum platform.

Pros Cons
Availability across multiple platforms (PC, Mac, iOS, Android). Gameplay might be complex for non-crypto users.
Free to play, reducing entry barriers. Dependency on Ethereum platform, which can be sluggish and costly due to gas fees.
Enables creation and trading of NFTs, offering potential earning opportunities. NFT market fluctuations can impact the game's in-game economy.
Longevity and stable development since 2017. The concept may seem unfamiliar to traditional gamers.

17. War Riders: Post-Apocalyptic MMO Driving

War Riders takes you into a post-apocalyptic world where you customize vehicles, mine Benzene, and engage in vehicular combat. Join factions, trade NFTs, and earn cryptocurrency rewards. Developed by Cartified, War Riders is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Pros Cons
Intriguing post-apocalyptic setting fosters immersion May be inappropriate for younger audiences due to the violent nature of the vehicular combat
Ability to customize vehicles for diverse gameplay Gameplay may be complex for beginners
Earning potential through mining Benzene and trading NFTs Risk of financial loss in volatile crypto markets
Inter-player cooperation and competition through factions Potential imbalance between factions may affect fairness of gameplay
Available on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) Technical issues may occur due to cross-platform availability

18. Ember Sword: True Ownership of In-Game Assets

Get ready for an epic adventure in Ember Sword, a fantasy MMORPG world where true ownership of in-game assets is a reality. Trade, sell, and own your assets on the blockchain. Plus, stake $SOTE to earn rewards. Developed by Brightstar Studios, it's set to launch in 2023 on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Pros Cons
Enables true ownership of in-game assets through the blockchain The game has not yet been launched and is being reviewed based on expectations
Offers opportunities to trade, sell, and own assets securely Requires knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain mechanics
Allows staking of $SOTE to earn rewards Staking involves investment risks
Will be available on multiple platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android Potential technical glitches and compatibility issues due to cross-platform support
Developed by Brightstar Studios, a known name in the industry Success depends on user acceptance and population upon launch

19. Sorare: Fantasy Football with Blockchain CardsMarker

Sorare combines fantasy football with blockchain cards, bringing a new dimension to the game. Collect and trade digital football cards, build your team, and compete in global leagues. Earn rewards in Ethereum (ETH) based on your team's performance. It's been around since 2018, accessible on your desktop and mobile.

Pros Cons
Combine the thrill and strategy of fantasy football with innovative blockchain technology. The value of cards can fluctuate wildly, making the initial investment risky.
Earn tangible rewards in the form of Ethereum, a popular cryptocurrency. Requires understanding of both football and blockchain technology, placing a barrier for entry to beginners.
Ability to trade and collect digital football cards, adding an element of fun and competition. Depending on your location, converting Ethereum into local currency can be a cumbersome process.
Accessible on both desktop and mobile platforms, providing convenience for users. Since it depends on real-life football events, your investment's performance is partly out of your control.
Compete in global leagues and benchmarks your strategy skills against players worldwide. The game isn’t very entertaining when there are no football matches going on.

20. Cryptokitties: Breed and Collect Adorable Kittens

Let's kick off the list with a classic – Cryptokitties. It's where you breed and collect adorable digital kittens, each with unique traits and rarities. Trade them, sell them, and maybe discover a Gen 1 hidden gem. It's been around since 2017, available on your desktop.

Pros Cons
Easy to understand and play, perfect for beginners in crypto gaming Dependent on Ethereum's network, transaction speeds can be slow during peak times
Offers a unique opportunity to learn about blockchain and crypto assets in a fun way Can become expensive as buying, selling, and breeding cats involves transaction fees
Rare kitties can have a high resale value, offering the chance for profit Market saturation can lower the value of cats, impacting profitability
Regular updates and events keep the game engaging for players Requires a stable internet connection and can be inaccessible for some potential players

Top 20 Best Crypto Games to Play in 2024

  1. Galaxy Fight Club
  2. Spells of Genesis
  3. Forest Knight
  4. Star Atlas
  5. Silks
  6. Illuvium
  7. SkyWeaver
  8. Decentraland
  9. Gods Unchained
  10. Lost Relics
  11. Upland
  12. Spider Tanks
  13. Zed Run
  14. Axie Infinity
  15. The Sandbox
  16. Chainmonsters
  17. War Riders
  18. Ember Sword
  19. Sorare
  20. Cryptokitties

In a nutshell, these play-to-earn crypto games offer diverse experiences, providing opportunities for players to earn cryptocurrency and virtual assets while enjoying engaging gameplay. Whether you're into battling monsters, racing horses, or creating virtual worlds, there's something for everyone in the evolving landscape of blockchain gaming. So, gear up, dive in, and let the crypto rewards roll in as you embark on these digital adventures.

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