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Top Free Sites to earn money playing video games

Turn your gaming hobby into a potential source of income! You don't have to be a professional gamer or an Esports enthusiast to do so. Many sites on the web offer competitive gaming for even casual gamers like you and me. Here's a list of the top sites and what each platform offers. 

Challenger Mode - Best for No Cash Prize Tournaments

I checked out Challenger Mode, a platform for PC gamers to compete in tournaments for League of Legends, Valorant, Dota 2, and more – all with a chance to win real money! It seemed perfect for advanced gamers However, there's a catch: the competition is fierce. This platform is PC-only, so the skill level is higher than what you'd find in casual gaming.

One drawback I see is the high number of cheaters and hackers present. However, the site is doing its best to mitigate them. Still, at some point, you are likely to encounter cheating of some capacity during your time using the platform—fair warning—but it most likely won’t be enough to take you out of the experience or to affect your enjoyment in any major way.

Criteria Challenger Mode
Withdrawal Speed Average
Free Tournaments Few
Customer Support Average
Games Offered PC only

Is Challenger Mode Safe? 

Challenger Mode appears to be a legitimate platform for competitive gamers but be aware of the potential for hackers and the high skill level of competitors.

GameChampions - #1 Cash Prize Tournament Platform

GameChampions remains my favorite platform for a few key reasons. This site is straightforward and makes it incredibly simple to play for money. It offers a good balance between casual and competitive players thanks to its "Champions Draft" handicap system. You can challenge random opponents or friends for cash in various games, including FIFA. Apart from that, tournaments with free entry are plentiful, so you can test the waters before diving into paid matches. Finally, their withdrawal system is one of the fastest I've experienced.

Criteria Game Champions
Withdrawal Speed Fast
Free Tournaments Many
Customer Support Very Responsive
Games Offered Wide Variety (PC & Mobile)

Is Game Champions Legit? 

Absolutely! GameChampions seems to be a well-established platform in the competitive gaming space. Many users report positive experiences, suggesting some level of trust and reliability. Their website offers clear information about their services, fees, and withdrawal process. 

1v1me - The 'New' Platform

1v1me is a fresh face in the competitive gaming scene, offering a platform for skilled gamers to directly earn money from their wins. While I haven't had a chance to test it thoroughly yet, here's what they have going on:

  • Fast Withdrawals ➜ Similar to Game Champions 1v1me has a very fast cash out process and players have reported receiving their winnings within a few hours in some cases.
  • Staking ➜1v1me offers a unique service called 'Staking'. This allows you to essentially bet on the performance of other sponsored players. 
  • Growth ➜ While the platform is still very new to the space it is growing fast and its worth keeping an eye on this one in particular.
Criteria 1v1me
Withdrawal Speed To be determined
Free Tournaments To be determined
Customer Support To be determined
Games Offered Wide Variety

Is 1v1me Trustworthy? 

Yes. There are a few positive reviews, but since the platform is new, it's wise to approach it with caution and do your own research before using it.

Players Lounge - Bet on Yourself

I tried Players' Lounge for a while, and let me tell you, it was a disappointment. The platform used to be a fantastic place for Madden players, but it seems they've forgotten about that community entirely. Now, the focus seems to be elsewhere, leaving Madden fans feeling neglected.

It's disappointing to see their focus shift away from the core features that made them popular, and towards this "Bet on Yourself" mode. They used to be a vibrant Madden community.

Longtime users are rightfully disillusioned. They've seen this once-thriving platform fall apart. Honestly, with the way things are going, I can't recommend Players' Lounge anymore, especially if you're looking for a good Madden experience.

Criteria PlayersLounge
Withdrawal Speed Slow
Free Tournaments Rare
Customer Support Below Average
Games Offered Limited

Is PlayersLounge Reputable? 

PlayersLounge is legit but the Trustpilot reviews suggest a decline in the platform's user base. Many players are upset with some very questionable policies that the platform implemented recently. Things like limiting the withdrawals to only 1 per month and even the Bet on Yourself mode which is pretty much a scam that is almost impossible to make money from.

Zleague - Best Social Gaming Platform

Zleague caught my eye because of all the social features they offer. Finding teammates is a breeze with their "Looking For Group or LFG" tool, and the Warzone loadout builder is amazing for optimizing your gear. It feels like a real community where you can connect with other gamers and have fun together. That's what I loved most – the sense of camaraderie.

The only downside is that the prize money for tournaments isn't as high as some other platforms like GameChampions or Checkmate. So, if you're a hardcore competitor focused on big wins, Zleague might not be the best fit. But for those who enjoy the social side of gaming and want tools like the loadout builder, Zleague is worth checking out!

Criteria ZLeague
Withdrawal Speed Average
Free Tournaments Many
Customer Support Good
Games Offered Wide Variety (Focus on Social Features)

Can I Trust Z League?

While not as established as some competitors, Zleague appears to have positive reviews from users. Its website has a clear information about their services, fees, and how to participate in tournaments. Its a legit site but dont expect to make much money here because the tournament prize pools are very small compared to what is offered on other sites like Game Champions.

Checkmate Gaming - COD Tournaments Only

Checkmate Gaming used to be my go-to place for Call of Duty tournaments along with GameBattles. It had a fantastic community, always buzzing with activity. Sadly, those days seem to be over. Finding opponents has become a chore – there just aren't as many active players anymore. The wait times to get into matches are super long, which kills the fun and excitement.

This once-thriving gaming hub now feels somewhat deserted, robbing the atmosphere of the thrill and camaraderie it once offered. Despite the nostalgic memories of its past, Checkmate Gaming's current state is a far cry from its former glory. I can't recommend it for Call of Duty tournaments, or anything else competitive for that matter.

Criteria Checkmate Gaming
Withdrawal Speed Slow
Free Tournaments Few
Customer Support Below Average
Games Offered Call of Duty Focused

Is Checkmate Gaming Safe to Use?

Although it's active players declined, Checkmate Gaming is a legit site. Expect longer wait times to find matches as the community size has dwindled from its glory days.

GamerSaloon - Bum Hunting Site

I dove into to try out their online tournaments, but let me tell you, it wasn't a great experience. They boast a huge selection of games, which is cool, but the competition felt unfair.

The platform seems overrun with these super-skilled players who just prey on newbies. It's nearly impossible for someone new to get a win. On top of that, their payout system is a nightmare. They say it's reliable, but it took forever to get my money, and the whole process was confusing.

The website itself wasn't much better. It's cluttered and hard to navigate – not what I expected at all. Overall, Gamersaloon left a bad taste in my mouth. If you're looking for a fair and fun competitive gaming experience, I'd approach this platform with caution.

Criteria Gamersaloon
Withdrawal Speed Slow
Free Tournaments None
Customer Support Below Average
Games Offered Wide Variety

Is Gamersaloon Legit?

WARNING! Gamersaloon platform features many pro players masquerading as girls to try and lure you into cash matches. Once you are trapped in match with one of them they will take your money and move on to the next victim. You should not attempt to play on Gamersaloon unless you are Pro player looking for a very sweaty experience. Additionaly, Gamersaloon withdrawal system is reported to be slow and unreliable, leading to delays in receiving your winnings. Overall, I recommend you stay away from this site.

Gamersfy - Best for Mobile Gaming

Gamersfy is awesome for mobile gamers! If you're into games like Clash Royale or Brawl Stars, this is your spot to compete and potentially win some cash. It's all mobile-focused, so you just need your phone to jump in and start playing against others. You can battle random players online or even challenge your friends directly.

Gamersfy is super easy to use too. The website is clean and sleek, so finding your way around and figuring out how to play against others is a breeze. No matter what kind of smartphone you have, iPhone, Samsung, or anything else, Gamersfy is a great option to check out.

Criteria Gamersfy 
Withdrawal Speed Fast
Free Tournaments None
Customer Support Good
Games Offered Mobile only

Is Gamersfy Secure?

Yes. Gamersfy is a legit site but focused more on its mobile app. It is currently well-received by iOS and Android users with some solid reviews on both stores. With that being said, I dont recommend using Gamersfy if you expect to make any serious money as the prize pool are generally much smaller than on other tournament sites.

Final Verdict - Which Platform is the Best Overall

So, after trying out all these platforms, the truth is there's no magic bullet for making money playing games. It all depends on what you're looking for:

  • Best Overall - GameChampions is still my favorite. It's got a good mix of casual and competitive players, free tournaments to test the waters, and super fast payouts. Plus, their customer support is awesome.
  • Quick Cash & Flexible Schedule - If you're a skilled gamer who wants to earn money right away and play whenever you have a free moment, 1v1me sounds interesting. But I haven't tried it myself yet.
  • Fun with Friends - Zleague is all about the social side of gaming. Wanna hang out with friends, chat, and maybe win some cash on the side? Zleague might be your jam.

The key takeaway? Do your research, figure out what matters most to you and keep practicing to get even better! In the end, the best platform is the one that lets you have the most fun while making some extra cash.

Alex Cabal from Game Champions

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