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Top Free Sites: Earn Money Gaming!

By Alex Cabal | updated On Nov 28, 2023, 4:16 PM UTC


Have you ever wondered if there was a way to make money playing video games? You probably think that to do so you would have to be some pro or Esport fanatic when in fact that is not the truth. There are several sites on the web where casual gamers can go to bet money on competitive video games. Here is a list of the top sites and a look at what each is designed for: 

Challenger Mode - Best for No Cash Prize Tournaments

Challenger mode is a site that allows players to compete in League of Legends, Valorant, Dota 2 and many more exciting PC games for money. If you have a good gaming PC and you feel that, you’re skilled enough at some of these games then challenger mode is the place for you. As the platform is for PC players only, the skill level is a little elevated beyond what casual gamers would be used to. One drawback to this platform is the fact that there always seems to be a high number of cheaters and hackers present within the PC gaming community. The site does its best to mitigate and minimize the possibility of encountering cheaters, but of course, nothing will entirely eliminate this issue. You are likely to encounter cheating of some capacity during your time using the platform—fair warning—but it most likely won’t be enough to take you out of the experience or to affect your enjoyment in any major way.

GameChampions - Biggest Cash Prizes

If you want to make lots of easy money from your gaming skills, then Game Champions is the place to be. Here you can compete in head-to-head video game wagers and a variety of free entry tournaments. Game Champions is straightforward and makes it incredibly simple to play for money. The significant thing about Game Champions is that it enables casual gamers to coexist with the more elite and skilled players. The way this happens is through the handicap system known as Champions Draft mode. You can either challenge online strangers or play head-to-head against your own friends to see who is the real FIFA champion. There has never been an easier way to make money playing FIFA than with Game Champions. 

PlayersLounge - Bet on Yourself

Players' Lounge, over the years, has experienced a significant decline, leading to a disappointing experience for its users. One of the most notable aspects of this decline is the apparent lack of care for the Madden community. Once a thriving hub for Madden players, the platform seems to have shifted its focus elsewhere, leaving the Madden community feeling neglected and underserved. Instead of catering to the gaming enthusiasts who made the platform popular in the first place, Players' Lounge has heavily emphasized its "Bet on Yourself" mode, which, based on our firsthand experience, can be seen as nothing short of a scam. This shift in focus has resulted in a sense of disillusionment among the platform's longtime users, who have witnessed the decline of a once vibrant and engaging community. With its current trajectory, it's challenging to have faith in Players' Lounge and recommend it to others, especially if they are looking for a meaningful and rewarding gaming experience within the Madden community.

Zleague - Best Social Gaming Platform

Zleague is an intriguing online gaming platform that stands out for its impressive array of social features. The "LFG" (Looking for Group) functionality and the Warzone loadout builder are particularly noteworthy, making it easy for players to connect with like-minded gamers and enhance their gaming experience. The platform fosters a sense of community and camaraderie, which is excellent for those seeking a more social aspect to their gaming journey. However, one drawback of Zleague is the relatively small cash prizes offered in comparison to some other platforms like Gamechampions or Checkmate. For competitive players looking to earn substantial rewards, this could be a limiting factor. Nevertheless, Zleague remains an attractive option for gamers who prioritize social interactions and enjoy using tools like the loadout builder to enhance their gameplay in titles like Warzone. 

Checkmate Gaming - COD Tournaments

My experience with Checkmate Gaming, particularly in Call of Duty tournaments, has been a bittersweet one. While the platform had its heyday as a vibrant and exciting gaming community, it has undoubtedly fallen off in recent times. The most significant issue I encountered was the apparent decline in active players, leading to a dearth of available opponents and noticeably longer wait times to find matches. This once-thriving gaming hub now feels somewhat deserted, robbing the atmosphere of the thrill and camaraderie it once offered. Despite the nostalgic memories of its past, Checkmate Gaming's current state is a far cry from its former glory. As a result, it's difficult to wholeheartedly recommend the platform for Call of Duty tournaments or any other competitive gaming endeavors in its present condition.

GamerSaloon - Bum Hunting Site proved to be a disappointing online gaming platform during my first-hand experience. While it offers an extensive game selection, the community of players is plagued by an overwhelming presence of sharks and bum hunters. These players ruthlessly prey on newcomers and less experienced gamers, making it incredibly difficult for anyone to have a fair chance at winning. The platform's payment system, though advertised as reliable, turned out to be cumbersome and caused unnecessary delays in receiving payouts. The website's interface is cluttered and not as user-friendly as claimed, leading to frustrating navigation. Overall, my time with left a sour taste in my mouth, and I would caution others to approach this platform with caution, especially if they seek a fair and enjoyable competitive gaming experience. Check out our in-depth review of GamerSaloon.

Gamersfy - Best for Mobile Gaming

Gamersfy is a skill gaming site that focuses entirely on mobile gaming. Enjoy a wide roster of games including Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, 8 ball pool and many more popular mobile games. Being that Gamersfy is directed for mobile games, you really only need a phone to participate and to compete for money. Gamersfy allows users to compete online against the gaming community while also allowing for head-to-head matches against selected friends. Gamersfy’s straightforward approach and sleek interface make it very easy for users to grasp the functionality of the site and understand how to play against other players. Truly, if you love playing games on iPhone, Samsung or any type of smart device then this is exactly the site for you.