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Best way to get Pokeballs in Pokemon Go

Hey there, fellow Trainers! Ever find yourself scrambling through the virtual bushes, only to realize you're all out of those crucial digital spheres we depend on to catch 'em all? That's right, I'm talking about Pokeballs. Frustrating, isn't it? Thankfully, there are various ways to replenish your inventory and I'm here to guide you through them. Let's dive in, shall we? 

"Remember, Trainers, a well-stocked inventory is key to being a top-notch Pokemon Trainer. Get equipped with these strategies to fill your bag with Pokeballs!”

In this guide, you'll find the top methods to grab more of these elusive spheres, serving as your pocket-sized ticket to a robust 'Pokedex'. From visiting Pokestops to opening gifts from friends, 

Visiting Pokestops or Gyms

Time to strap on those sneakers and hit the pavement! One of the most straightforward ways to snag yourself some Pokeballs is by visiting Pokéstops or Gyms. Believe me, our love for sitting on the couch is undisputed, but the benefits of getting up and about in the Pokémon world are just too good to ignore! 

Wandering into a real-world location tagged as a Pokéstop on your game map, and giving the icon a quick spin, showers you with a handful of useful free items. Yup, one of those could, or in fact would, be a set of those shiny, spherical traps we're after. Gyms on the other hand, provide a similar loot with an added bonus of potentially higher quantities. 

  • Be Active: It's all about how much you're ready to explore. The more Pokéstops you visit, the more Pokeballs you get. It's as easy as that!
  • Play Smart: Time your visits. Pokéstops refresh every 5 minutes, so plan a route to visit several stops within the duration, it's all about maximizing the opportunity!
  • Interface Interaction: When at the stop, slide your finger as quickly as possible across the screen when the icons pop up. If performed quickly enough, you get all the items at once, enhancing the possibility of scoring a Pokeball.

Pro tip: Pokéstops and Gyms turn purple once used, but don't fret! They turn back to blue, which indicates that they're ready to be looted again, within the mentioned time period. Patience is a virtue here, trainers.

So now you see, trainers, Pokéstops or Gyms aren't just about epic battles or catching a rare species. They may just be your golden ticket to that overflowing bag of Pokeballs.

Completing Quests

Next on our journey for more Pokeballs is completing quests. Whether you call me a seasoned expert or just a dedicated Pokemon Go enthusiast, even I have found treasure in quests. 

Pokemon Go offers a variety of quests, each rewarding a player with a plethora of exciting gifts. But, what makes our hearts race? Yep, you guessed it right - Pokeballs! The game aims to keep us engaged, while leading us towards a treasure trove of Pokeballs. Spend your time and energy on quests and you'll be rewarded handsomely. 

Field Research Quests 

Field Research quests are primary quests you want to target. These quests may range from catching a specific Pokemon, making a particular throw, or even winning a Gym battle. The objectives will subtly push you out of your comfort zone but trust me, the rewards are all worth it.

Special Research Quests 

Then there are the Special Research quests. These are story-driven and a bit more time-consuming. The tasks are also more challenging. You might have to catch or evolve certain types of Pokemon or even participate in Raid Battles. But, let's focus on the brighter side, shall we? 

Completing these quests might fetch you a massive payday in the form of Pokeballs, Lure Modules, Rare Candies, and even some exclusive and rare Pokemon. At the end of the day, the more balls you have, the more chances there are for you to capture your favorite creatures. So, questing we must go! 

As a friendly reminder, always keep an eye on your game. Niantic releases new quests often to keep us glued, and you never know when they might drop a quest with Pokeballs galore.

Leveling Up

Okay, trainer, let's take things up a notch! Scaling up your level in Pokemon Go is not just about gaining prestige. In the world of Pokemon Go, leveling up means more rewards, and yes, you got it, more Pokeballs! Here's a quick heads up - at each level, you receive a cache of rewards, which almost always includes Pokeballs. If the level is a milestone (like level 5, 10, etc.), expect a hefty haul of these precious tools. From my own experience, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing that pile of Pokeballs coming your way as you level up. 

 But this raises a question: "how can you speed up the process of leveling up?" There's no silver bullet, but have no fear! I've got some recommendations for you. First off, catch as many Pokemon as you can – every capture nets you experience points. Utilize a Lucky Egg – trust me, it's a game-changer. This item doubles all gained experience for 30 minutes, so use it when you're about to engage in high XP activities such as spawning Pokemon with Incense or Lure Modules. 

Also, practice your throws: completed challenges, along with precise throws, will get you more points. And don't forget about evolving your Pokemon and discovering new types – that's another bunch of points there.

I know, it sounds like a lot, but don't worry! It all becomes second nature with a little practice. Remember, every time you level up, you're getting closer to becoming a Pokemon Master, and stocking up on Pokeballs in the process! It's a thrilling journey, and the Pokeballs are just a bonus on top of the joy of the game!

Opening daily gifts from your friends

Let's chat about one of the coolest features in Pokémon Go – gifts from friends! Who doesn't love getting gifts, right? Well, my friend, Pokéballs often come bundled in these everyday packages. And guess what? You can receive up to 20 gifts from your friends every single day. So, let's work on expanding that friends list, shall we? 

You might be wondering, "How do I make more friends in Pokémon Go?" Making friends in the game is surprisingly easy! From participating in raids and battles together, to adding friends via unique codes, every trainer you meet could turn into a Pokéball-supplier wrapped up in a gift box. 

  • First things first, you need to be at level 10 to start adding friends. If you're not there yet, focus on leveling up first.
  • Once you've reached level 10, navigate to your trainer profile, click 'Friends', and then tap on 'Add Friend'.
  • You'll see a 12-digit Trainer Code on your screen, share this number with the people you want to add or ask them for their Trainer Code.

Once you've added a friend, they can start sending you gifts every day. These gift packages have a chance of containing Pokéballs, berries, stardust, and more. But remember, this is a two-way street — sending daily gifts will help increase your friendship level, increasing your chances of getting more valuable goodies. 

If you're an active player and have got a bunch of friends, you may soon find yourself drowning in Pokéballs, just from opening these daily gifts! 

Now, I bet you're thinking, "Hey, that’s a lot of Pokéballs!" And you're absolutely correct! So, grab your smartphone, open Pokémon Go, and start adding as many friends as you can to collect a wealth of Pokéballs!

Entering Raids

Have you ever thought about how you might just turn your passion for battles into a rewarding experience filled with Pokeballs? Well, you're in luck. Entering Raids is a top method to grow your Pokeball stash. It's an absolute high stakes game of thrill, strategy, and rewards! 

Raids, are large-scale battles set at chosen locations against mighty iterations of Pokemon, often referred to as 'Bosses.' And my friend, the spoils of these battles are not to be underestimated. 

Interestingly, Raids come in different levels - 1-star to 5-star. The difficulty level rises as the star rating increases, as does, you guessed it right, the rewards. Keep in mind, the more challenging the raid is, the more hefty will be the loot you take home. 

  • 1-star to 3-star Raids: Typically, these are simpler and can often be handled solo. And while the rewards might be on the lower side, remember that every single Pokeball counts.
  • 4-star and 5-star Raids: Now, these are the beasts. They often require groups of players to take down, but the reward is worth the effort. You might land a hearty number of Pokeballs and that too, of superior quality.

Here's the best part, in a raid, even if you lose, you still win! That's right. Even if your team doesn't manage to clinch victory against the Boss, you will still be rewarded with a set of items that include healing potions and, most importantly, Pokeballs. 

The beauty of the Raid method is that it combines adventure, camaraderie, tactical knowledge, and a grand shot at increasing your Pokeball arsenal.

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