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How to Get Pokeballs in Pokemon GO - Best Methods

Low on Pokeballs? Head over to parks, malls, downtowns, and other dense areas. These are often PokeStop havens. For those with PokeCoins to spare, the quickest solution is to purchase Pokeball packs directly in the in-game shop. However, this guide focuses on maximizing your FREE Pokeball supply. 

How to Get More PokeBalls in Pokemon Go

PokeBalls are essential in a Pokemon Go trainer's arsenal. Catch 'em all without breaking the bank! Here are the best free ways to maximize your Pokeball supply in Pokemon Go:

Spin Pokestops

PokeStops are your go-to locations for topping up on Pokeballs. These real-world landmarks appear on your Pokemon Go map. Simply get close to a Pokestop and spin its Photo Disc to collect goodies.

What can you expect? Each spin awards random items, with Pokeballs being a common reward. You can typically get anywhere from 1 to several Pokeballs per spin. While less frequent, you might even score 1 or 2 Great Balls or a rarer Ultra Ball now and then.

Tip: Pokestops can be spun multiple times a day to gather more Pokeballs.

Complete Research Tasks

Research Tasks are a fantastic way to score Pokeballs and other valuable rewards in Pokemon Go. These tasks come in three approaches: Field, Special, and Timed. Each offers unique challenges and rewards. Here's a breakdown on how to leverage them for more Pokeballs: 

Field Research

Field research appears daily if you spin at a Pokestop, a new task pops up on your screen and these are usually simple tasks like catching a certain type of Pokemon or making a specific throw. 

Once you have completed the tasks, you will receive various item rewards, and Pokeballs are one of them. The number of Pokeballs you'll get can vary depending on the task difficulty.

Tip: When you see a new Field Research task, check the reward details immediately. If Pokeballs are listed, then complete these tasks to earn PokeBalls. Note that you can hold up to three Field Research tasks at a time. It's your best chance to stock up on more PokeBalls.

Special and Timed Research

Special and Timed Research are less frequent than Field Research but often offer more substantial rewards, including a good amount of Pokeballs. Special Research is typically tied to the game's storyline, while Timed Research coincides with special events or holidays.

Once you have completed the tasks under these research lines, you'll be rewarded with a variety of items, including bountiful Pokeballs. Always check for announcements, especially from Niantic for these PokeBalls opportunities. 


Raids offer an exciting way to test your skills against powerful Pokemon bosses, but they can also be a source of Pokeballs. 

  • Raids have difficulty levels (1-star to 5-star). Harder Raids have a better chance of giving you Pokeballs, and might even give you better-quality ones.
  • Solo lower-level Raids (1-star to 3-star), but tougher ones need a team. More players means a tougher fight, but also potentially better rewards.
  • Winning or losing a Raid gives you a chance to get rewards. These might be healing items, or maybe even some Pokeballs, but it's not guaranteed.

Gifts & Bonuses

Building a network of active friends and maintaining your daily bonuses are both excellent strategies to add more Pokeballs. While you can add up to 400 friends in Pokemon Go, the maximum number of gifts you can receive in a day is currently capped at 20, and sending gifts is limited to one per friend daily. 

These gifts may contain Pokeballs, but they also hold other useful items like potions, berries, and even eggs. The exact contents are random. 

You can also take advantage of the daily bonuses, the first one is the First Catch or Spin Bonus. You will receive a small bonus of Pokeballs and other items for catching your first Pokemon and spinning your first Pokestop each day. The next one is the Streak Bonus, you can receive it when you catch a Pokemon or spin a Pokestop for 7 consecutive days, you can earn a larger bonus, including a good number of Pokeballs.

Level Up

Leveling up in Pokemon Go unlocks access to better capture tools! While you won't directly receive Pokeballs at each level, reaching Level 12 allows you to use Great Balls, and Level 20 unlocks Ultra Balls, which have higher catch rates.

Tip: Walking is rewarded! Every week, trainers who walk at least 5 kilometers earn a bonus of 20 Pokeballs delivered on Mondays.  

Catch Smarter

Now that you have some tips on how to get more PokeBalls, this time, learn how to maximize the ones you have using these tips:

  • Berries are Your Friend. Give those Pokemon a little pre-catch snack with a berry. This weakens them, making them easier to catch and saving you Pokeballs.
  • Practice Throwing. Don't just blindly engage in a catching spree, master your throws (especially the Great and Excellent throws) as it significantly increases your catch rate.

Master these tips and become a Pokeball pro!

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