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Fortnite Rarest Pickaxes

20 rarest pick axes in fortnite

As a devoted player who loves collecting pickaxe skins, especially the rare ones, I'm excited to share with you a list of the rarest pickaxes in Fortnite as of 2024. If you own any of them, then good for you :)

Let's find out how many of these rare pickaxes you have in your collection.

The 20 Rarest Pickaxes in Fortnite


The Crowbar from Chapter 1 Season 5 is our first contender. This iconic Fortnite pickaxe was released for the High Stakes event. To get it, players had to complete challenges, making it a noteworthy addition to any collection. Just check out the trailer and you'll understand why.

fortnite crowbar skin high stakes



This pickaxe was a reward during the Best Friendzy event in Chapter 2 Season 7. The participants had to earn 50 points by playing 50 games, which wasn't a task many undertook, especially considering you had to sign up via a website. Despite this somewhat complicated process, the Aquari-Axe might be one of the best-looking free pickaxes in Fortnite. 

aquari axe from best friendzy event fortnite

Dazzle Daggers

You could obtain these by playing Fortnite on mobile using Xbox Cloud Gaming. Despite being a free item, they were only available for a limited time, and not a lot of players seem to use them, giving it a bit of rarity. 

dazzle daggers unlocked via xbox cloud fortnite


Battle Pass Rewards

The entire Chapter 1 Season 2 Battle Pass deserves a mention here. We've got the Pulse Axe and the Axecalibur (the Black Knight pickaxe) and not to forget the rarest one in the Battle Pass, the AC/DC, for reaching tier 63. These picks may not the rarest, but they are OGs, dating back to Season 2. And then as a side mention, there's the Frozen Axe which was a reward from completing challenges in Chapter 1 Season 7. The Frozen Axe pickaxe is unavailable to anyone who started playing after that season!

Pulse Axe from battle pass fortnite
Axecalbur from fortnite battle pass
ac/dc pickaxe in fortnite
fortnite frozen axe from challenges

Renegade Raider's Pickaxe

Now let's talk about the Raider's Revenge pickaxe from 2017, arguably one of the rarest pickaxes in the game. The reason behind its rarity lies in the fact that you had to reach a high level, and it cost a hefty 1,500 V-Bucks, which was pricier than the skin itself! 

raider's revenge fortnite rare pickaxe

renegade raider pickaxe fortnite


A Nintendo Switch exclusive. The Pinpoints, a Double Helix pickaxe, was available via a specific Nintendo Switch purchase or by buying a bundle code. The rarity factor shoots up because the codes for this bundle are hard to find and very expensive! 

pinpoint double helix fortnite pickaxe

Dark Razor

This is another collectable, available by purchasing the Xbox One S Console Bundle 2 or by buying a code for it.

dark razor xbox bundle

Very expensive, and rare!

dark razor fortnite pickaxe

Octane Whomper

Then there is the Octane Whomper, which required you to complete Rocket League challenges, but the catch was that it had to be done on mobile, Rocket League Side Swipe, rather than the PC version. Kind of rare!


fortnite rocket league octane whomper

Pickaxes from the Shop

Of course, we shouldn't forget Fortnite's item shop pickaxes. Despite their potential to return to the shop, there are a few that haven't shown up in a long while, like the Widow's Bite, the Rock Breaker, Travis Scott's Diamond Jack and  Kratos' Leviathan Axe.

fortnite widow's bite pickaxe
fortnite rock breaker rare pickaxe
fortnite travis scott pickaxe diamond jack
fortnite god of war kratos leviathan axe

Other Rare Rewards

Some notable picks to mention from the limited-time refer a friend and reboot a friend rewards, like the Plasma Carrot, Rainbow Racers pickaxe Drive Shaft, Qwerty Axe, and Velocity Edge. These pickaxes really add variety and flair to your collection since not every player could access them due to time constraints or specific requirements. 

plasma carrot fortnite rewards
drive shaft fortnite pickaxe
qwerty keyboard pickaxe fortnite
velocity edge rare pickaxe


This rare pickaxe was released in Season 5's legendary Ragnarok Skin Set from 2018 and hasn't been seen ever since. The Permafrost a favourite for many players and I'm really lucky to have unlocked one.

permafrost unlocked fortnite reward ragnarok 4

I hope this rundown has given you some insights into the rarities you might have in your collection or the ones you may need to hunt down. After all, owning some of these rare skins can really improve the value of your Fortnite account.

As dedicated Fortnite players, we know it's not just about collecting these items, it's also about showing them off!

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