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FIFA 22: Can You Play Across Platforms? Find Out Here!

By Alex Cabal | updated On Nov 28, 2023, 6:21 PM UTC


Is FIFA 22 cross platform? That's a question many gamers are asking as they seek to play some ball with friends across different consoles. This article post will explore how cross-platform gaming applies to FIFA 22, including its limited availability and the modes that support full-scale cross-play.

We'll examine the current state of cross-play in FIFA 22, including its limited availability and the specific modes that support full-scale cross-play. This discussion extends to generational console compatibility, exploring how you can engage in matches between older and newer PlayStation versions or Xbox One versus Xbox Series XS.

Additionally, we will guide you through activating the CrossPlay feature within FIFA 22 for those eager to test out this functionality. Finally, we take a glimpse into the future outlook for CrossPlay functionality in EA Sports games based on EA Vancouver's approach towards improving this experience.

If you're keen on keeping up-to-date with developments around whether is FIFA 22 cross platform or not along with other major multiplayer games' multiplatform gameplay options - stay tuned!

Understanding FIFA 22 Crossplay

The gaming world is constantly evolving, and one significant advancement that has revolutionized the way we play games is cross-platform gaming. This concept allows players to engage in multiplayer games regardless of the console or PC they are using. It's all about breaking down barriers and uniting gamers across different platforms.

What is Cross-Platform Gaming?

Cross-platform gaming is the capacity for a game to be experienced on multiple platforms without disruption. For instance, someone playing a game on PlayStation could compete against another player using Xbox or PC.

How Does Cross-Play Apply to FIFA 22?

FIFA 22, developed by EA Sports, is one such game where questions around its compatibility with multiplatform gameplay often arise. In this context, when we talk about FIFA 22 crossplay - it implies whether you can play FIFA 22 with friends who use different consoles or PCs than yours.

So, can you play FIFA 22 with friends on different platforms? Unfortunately, crossplay between different platforms is not supported in FIFA 22. FIFA 22 does not support crossplay between different platforms. This means that if you're playing on PlayStation, you can only play with other PlayStation users, and the same goes for Xbox and PC users.

While it's a bummer that FIFA 22 doesn't support crossplay, it's important to note that this is a decision made by the game's developers. If you're seeking to have fun with FIFA 22, there are still plenty of ways - online multiplayer or local play.

To ensure you can play FIFA 22 with friends, make sure everyone is on the same platform. And if you're looking for more information on cross-platform gaming, check out the link above.

Current State of Crossplay in FIFA 22

The FIFA 22 gaming experience has been significantly enhanced with the introduction of some cross-platform capabilities. Despite the advances made, these features remain somewhat restricted.

Limited Availability of Full-Scale Cross-Play in Current Version

In its present state, FIFA 22 offers full-fledged crossplay only within certain game modes. This means you can't just jump into any match and expect to play against friends on different platforms.

Modes Supporting Full-Scale Cross-Play

  • Online Seasons: In this mode, players can compete against others regardless of their console or PC platform.
  • Online Friendlies: Here too, gamers have the liberty to challenge their friends across various devices for a friendly match-up.

To stay updated about future enhancements regarding cross-platform compatibility in EA Sports games, keep an eye out for official announcements from the developer.

Generational Console Compatibility for FIFA 22

In the world of FIFA 22, players can engage in matches across different generations of consoles, but with some limitations.

Playing between older and newer PlayStation versions

PS4 users can challenge their friends who have upgraded to PS5, as long as they are playing the previous generation version on their device.

Xbox One vs Xbox Series XS compatibility

The same goes for Xbox users. Cross-generation play is possible between Xbox One and the latest Xbox Series XS.

Note: This feature only applies when both players own and use the same edition (current or next-gen) of FIFA 22.

Activating Cross-platform Feature in FIFA 22

Are you ready to take on players from different platforms in FIFA 22? Here's how you can activate the crossplay feature in the game:

Enabling/Disabling Crossplay

Activating crossplay in FIFA 22 is a breeze. Go to the main menu when you launch the title, then choose 'Customize' and afterwards 'Online Settings'. You can adjust the 'Cross-Platform Play' setting to either enable or disable depending on your preference.

fifa 22 crossplayfifa 22 crossplay

Keep in mind that while crossplay allows you to play with a wider range of opponents, it may actually result in longer wait times for matches due to the added complexities of matchmaking.

If you're looking for more information on FIFA 22's compatibility options, check out EA Sports' official website for comprehensive details on the game's multiplatform gameplay features.

Future Outlook for Crossplay Functionality

In the gaming world, EA Sports has always been a pioneer when it comes to introducing new features and enhancing user experience. The company's approach towards improving 'CrossPlay' is no exception.

EA Sports' Commitment to Cross-Platform Play

EA Sports is dedicated to expanding cross-platform gameplay features in their games. While FIFA 22 currently has limited cross-platform functionality, future iterations of the game are expected to offer more comprehensive cross-play options. This could potentially enable gamers on multiple platforms, such as PlayStation and Xbox consoles to PCs, to be able to play together without any issues. It could also potentially open up opportunities for exciting eSports tournaments with diverse player bases.

Stay Updated on Crossplay Developments

To stay informed about anticipated changes and updates, gamers can follow official announcements from FIFA's website, or subscribe to popular gaming news outlets like GameSpot.

It's promising that we'll see more extensive cross-platform compatibility in EA Sports games moving forward. Who knows, maybe one day we'll even see cross-play between consoles and mobile devices.

Keeping Up-to-date With Developments

Staying informed on the current advancements in gaming is essential, especially with FIFA's multiplatform gameplay options which are continually being improved and updated. This especially applies to FIFA's multiplatform gameplay options as improvements and updates are constantly being made.

Sources offering regular updates about FIFA & CrossPlay

A number of reliable sources can help you stay updated on these changes. Websites like Eurogamer, GameSpot, and EA Sports' own official website often provide news and insights into any new features or adjustments related to cross-platform play in FIFA games.

You could also join online communities such as the r/FIFA subreddit on Reddit, where gamers from around the globe discuss tips, tricks, updates, and more. Additionally, following EA Sports on social media platforms like Twitter can offer real-time information straight from the source itself.

By keeping an eye on these resources regularly, you'll be able to adapt quickly to any changes in FIFA's crossplay functionality - ensuring that your gaming experience remains top-notch no matter what platform you're playing on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will FIFA 22 ever be cross-platform?

No, FIFA 22 does not support full-scale cross-platform play.

Why doesn't FIFA support cross-platform?

FIFA currently lacks full-scale cross-platform play, likely due to technical complexities and platform policies.


  • FIFA 22 has some cross-platform capabilities, but full-scale cross-play is currently limited.
  • The game allows playing between older and newer PlayStation versions and Xbox One vs Xbox Series XS compatibility.
  • Enabling/disabling CrossPlay function can be done through these steps.
  • EA Sports is constantly working on improving the 'CrossPlay' experience for their games, including FIFA 22.
  • To stay up-to-date with developments around FIFA's multiplatform gameplay options, gamers can follow sources that offer regular updates pertaining to FIFA and its 'CrossPlay'.
  • In spite of certain constraints, FIFA 22 still provides an enjoyable gaming experience on multiple systems.