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The Top 10 Rarest Fortnite Skins

If you are lucky enough to own any of these Fortnite Skins then your account could be worth lots of money!

This guide explores the rarest Fortnite skins, showcasing the top 10 most uncommon finds and explaining what makes them hard to get. 

10. Royale Bomber Skin - Playstation Bundle

The Royale Bomber skin is special in Fortnite because you could only get it with a special PlayStation purchase, not by playing the game normally. These bundles weren't sold everywhere either. So, many players just missed out! This makes the Royale Bomber special for collectors. It shows they were either a big PlayStation fan who bought a specific bundle, or extra lucky to find the limited controller.

9. OG Reaper Skin - John Wick (Season 3 Battle Pass)

The OG Reaper isn't the official John Wick skin, but its resemblance earned it a cult following. Unlike the purchasable John Wick, the OG Reaper vanished after Season 3, making it a prized symbol of dedication for early players and a collector's dream due to its unique design and ultimate rarity.

8. Demogorgon (Stranger Things Event)

Inspired by Netflix's Stranger Things series, Demogorgon was part of a time-locked event that has not been repeated since then, leading this skin into obscurity. Unlike some other events that come back occasionally, this skin hasn't reappeared in Fortnite.

7. Honor Guard (Honor View20 phone purchase)

While the Honor Guard debuted in Season 7, it wasn't purchasable in Fortnite. This unique outfit was exclusively given away with purchases of the Honor View20 phone, which cost around $650. This scarce way of getting it makes the Honor Guard a goldmine for collectors.

6. Double Helix (Nintendo Switch bundle)

The Double Helix skin was available for purchase, but only as part of a specific Nintendo Switch bundle purchase for $299.99 for a short time. Unfortunately, Double Helix skin is no longer available in the game and its value in the market varies depending on the demand.

5. OG Black Knight Skin (Season 2 Battle Pass)

The Black Knight skin in Fortnite was considered one of the rarest skins in the game, with only around 1% of players owning it at one point. Those who were actively playing Fortnite during Season 2 and dedicated enough to reach tier 70 within the Battle Pass may have gotten their hands on this skin making it a symbol of a veteran player.

4. Dark Voyager (Season 3, Battle Pass)

This mysterious astronaut skin was a high-tier reward in the Season 3 Battle Pass. Unlike most Battle Pass items, it hasn't reappeared in the item shop since, making it a coveted rarity for collectors and a mark of dedication for players who reached that high tier back in Season 3.


3. Galaxy Skin - Samsung Exclusive

The Galaxy skin stands out for its unique way of being obtained. Free with specific Samsung phones during a past promotion, the Galaxy skin remains rare. Limited phone availability and the promotion's timeframe made it elusive for many players.

2. Renegade Raider (Season 1)

Fortnite's Renegade Raider skin is a true rarity. Unlike most skins, it wasn't purchasable forever. This punk outfit was exclusive to Season 1 players, vanishing from the shop entirely after that season ended.

Even reaching level 20 in the Battle Pass wasn't required, but it gave players the option to buy it. Because it was only available for a short time in the early days of Fortnite, the Renegade Raider is a valuable item for collectors and shows everyone you have been playing since the very beginning.

1. Aerial Assault Trooper - Rarest Skin in Fortnite

It was introduced way back in Season 1, a time when Fortnite didn't have the Battle Pass system yet. Instead, players could only buy certain cosmetics once they reached specific levels.

To get Aerial Assault Trooper, you had to hit level 15 and spend 1,200 V-Bucks during Season 1. That was in 2017, before Fortnite blew up and everyone realized how rare some of these OG skins would become.

But here's the thing: Aerial Assault Trooper isn't exactly the coolest or most unique skin out there. But, when you put all of this together, you end up with a skin that's super rare and owned by only a handful of players.

Why are Some Fornite Skins Considered Rare?

Scarcity is key. Back in Fortnite's early days, the player base was much smaller. Skins like Aerial Assault Trooper, available only during Season 1, are scarce today due to fewer players having the chance to acquire them. While the Black Widow skin's initial limited availability and long absence built its reputation as ultra-rare, its recent returns in the item shop have changed the story.  

What Makes a Skin Valuable?

Beyond looking cool, rare skins can hold value for collectors. These collections can be worth real money on online marketplaces, such as PlayerAuctions, but be cautious! Selling Fortnite accounts violates the game's rules.

Exclusive Deals and Rare Finds

Partnerships with brands like Samsung and Honor create unique, expensive skins like Galaxy and Honor Guard. These high costs and uncommon access through promotions or specific purchases make them rare.

Iconic Skins and Rarity

Some rare skins have interesting stories. The Reaper, resembling John Wick, is rarer than the official John Wick skin because it hasn't returned since Season 3.

Finding Rare Skins

Research and compare skins to discover ones you like and that showcase your dedication as a player. Remember, buying and selling Fortnite accounts is against the rules.

The Takeaway

Limited availability, high costs, and exclusive deals all contribute to a skin's rarity. If you seek to stand out, explore the vast collection of Fortnite skins and choose the ones that reflect your style.

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