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What Happened to Stakester? Why Did It Fail?

Let's take a look at the rise and fall of this gaming platform

what happened to the gaming platform stakester

If the name Stakester rings a bell, you are undoubtedly among the elite bunch of online gamers and competitive enthusiasts who thrived on its unique platform. For those of you who may be wondering, "What in the world is Stakester?", let's take a trip down memory lane. 

Born in the fiery depths of the online gaming sphere, Stakester was an innovative gaming platform that dared to imagine a world where fun met serious competition, where not just pride, but serious stakes were up for grabs. 

In essence, Stakester aimed to inject a high-octane dose of exhilaration into online gaming by enabling players to compete against each other with real stakes. The tagline? 'Play your game. Set your stakes. Prove your skill.'

  • Play your game: Stakester offered a realm where players could pick and play from a wide array of popular games.
  • Set your stakes: This is where things escalated. Stakester allowed competitors to set stakes on the outcome of their games!
  • Prove your skill: As you might guess, winners walked away not only with their heads held high but also with seriously enticing rewards. Talk about sweet victories!

What Really Happened To Stakester?

Ever pondered on what really transpired with Stakester? The online platform that hosted a plethora of esports games, enabling players to bet and compete for a shot at glory and better gaming equipment? And who also got a 2.7 million dollar funding. The answer might be more complex than you'd suspect. 

Stakester, once an energetic competitor in the world of esports, unfortunately, couldn't maintain its footing. The highly competitive nature of esports was a major factor in Stakester's downfall. The stakes were high, the competition fierce, but seemingly, Stakester just couldn't keep pace. 

Skill based wagering is competitive

And sadly, Stakester fell short. It didn't bring anything groundbreaking or innovative to the table that could justify its position among bigger, well-established platforms. It remained a follower rather than a leader, and in a fast-moving industry like esports, that lack of innovation can often lead to a grim endpoint. 

  • Failed To Differentiate: Stakester didn't manage to separate itself from the crowd. Whereas successful platforms developed unique selling points to stand out, Stakester just felt like another face in the crowd.
  • Lackadaisical User Experience: Stakester's user interface was criticised for being clunky and unpolished. A platform that doesn't provide a seamless user experience can create frustration, leading to user churn.
  • Weak Marketing Strategy: Their marketing strategy did not strengthen Stakester's place in the esports sector. A strong marketing strategy is crucial for capturing and holding the players' attention in this frenetic digital age.

All these reasons and more led to the downfall of Stakester. Bear in mind it's not about celebrating the failure of a competitor, but rather, offering a critical reflection on where they might have fallen short. It's a commitment to providing you with the best platform for esports entertainment and ensuring history doesn't repeat itself.

Why GameChampions is way better than Stakester

Imagine a world where you, as a gamer, can compete on your favorite games and get rewarded for your skills. That's the world both Stakester and GameChampions aim to fulfill. But let's talk about why GameChampions prevails in this epic battle of gaming platforms. 

User Experience 

The user-friendly interface of GameChampions beats Stakester hands down. While Stakester's platform was good, GameChampions is better. Navigating through the site is as effortless as enjoying your favorite video game. The intuitive design and smart algorithms let you scroll flawlessly. 

Game Versatility 

One thing about GameChampions that truly stands out from Stakester is the wide range of games it offers. Its carefully curated catalog of games spread across genres caters to every kind of gamer. Whether you're a MOBA enthusiast or a FPS aficionado, GameChampions has you covered. 

Fair Play Environment 

Now, this is where GameChampions truly shines. Their games are not just about fun, but they also ensure a fair play environment. The platform uses an advanced anti-cheat system that makes it practically impossible for anyone to break the rules, ensuring that your hard-earned victories are untainted. 

Community Building 

GameChampions focuses on building a strong community of passionate gamers. The platform hosts regular events, tournaments, and community interactions that make gamers feel like a part of a larger fraternity. Stakester, despite its efforts, could not foster this sense of camaraderie and belonging among its gamers.




User Experience



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While both platforms sought to offer an immersive gaming experience, GameChampions emerges as the clear winner. It provides not just a platform for gamers to showcase their skills but also a thriving discord community for competitive gaming. Stakester, despite its noteworthy efforts, fails to deliver the same exhilarating experience. 

Stakesters Timeline

Over the years, the online platform Stakester experienced significant ups and downs which defined its fate. It started as a revolutionary platform, only to experience an out-of-the-blue downfall—a series of unfortunate events that led to its untimely end. 

  • Early Traction: Stakester gained ground during the covid-19 pandemic by offering skill based wagering and a unique idea where gamers could make money from home
  • Series A Investment: The platform was funded by notable venture capital firms such as RTP Global
  • Esports Bubble Collapse: 2022 was a tough year for esports and many startups in gaming industry did not survive
  • Stakester shuts down: the company files for liquidation and its shareholders are left wondering where did it all go wrong

In this article, we've seen Stakester's trajectory, giving us an insight into the volatile nature of the online platform industry. We inferred lessons from their downfall to educate prospective digital entrepreneurs.

"In the esports industry, just as quickly as a platform can rise to the top, it can plummet to the bottom. It is essential to listen to community feedback and adapt to the changing landscapes."

 Overall, Stakester's legacy serves as an educational trajectory, especially for those curious to know more about the dynamics of online skill wagering platforms.

Alex Cabal from Game Champions

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