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Is Brawlhalla Cross Platform

Many gamers have been wondering if Brawlhalla offers crossplay between different platforms. Brawlhalla's success can be attributed to its innovative gameplay and cross-platform compatibility, making it a popular free-to-play fighting game developed by Blue Mammoth Games.

We'll take a look at how Brawlhalla's crossplay was initially introduced and what the current state is, as well as any potential barriers to enjoying its full cross-platform capabilities. We'll also explore some limitations within the existing game ecosystem that may be impacting your ability to fully enjoy playing Brawlhalla on different devices.

We will then shift our focus to upcoming updates for Brawlhalla's cross-progression system. You'll learn about Phase One update details including introduction of Cross Inventory and how revenue sharing rules might impact currency transferability in future versions of the game.

Finally, we’ll discuss Ubisoft Account’s role in these updates and why linking your gaming platforms to an Ubisoft Account could be crucial for leveraging full potential of true cross progression in near future. Is Brawlhalla crossplay going to get even better? Let's find out together!

Brawlhalla Crossplay Status

When it comes to fighting games, Brawlhalla is a heavyweight with over 100 million active players across various platforms. One of the explanations for its success is that it facilitates crossplay.

The Advent of Brawlhalla Cross Platform Play

In late 2023, Brawlhalla enabled cross-platform play, allowing gamers on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch to battle together seamlessly. Crossplay has not only enhanced user experience but also bolstered the game's reputation among players globally.

Now, you can challenge your friend who plays exclusively on their iPhone while you're comfortably lounging at home using your PS5 controller. Brawlhalla offers an inclusive gaming environment where platform barriers cease to exist.

Note: To enable cross-play between different platforms within Brawlhalla, go to the settings menu under 'Cross-Play' and make sure it is turned ON.

is brawlhalla crossplay in 2024

Current State of Brawlhalla Cross Progression

Brawlhalla, a game that has gained immense popularity among gamers worldwide, is known for its impressive crossplay capabilities. Despite its impressive crossplay capabilities, Brawlhalla's current cross progression ecosystem still has some room for improvement.

Limitations in Current Game Ecosystem

Players who relish gaming on multiple systems are left desiring more due to the current state of affairs. If you earn an item or achieve a milestone on one platform, unfortunately that progress does not carry over to another platform if you decide to switch devices. This means that each time you change your gaming device or platform; you essentially start from scratch.

This can be quite frustrating for players who have invested significant amounts of time and effort into earning items and reaching certain levels within the game only to find out they cannot transfer their achievements across different platforms.

Future Changes Promised by Developers

The good news is this situation will soon change according to updates from Brawlhalla developers. They've acknowledged these limitations and have promised future changes aimed at enhancing the overall player experience with regards to cross-progression.

In fact, plans are already underway towards implementing features that would allow gamers' progress made on one platform seamlessly transition onto other platforms as well. These improvements aim at ensuring consistency irrespective of which device or console a gamer chooses to play Brawlhalla on.

Upcoming Brawlhalla Cross Progression Update

Brawlhalla, the beloved fighting game with a massive following, is set to receive some exciting updates in 2023. The developers have announced two major improvements - cross inventory and specific implementation of cross-progression.

Phase One Update - Cross Inventory

The first phase will introduce the concept of cross-inventory. This feature will enable players to transfer items purchased on one platform over to other platforms where they play Brawlhalla, eliminating the need for multiple purchases. Say goodbye to buying the same item multiple times across different platforms.

This feature will bring a new level of convenience and flexibility for players who enjoy playing this epic fighter on various devices. It also eliminates the need for gamers to spend extra money buying items they already own on another platform.


  • Cross-inventory does not include currencies as these remain non-transferable due to revenue sharing rules between different platforms.
  • The introduction of cross-inventory is expected during the first half of 2023, but no official date has been confirmed yet by the developers.

Revenue Sharing Rules Impacting Currency Transferability

A significant aspect impacting cross progression in games like Brawlhalla are revenue sharing rules between different gaming platforms. As per these rules, any currency earned or purchased cannot be transferred from one platform to another. This includes gold coins, mammoth coins, or any other form of digital currency within Brawhlalla's ecosystem. (source)

Some players may find this restriction irksome; yet, it is essential to comprehend that these regulations are in place due to contracts between game developers and distinct platform vendors like Sony (PlayStation) and Microsoft (Xbox), who share profits earned through in-game purchases.

Will I Need to Link a Ubisoft Account?

In order to fully benefit from anticipated updates, it's crucial to link all gaming profiles to a single unified Ubisoft account. This provides a seamless experience while switching devices and allows you to maintain progress across them.

While it might initially seem like a bit of a tedious process, it's absolutely worth the effort considering the long-term benefits, especially when it comes to maintaining and unlocking achievements simultaneously on multiple devices.

Remember to always keep your login details safe and secure to prevent unauthorized access to personal information and possible hacking attempts.

The Gist: 

Brawlhalla is set to receive updates in 2023 that will introduce cross-inventory and specific implementation of cross-progression. The first phase will bring convenience for players who enjoy playing on various devices, while the second phase requires linking all gaming profiles to a single unified Ubisoft account for full benefits. Revenue sharing rules impact currency transferability, but linking via an Ubisoft account offers unique opportunities to earn rewards and participate in exclusive events.

FAQs About Brawlhalla Crossplay

Can PS4 and PC play Brawlhalla together?

Yes, Brawlhalla supports crossplay between PC and PlayStation 4. You can find Brawlhalla on Steam or by searching for it in the Playstation Store.

Does Brawlhalla have cross-progression?

Brawlhalla currently has partial cross-progression, with full implementation expected after the next big update as announced by Ubisoft.

Can I play Brawlhalla with friends?

Absolutely. You can enjoy multiplayer mode in Brawlhalla and play with friends across different platforms.

Brawlhalla Crossplay

PS4 and Xbox One Yes

PS5 and Xbox Series X Yes

PS4 and PS5 Yes

Xbox One and Xbox Series X Yes

PC and Console Yes

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