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Is Dead By Daylight Cross Platform

Is Dead by Daylight crossplay? This is a question many gamers globally have been pondering on. As game developers strive to create more inclusive gaming environments, the concept of daylight cross-platform play has become increasingly prevalent. In this blog post, we delve into the specifics of Dead by Daylight's crossplay functionality and its compatibility across different platforms.

We'll also explore some limitations of daylight’s crossplay feature, particularly focusing on mobile players' exclusion from joining games with console or PC counterparts. Additionally, you will learn about how to add friends across different platforms in the Dead By Daylight game.

Furthermore, this article will help differentiate between 'Cross Play' and 'Cross Progression', two terms that often confuse players when discussing if Dead by Daylight supports crossplay.

Dead by Daylight Crossplay: Can You Play with Friends on Different Platforms?

If you're a fan of survival horror games, you've probably heard of Dead by Daylight. Yes, you can play with friends on different consoles in Dead by Daylight thanks to its Crossplay feature. 

What is DBD Crossplay?

DBD crossplay is a feature that allows players on different consoles to play together. So, no matter if you're on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, or PC (Steam) - it's possible to join forces with your mates and have a blast.

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Which Platforms Support DBD Crossplay?

  • Xbox One & Series X/S: Microsoft's gaming consoles fully support DBD crossplay.
  • Nintendo Switch: Despite being less powerful than other consoles, Nintendo Switch users can still play with their friends on other platforms.
  • PlayStation 4 & 5: Sony's gaming systems also support crossplay, so you can play with your friends on Xbox, Switch, or PC.
  • PC (Steam): The PC version available via Steam allows for full crossplay participation.

With DBD crossplay, you can escape from terrifying killers or hunt down survivors with your friends, no matter which console you own. So, what are you waiting for? Join the fun and play Dead by Daylight today.

Limitations of Dead by Daylight Cross Play

Dead by Daylight (DBD) has opened up a world of possibilities for players on different consoles to interact and engage in gameplay together. However, as with any feature, the cross-play capability is not without its limitations.

The exclusion of mobile platforms in DBD's cross-play feature

One major limitation is the current exclusion of mobile platforms from DBD's crossplay functionality. Mobile platforms such as iOS and Android are currently excluded from DBD's crossplay feature, preventing users on these devices from joining games with those playing on other consoles. Behaviour Interactive have noted they are striving to make crossplay possible between different platforms, yet no timeline has been established for when this could be achieved.

Current status for iOS and Android users

However, in terms of play between iOS and Android users themselves, things look a bit brighter. As per recent updates from the game's official website, cross-platform play is now live among mobile users. So while they may not be able to participate fully in the wider world of DBD crossplay just yet, at least those gaming via their smartphones can enjoy some level of multiplatform interaction.

Another key point worth noting is that console controllers differ significantly from PC mouse-keyboard setups or touchscreen controls, which can lead to discrepancies regarding balance and fairness during matches involving mixed platform teams.

Despite these caveats, enabling DBD crossplay represents an exciting step forward within the multiplayer gaming sphere overall.

How to Add Friends on Dead By Daylight Cross Platform?

If you're a fan of the popular survival horror game, Dead by Daylight, you'll be thrilled to know that adding friends from different platforms is now possible. Thanks to DBD's crossplay feature, players can easily connect with their buddies irrespective of the gaming console they use.

Step-by-step guide to adding friends across platforms

To add your friends in Dead by Daylight, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the 'Friends' tab located at the bottom right corner of your screen to add a friend's username.
  2. Input your buddy's username into the 'Friends' tab and press enter to include them in your network.
  3. Invite them into Your Lobby: After successfully adding them as a friend, invite them into your lobby for an exciting match.

Note that while entering usernames ensure it matches exactly with their respective platform's ID including any special characters or numbers.

Enabling/disabling automatic settings for DBD's crossplay

The developers have also included an option where players can enable or disable automatic settings for DBD's crossplay feature. This means if you want only people from specific consoles joining your games; all you need do is adjust this setting accordingly. To access these options go under Settings > Controls > Cross-Platform Play.

Keep in mind though - some users might prefer not enabling this due to potential differences in gameplay experience between various devices like PCs versus consoles. Regardless of what device they're using - whether it be PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series XS, Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, iOS, Android, etc., everyone can enjoy playing together thanks to Dead By Daylight's innovative features.

Understanding Dead By Daylight's Cross Progression Feature

In the gaming world, it's crucial to know the difference between 'cross play' and 'cross progression'. While they may sound alike, they refer to different features in Dead by Daylight (DBD).

Differentiating Between 'Cross Play' vs 'Cross Progression'

'Cross play' lets gamers on different platforms play together. With crossplay enabled, you can engage in thrilling multiplayer matches against players from all over the world, regardless of whether you're playing DBD on a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One.

On the other hand, 'cross progression' allows players to transfer their game progress across various platforms. This means that if you've been playing on your Xbox and decide to switch over to PC, your character levels, unlocked perks, and more will be waiting for you there.

Current Scenario Regarding Platform-Wise Availability for Progression Transfer

Although DBD is available on all major gaming consoles, including Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5, only Steam currently support full-fledged progression transfer. Although no timeline has been announced, the developers have indicated that progression transfer will soon be available on other platforms.

This limitation may seem frustrating, especially considering how popular DBD has become since its release in 2016. Despite the potential difficulties in implementing cross-progression due to variances between platforms and possible licensing complications, progress is being made.

To stay updated about any changes concerning Dead by Daylight's cross-progression capabilities, make sure to keep checking their official website or follow them on social media channels like Twitter.

Dead by Daylight Crossplay

PS4 and Xbox One Yes

PS5 and Xbox Series X Yes

PS4 and PS5 Yes

Xbox One and Xbox Series X Yes

PC and Console Yes

Switch and PC/Console Yes

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