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Is Destiny 2 Cross Platform

Cross play has become a highly anticipated feature in the gaming industry, allowing players from different platforms to play together seamlessly. Destiny 2, a popular online multiplayer game, has recently introduced cross play, breaking barriers and bringing players together like never before.

Is Destiny 2 Cross Platform?

Fortunately, Destiny 2 provides the opportunity for players across PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms to join forces and play online together.

To enable this, players need to connect their accounts directly to their Bungie accounts. This link will unify players across platforms such as Steam, Xbox Live, and others. Although presently it's not mandatory, players will require a linked Bungie account for crossplay.

Anyone interested in utilizing crossplay should create a account and connect all relevant game accounts to it.

Bungie emphasizes inclusive gameplay across generations, which means PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X players can all participate in crossplay alongside PC players. The cross-save feature ensures progress is retained when upgrading consoles.

For Crucible combatants concerned about competing against players on other platforms, Bungie has a solution. In the Crucible, console and PC players are separated, except if PC players specifically invite their console friends to participate in PC Crucible matches.

In essence, PC players face off against PC players, while console players contend against their counterparts.

On August 24, 2021, crossplay for Destiny 2 was finally introduced alongside Season of the Lost.

How to Find my Bungie ID

To make the most of Destiny 2 Crossplay, it's crucial to know your Bungie Name. This is a distinct name tied to your Bungie account, comprising your primary platform login and a unique 4-digit numerical identifier.

To locate it, look for the login screen following the title screen or check the 'Roster' section in the Director. In the accompanying screenshot, you can observe my Bungie Name as 'Crispyleeks #2746', which is the information I'll need to share with friends playing on different platforms.

Alternatively, navigate to your Director and access the 'Roster' screen. Here, by hovering over your name on the left side of the screen, you'll find your Bungie Name.

Inviting Players Using Destiny 2 Crossplay

After successfully adding each other as Bungie Friends, navigate to the Friends list on the Director's Roster screen once more and click on their name.

From the available options, choose 'Invite to Fireteam' and await their acceptance of your invitation.

How to Turn Cross Play Off in Destiny 2

Enabling or disabling crossplay in Destiny 2 depends on the console you're using. On PlayStation, follow these steps in-game:

  • Press the Options/Menu button to access the Settings and go to the 'Gameplay' tab.
  • Look for 'Cross Play Matchmaking,' under its own Cross Play subtitle.
  • Choose 'Off' or 'On' based on your preference.

For Xbox players, crossplay must be disabled at the console level. Follow these steps:

  • Go to 'Settings' and select the 'General' tab.
  • Choose 'Online Safety & Family.'
  • Proceed to 'Privacy & Online Safety' and then 'Xbox Privacy.'
  • Select 'View Details and Customize' and then 'Communication and Multiplayer.'
  • Set 'You can join cross-network play' to "Block" and 'You can communicate outside of Xbox with voice and text' to "Block."


Cross-play in Destiny 2 allows players from different platforms to enjoy the game together. By breaking down the barriers between platforms, Destiny 2 has brought gamers from all walks of life together into a single gaming universe. It has brought forth new opportunities for players to collaborate, compete, and socialize with one another, regardless of what platform they are playing on. With the ability to turn cross-play off in Destiny 2, players have the freedom to customize their gaming experience and decide how they want to interact within the Destiny 2 universe.

Destiny 2 Crossplay

PS4 and Xbox One Yes

PS5 and Xbox Series X Yes

PS4 and PS5 Yes

Xbox One and Xbox Series X Yes

PC and Console Yes

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