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Is NHL 24 Cross Platform

NHL 24 has introduced exciting new game features, including cross play, the exhaust engine, and a brand new passing system. Lets breakdown everything there is to know about Cross Platform in the latest installment of the NHL franchise.

Is NHL 24 Cross Platform?

Yes, NHL 24 offers crossplay in Hockey Ultimate Team and World of Chel modes. Players on the same console generation can play together and against each other on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. This feature was introduced in NHL 23 and has been confirmed in the NHL 24 reveal trailer by EA Sports.

  • Crossplay allows players to compete and play with friends on the same console generation
  • Players on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S can play against each other, as well as players on PS4 and Xbox One
  • Cross-console invitations are allowed in World of Chel, meaning Xbox and PlayStation players can play together on the same team if they are in the same console generation
  • Crossplay will be available in NHL 24 when it launches on Oct 6th
  • All online World of Chel modes and Hockey Ultimate Team will feature crossplay capabilities
  • HUT leaderboards will remain console-specific, and more information about the Auction House will be provided soon
  • Crossplay increases player pools and is expected to reduce wait times for matchmaking in NHL 24

Crossplay and cross-platform interaction was a welcome addition in NHL 23, allowing players to team up and compete across the same console generation for the first time in the series. While it's great to see this feature continue in NHL 24, some players had hoped for further expansion. Currently, crossplay is limited to World of Chel modes and HUT, and it doesn't allow players on different console generations to play together. Although the inclusion of PS4 and Xbox One, as well as PS5 and Xbox Series X|S crossplay, is a significant advancement, there will still be a division among the player base.

The Importance of Cross Platform Matchmaking in NHL 24

The inclusion of crossplay in NHL 24 holds several advantages, particularly for competitive sports games. It allows a larger player pool, enhancing the opportunity for players to compete against and alongside each other. Unlike competitive shooters, where system disparities can lead to unfair advantages, this issue is less prevalent in NHL 24, resulting in fewer reasons for players to disable crossplay.

The benefits of crossplay extend beyond the ability for friends to connect and play together. It also fosters a more connected community, contributing to the game's longevity even as it nears the end of its annual life cycle. Given the expectations of players in the gaming industry today, crossplay has essentially become a standard feature, as it provides a more accessible and inclusive gaming experience.

NHL 24 gameplay changes

Exhaust Engine

With the introduction of the Exhaust Engine and other gameplay changes, NHL 24 aims to deliver a more authentic hockey experience. This new feature seeks to reward extended offensive events, while also providing a new challenge to defenders who must adapt their tactics to counter the effects of the Exhaust Engine. With the release of NHL 24, hockey fans will finally have the opportunity to enjoy a more realistic hockey experience on the gaming platform of their choice.

If players effectively maintain pressure in the attacking zone, they will activate a special ability known as "Sustained Pressure". This ability lasts for 30 seconds and weakens the defender's attributes.

This opens up more space for the attackers to exploit and enables them to create dangerous scoring opportunities.

On the defensive side, this new feature compels defenders to adapt their tactics. The Exhaust Engine affects their skating abilities and causes the goalie to endure significant fatigue.

As the goalie becomes more fatigued, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to save shots, as each attempt takes its toll on their stamina. To counteract this effect, the defensive team must

Revamped Physics-Based Contact in Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is known for its physicality, and the NHL 24 has introduced exciting new features to capture that essence. The physical system has undergone a massive revamp, bringing in a range of new controls and mechanics.

One notable addition is the ability for players to quickly shove opponents by flicking the right stick. This move allows them to create distance between themselves and their opponents, opening up chances for rapid counterattacks.

Moreover, big body checks have also been overhauled, making them a more potent tool that can significantly impact the stamina of opponents. If a player with low stamina receives a big body check, their recovery time will be greatly extended, granting a substantial advantage to the opposing player.

Defenders now have access to a hip-check button, enabling them to effectively seal off the wall when attacking players attempt to drive down the outside.

Executing big checks presents a higher risk but also offers greater rewards by creating turnover opportunities. However, it is important to connect with these checks, as missing can leave the player out of position

Changes to the NHL 24 passing system

The passing system in NHL 24 has undergone some significant modifications and has introduced several new elements.

One exciting addition in NHL 24 is the inclusion of one-touch passing. This feature allows players to swiftly transfer the puck across the rink, resulting in more potent offensive maneuvers and increased chances to score.

Final Thoughts

While NHL 24 features crossplay functionality, it would have been ideal to see improvements in the system for the upcoming game. These enhancements would be necessary to align with the standards set by the best crossplay games available. Unfortunately, EA's sports titles have often lagged behind other publishers in terms of cross platform capabilities.

NHL 24 Crossplay

PS4 and Xbox One Yes

PS5 and Xbox Series X Yes

PS4 and PS5 No

Xbox One and Xbox Series X No

PC and Console No