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League of Legends Tournaments

Bet on League of Legends Esports

Betting on League of Legends esports has surged in popularity, reflecting the explosive growth of competitive gaming. As one of the most prominent titles in the esports realm, League of Legends offers a dynamic and unpredictable environment for bettors. The wagering landscape spans various aspects of the game, including match outcomes, individual player performances, and in-game events.

Information about the World Championship

The World Championship, organized by Riot Games, is the ultimate League of Legends tournament. Since its inception in 2011, it has become the largest and most prestigious event in the game. Teams from around the world gather to compete for the championship title in this annual extravaganza. The tournament showcases top-tier gameplay and electrifying matches that captivate millions of fans worldwide.

With its immense popularity, the World Championship has solidified itself as a pinnacle of esports events. It features teams from various regions battling it out on Summoner's Rift for glory and recognition. From Hong Kong to Macau, Southeast Asia to Europe, this championship series brings together players who strive to prove their skills on an international stage.

For more details about past tournaments, participating teams, and memorable moments, you can refer to Liquipedia—a comprehensive source for all things League of Legends esports. Join us as we delve into the captivating world of League of Legends tournaments and witness the fierce competition that defines this thrilling global phenomenon.

Format of the World Championship

The League of Legends World Championship is a highly anticipated event that showcases the best teams from around the globe. The tournament follows a thrilling format, consisting of multiple stages: Play-In, Group Stage, and Knockout Stage.

Play-In Stage

The journey to become the world champion begins with the Play-In stage. This phase features teams that didn't automatically qualify for the Group Stage. These teams battle it out in a series of matches to secure their spot in the main event. The Play-In stage is divided into two rounds: the Play-In Round 1 and the Play-In Round 2.

During the first round, twelve teams are split into four groups of three. Each group plays a double round-robin format, where every team faces each other twice. The top two teams from each group advance to the next round.

In Play-In Round 2, eight remaining teams compete in a knockout format. They face off against one another in best-of-five matches until only four teams remain standing. These victorious squads earn their place in the Group Stage.

Group Stage

Once all sixteen teams have been determined, they move on to battle it out in the intense Group Stage. This stage adopts a double round-robin format where each team plays against every other team twice.

Teams compete in best-of-one matches during this stage. It's an exhilarating affair as they strategize and adapt to various opponents' playstyles while aiming for victory. Every win counts towards securing advancement to the Knockout Stage.

The top two teams from each group at the end of this stage progress further in their quest for glory while others bid farewell to their dreams of lifting the Summoner's Cup.

Knockout Stage

The Knockout Stage is where things truly heat up as only eight formidable teams remain vying for supremacy. Here, matches transition into a best-of-five format, adding an extra layer of intensity and strategy.

The teams battle it out in a single-elimination bracket, with each match becoming increasingly crucial. The victors move on to the next round while the defeated teams are eliminated from the tournament.

As the Knockout Stage progresses, tension builds, and fans witness thrilling comebacks, nail-biting moments, and epic showdowns. Only four teams manage to survive this stage and proceed to the Semifinals.

Grand Finals

The pinnacle of the World Championship is undoubtedly the Grand Finals. After weeks of fierce competition, two outstanding teams face off in an electrifying best-of-five series to determine who will be crowned as the world champion.

One unique aspect of the League of Legends World Championship is that it takes place at a different location each year. This adds an element of excitement for both players and fans alike as they get to experience new cultures and venues around the world.

Teams of World Championship

The League of Legends World Championship is the pinnacle event in the world of esports, bringing together the best teams from around the globe to compete for the coveted title. This thrilling tournament showcases the incredible skill and talent of these teams as they battle it out on the virtual battlefield. Let's take a closer look at how teams qualify for this prestigious event.

Qualification based on regional leagues' performance throughout the year

To earn a spot in the World Championship, teams must prove their worth in their respective regional leagues. Throughout the year, various leagues such as North America's LCS, Europe's LEC, China's LPL, and Korea's LCK host intense competitions where teams fight tooth and nail to secure their place in the tournament. These leagues serve as a platform for teams to showcase their skills and strategies while vying for a chance to represent their region on the international stage.

Top teams from North America, Europe, China, Korea, and other regions participate

The World Championship attracts top-tier teams from all over the world. The most dominant regions in League of Legends esports are North America (NA), Europe (EU), China (CN), and Korea (KR). These regions consistently produce powerhouse teams that have achieved great success both domestically and internationally. The presence of these formidable competitors adds an extra layer of excitement to the tournament as fans eagerly anticipate clashes between these giants.

Each region sends representatives based on their performance in regional playoffs or circuits

The journey to securing a spot at Worlds begins with each region's playoffs or circuits. After battling it out against other teams within their league, those who emerge victorious earn themselves a ticket to represent their region at Worlds. These representatives are chosen based on their exceptional performance throughout these high-stakes tournaments.

Wildcard regions also have a chance to qualify through play-in tournaments

In addition to established regions like NA, EU, CN, and KR, there are wildcard regions that have the opportunity to showcase their talent. These wildcard regions, which include areas like Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Oceania, may not have the same level of exposure as the major leagues but still possess skilled teams hungry for recognition. To secure a place at Worlds, these wildcard teams must first prove themselves in play-in tournaments where they face off against other regional champions.

The League of Legends World Championship is a grand spectacle that unites teams from all corners of the globe. Whether it's the Garena Premier League representing Taiwan or second-tier leagues making their mark on the international stage, this tournament showcases the best of the best in competitive gaming. As Riot Games continues to expand and evolve this legendary event, fans eagerly anticipate each year's gathering of elite teams ready to battle for glory and etch their names into esports history.

Broadcast Team of World Championship

The broadcast team of the League of Legends World Championship plays a crucial role in bringing the excitement and intensity of the tournament to millions of viewers worldwide. With their expertise and passion for the game, they ensure that fans have an immersive experience throughout the event.

The format of the World Championship is designed to showcase the best teams from around the globe, competing against each other in thrilling matches. It captivates viewers with its intense gameplay, strategic maneuvers, and nail-biting moments that keep you on the edge of your seat.

The teams participating in the World Championship are composed of top-tier players who have proven their skills through rigorous competitions. These talented individuals come together to form formidable lineups, representing their regions and battling for glory on a global stage.

By tuning in to watch the World Championship's broadcast, you can witness epic clashes between these elite teams firsthand. The broadcast team brings you live commentary, expert analysis, player interviews, and engaging content that enhances your viewing experience.

Whether you're a die-hard fan or new to League of Legends esports, watching the World Championship is an opportunity not to be missed. Immerse yourself in this electrifying event and join millions of passionate fans as they cheer for their favorite teams.

So mark your calendars and make sure you don't miss out on this year's edition of the League of Legends World Championship. Experience all the thrills, emotions, and unforgettable moments as history unfolds before your eyes.


These FAQs should provide you with valuable information about the League of Legends World Championship and help you navigate your way through this thrilling esports event. Enjoy watching and supporting your favorite teams!

You can watch the League of Legends World Championship through various streaming platforms such as Twitch or YouTube. Riot Games also provides official broadcasts on their website.

The dates for each year's World Championship vary but are typically held during October or November. Stay updated with official announcements from Riot Games for the exact dates.

Yes, Riot Games usually sells tickets for fans to attend the World Championship in person. Keep an eye on their official website and social media channels for ticket sale announcements.

Yes, Riot Games provides broadcasts in multiple languages to cater to a global audience. You can choose your preferred language on streaming platforms or their official website.

Yes, the League of Legends World Championship features a substantial prize pool that is contributed by various sources, including crowdfunding through in-game purchases. The prize pool continues to grow each year.

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