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Best Call of Duty Players of 2024

best cod players all time

Let’s discuss the top 10 players in the history of the Call of Duty based on clear and quantifiable data.

This ranking is based on five criteria: Major wins, Championship rings, MVP titles, being a top player in each game, and the number of games won. These factors represent not only team success but also individual skill, giving a well-rounded view of each player's consistency and longevity in the Call of Duty pro esports scene. 

Top 10 Call of Duty Players

#10: JKap jkap top 10 pro player cod

Jkap is 10th on our list with an impressive 10 career wins. Two out of those ten are Call of Duty championship victories. Over his career, he has competed and won in six different Call of Duty games. Even though he stepped down as a pro player to become a coach after 2019, he still holds the top 10 for now.

#9: aBeZy
abezy top cod player 9

Next up, in 9th place is aBeZy - a top player in the current gaming scene. With nine major victories, two championship rings, and one MVP title, aBeZy has showcased his skills in Modern Warfare, Cold War, and Modern Warfare 2, along with wins in four separate games. 

#8: Simp
simp top 10 cod player all time

Simp, who has similar accomplishments to aBeZy, is our 8th place contender. He has three MVP titles, one more than aBeZy. 

#7: Octane
octane top 10 cod players

The 7th position belongs to Octane. Although retired, he prided in ten major wins, one championship ring, four MVPs, and victories across six different games. Congrats to Octane on his career and retirement. 

ACHES patrick pro player cod

In 6th place is Pat "ACHES." He has 17 career wins, of which two are world championships. Additionally, he's a top player in MW2, Black Ops 1, Black Ops 2, and COD Ghosts and has won across four different titles. 

#5: Clayster
clayster esports pro top 10 call of duty

Moving into the top 5, we have Clayster. This legendary player has nineteen wins, three championship rings, an MVP title, and victories across six separate games. As the oldest active player in the Call of Duty league, we are excited to see him compete next year. 

#4: FormaL
formal pro cod player

Just ahead of Clayster, at number 4, is Formal. With 23 major wins, a championship ring, four MVPs, and wins across six games, he also holds the distinction of achieving one of the highest peak performances in Call of Duty history. 

#3: Karma
karma one of the best cod players all time

The third-best player, in my view, is Karma. His track record includes 24 major wins, three championship rings, three MVPs, and victories across six different games. He is unquestionably one of the greatest players in Call of Duty history. 

#2: Scump
scrump number 2 cod player

Nearing the end of the list, we have Scump in the silver position. With 30 major wins, he is the second-highest winner of any player. However, he has just one championship ring and one official MVP title. He was a top performer in seven games and won across 10 different Call of Duty games. We were sad to see him retire recently, but there's no doubt about his contribution to the sport. 

#1: Crimsix
crimsix the best cod player all time

At the top of our list, is Crimsix, with 37 victories, the highest in Call of Duty history. He also boasts three rings, two MVPs, and wins in eight different games. With such a record, it's no surprise that he tops the list. 

Stay tuned for rank updates, because things tend to move fast in the esports scene.

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