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The 10 Essential CS2 Knife Commands

CS2 knives add a unique dimension to close-quarters combat. While they can't be directly purchased in-game, winning matches offers a small chance of earning them as a reward. Alternatively, they can be expensive purchases from other players through legitimate marketplaces.

10 Essential CS2 Knife Commands

CS2 console commands got your back for close-quarter chaos, here are 10 essential CS2 knife commands you should know:

1. Bayonet - a classic military-style combat knife designed for stabbing and slashing.

subclass_create 500


2. Classic Knife - hunting or utility knife with a focus on practicality

subclass_create 503


3. Flip Knife - allows for a fast stabbing motion.

subclass_create 505


4. Gut Knife - visually intimidating in a more aggressive playstyle to overwhelm the enemy with a quick slash

subclass_create 506


5. Karambit - has a curved blade designed for slashing.

subclass_create 507


6. M9 Bayonet - has a smooth and stylish in-game animation for equipping, inspecting, and dropping the knife, making it a popular choice for players.

subclass_create 508


7. Huntsman Knife- Tanto point blade for piercing, visually robust and appealing. 

subclass_create 509


8. Falchion Knife - based on a historical weapon with a single-edged, slightly curved blade.

subclass_create 512


9. Bowie Knife -  large, heavy knife designed for chopping and heavy work

subclass_create 514


10. Butterfly Knife -a.k.a Balisong, has two halves that swing open to reveal the blade for flashy opening and closing animations.

subclass_create 515

How to Test Knives for Free in Counter-Strike 2

You can test knives for free using the developer console. However, you must enable it first before testing. Here's how to turn on the Developer Console for CS2 Knife Testing:

  • Open the Settings menu in CS2.
  • Go to the "Game" section.
  • Find the setting "Enable Developer Console (~)".
  • Make sure it's set to "Yes".

Mastering Knife Basics in CS2

CS2 knife commands won't work by simply aiming at a dropped knife. They require a little setup and some console commands to activate. Here's how to use them:

Important Note: These commands only work on offline servers or with cheats enabled (which can get you banned on online servers).

  1. Enable cheats and dropping knives:

    • Open the console (usually ~ key).
    • Type sv_cheats 1 and press enter.
    • Type mp_drop_knife_enable 1 and press enter.
  2. Drop your current knife:

    • Press the G key to drop your equipped weapon, which will be your knife.
  3. Use the knife command:

    • Open the console again.
    • Type subclass_create <number> where <number> corresponds to the knife you want from your list (e.g., subclass_create 500 for a bayonet).
    • Press enter.
  4. Pick up the new knife:

    • A new knife will appear where you dropped your old one. Simply walk over it to pick it up.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

Understanding how to use your knife effectively is essential in close-quarters combat situations. To quickly equip your knife when needed, use the command use weapon_knife. Here are some other key commands to remember:

  • Basic Knife Attacks- Perform a standard knife attack with attack and use attack2 for a secondary attack if your knife has one.
  • Switching Weapons- Quickly switch back to your previous weapon after using your knife with lastweapon.
  • Dropping Your Weapon- If you need to switch to another weapon quickly, you can drop your current weapon (including your knife) with drop.

These commands are most useful for understanding knife mechanics in practice with bots. You won't be using console commands to get specific knives in online matches.


Now that you are aware of the CS2 knife commands, you can explore different knife mechanics and hone your close-quarters combat skills. Note that you need console commands for testing knives to work only in offline practice with bots. To own a knife for online play, you'll need to earn it in-game or purchase one from another player through a legitimate marketplace.

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