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All GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes for Mobile (Netflix, Android, iOS)

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Embrace a thrilling journey through the underworld of GTA San Andreas, as we unveil the secrets of cheat codes across various platforms, including Android, iOS, and the unique Netflix edition. With the recent release of GTA San Andreas on the Netflix Games tab, players now have the option to plunge into a slightly modified version of the classic game that comes complete with bug fixes and a new convenient cheat code menu to apply the cheats through.

In the past, Android users needed to grapple with cumbersome third-party keyboard apps to input cheat codes. Now, you can effortlessly enter these codes via the options menu. Similarly, iOS users previously left out of the cheat code fun can now participate, thanks to the new Netflix version. 

How to Enter Cheat codes in GTA San Andreas Netflix Mobile iOS Android

It's time to unlock an exciting new world of gaming possibilities. So, let's dive in and explore the exhilarating world of cheat codes in GTA San Andreas.

GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes

Here's a compilation of GTA San Andreas cheat codes that you can utilize on your Android or iOS with the Netflix edition: 

Health, Armor, and Money Cheats

INEEDSOMEHELP: Provides full health, armor, and $250,000 cash.

GOODBYECRUELWORLD: Instantly causes the player character to commit suicide.

Weapon Cheats

THUGSARMOURY: Grants Weapon Set #1.

PROFESSIONALSKIT: Grants Weapon Set #2.

NUTTERSTOYS: Grants Weapon Set #3.

FULLCLIP: Grants infinite ammo for all weapons.

Physical Attributes and Abilities

MANFROMATLANTIS: Grants infinite lung capacity.

BUFFMEUP: Increases the player character's muscle to maximum level.

WHOATEALLTHEPIES: Increases the player character's fat to maximum level.

KANGAROO: Enables the player character to perform super jumps.

STINGLIKEABEE: Gives the player character super punch ability.

LEANANDMEAN: Reduces the player character's fat and muscle to zero.

Wanted Level Cheats

TURNUPTHEHEAT: Raises the wanted level by one star.

TURNDOWNTHEHEAT: Lowers the wanted level by one star.

IDOASIPLEASE: Locks the wanted level at its current value.

Pedestrian and Traffic Cheats

SURROUNDEDBYNUTTERS: Pedestrians carry weapons.

STOPPICKINGONME: Pedestrians attack the player character.

STATEOFEMERGENCY: Triggers a riot among pedestrians.

BLUESUEDESHOES: Pedestrians dress as Elvis Presley.

NINJATOWN: Pedestrians dress as ninjas.

GHOSTTOWN: Removes pedestrians from the game world.

ALLDRIVERSARECRIMINALS: Causes aggressive driving behavior among NPCs.

Gameplay Speed and Handling

SPEEDITUP: Increases gameplay speed.

SLOWITDOWN: Decreases gameplay speed.

STICKLIKEGLUE: Improves vehicle handling.

Vehicle Cheats


FLYINGFISH: Allows boats to fly.

SPEEDFREAK: Equips all cars with nitrous.

GKPNMQ: Allows vehicles to drive on water.

Spawn Vehicle Cheats

TIMETOKICKASS: Spawns a tank.

JUMPJET: Spawns a Hydra jet.

MONSTERMASH: Spawns a monster truck.

18HOLES: Spawns a golf cart (Caddy).

VROCKPOKEY: Spawns a Hotring Racer.

Weather Cheats

DULLDULLDAY: Sets the weather to cloudy.

CANTSEEWHEREIMGOING: Sets the weather to foggy.

STAYINANDWATCHTV: Sets the weather to rainy.

SANDINMYEARS: Triggers a sandstorm.

And that concludes our comprehensive rundown of GTA San Andreas cheat codes tailored for Android, iOS, and the Netflix edition. As you immerse yourself into the spectacular world of San Andreas, these cheat codes will act as your secret weapons, adding spice to your gameplay and bringing a whole new layer of excitement to the missions. 

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