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Power Shots in FC 24: Score More Goals with this Method

Here's the Technique I used to NEVER Lose a Goal Again

While FC 24 offers a variety of shooting options, the Power Shot stands out as a devastating weapon in your arsenal. This powerful strike requires precise timing and execution. Learn how to unleash the power shot in your controller using this guide. 

How to Do the Power Shot in FC 24

The Power Shot isn't just for long-range specialists! While players with strong shooting stats and a knack for scoring from afar will certainly benefit from mastering this technique, its potential extends beyond specific player types. Here's how you can unlock this devastating weapon in your arsenal:


Hold R1 + L1, then press O (shoot)


Hold RB + LB, then press B (shoot)


Hold the Left Shift, press D, and Left Click (shoot)

scoring with power shot in fc 24

Tips for a Perfect Power Shot

A power shot creates a great scoring opportunity when executed well. Apart from the button controls, you need to learn a few tips to achieve this coveted shot:

  • Master the Timing. A Power Shot has a slight windup animation. Execute it when you have space and time to unleash the full power.
  • Positioning is Key. Aim for shots from around the edge of the 18-yard box for the best balance of power and accuracy.
  • Surprise is Your Ally. Don't overuse Power Shots. Mix them up with regular and Finesse Shots to keep your opponent guessing.
  • Practice Makes Perfect. Performing the Power Shot takes practice. Head to training mode and hone your aiming and timing.
  • Consider the Playstyle. The "PowerShot Plus" playstyle offers a faster and slightly more accurate Power Shot at the cost of even less aiming assistance. Experiment to find what suits you best.



The Power Shot is a powerful tool in FC 24, but it's not a one-size-fits-all solution. While mastering it can be rewarding, learning other shooting options is equally important. Ultimately, the best shot selection depends on the situation and your playing style.

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