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Thank the Bus Driver in Fortnite

how to thank the bus driver in fortnite

You're aboard the Battle Bus, soaring through the sky, decked out in your snazziest skin, and your heart’s pounding as you’re about to skydive into the island. Just another day in Fortnite, right? You may have forgotten something important and no, we’re not talking about your pickaxe, you’d never forget that. We’re talking about saying thank you to the bus driver.

How to thank the Bus Driver in Fortnite

It's pretty simple. Here’s how you can thank the bus driver on all platforms:

Platform Buttons
PC B key
PS5 and PS4 Press the Down button on your D-pad
Xbox One and Xbox Series X Press Down button on the D-pad
Nintendo Switch Press Down button on the D-pad
Mobile Look for the ‘emote’ button in the top-right corner

One thing to note is that timing is key. Make sure to thank the bus driver before jumping out of the bus. There’s no sense in doing it after you’ve taken the plunge down to the battle island.

The screenshot above shows you what buttons to press to thank the bus driver on controllers

What Does Thanking the Bus Driver Do?

Thank the bus driver will show your name in the bottom left activity box, All other players in the lobby will see that you just thanked the bus driver.

There’s no perk or buff or anything that affects your match when you thank the bus driver. 

Now you might be thinking, Why on earth would I want to thank the bus driver? Well, Fortnite isn’t just about victory royales and loot hunting. It’s a living, breathing community. A simple ‘thank you’ to the unsung hero piloting you into battle is well deserved. Plus, it's a cool little tradition that’s been ongoing in the game since 2018.

The More You Know

Ever wondered where the whole thanking the bus driver came from? Believe it or not, it does have an origin story of sorts.

It’s a little-known fact that the "Thank the Bus Driver" feature actually originated from a series of posts and memes on social media like Reddit. It all came from posts where people were questioning the behavior of expressing appreciation to bus drivers in countries like the UK. Naturally, Fortnite being the “in the know” platform that it is, it adopted the concept and turned it into a fun feature.

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