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Fortnite Tips for Getting Victory Royales

Are you struggling to get into the top 10? Do you keep getting killed the second you land? Are you being dominated in gunfights? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Game Champions, we understand that all Fortnite players at some point in their gaming careers find themselves in a dry spell; this can happen early into your playing days when you’re just starting to learn the game or much later when you’re a seasoned veteran who knows his way around the island. This is why we have come up with a handful of tips and tricks that break down the easiest way to get a Victory Royale. These guidelines are tools that if used properly will help you get over the line and secure that beautiful dub you’ve been craving.

How to Win in Fortnite by Landing in the right spot

Although it may not seem like it choosing your landing spot is one of the biggest and most important decisions you make in a game of Fortnite. The location you choose to land in can go on to affect the entire game ahead and be the factor that determines whether you place in the bottom 50 or manage to reach that illustrious Victory Royale. Landing in an area with a good concentration of chests and quality loot is vital for survival and success in the later stages of the game.

Additionally, to perform at your best you need to start landing in locations that fit your playstyle. That means avoiding the crowded Tilted-Esque locations if you’re a passive player and opting for more remote places on the map where you won’t face such stern competition right out of the gate. For those casuals who are looking to avoid early gunfights, we suggest landing in either Shattered Slabs or Lonely Labs as these places are usually uncontested and still offer a respectable amount of loot. On the other hand, Anvil Square and The Citadel are perfect landing spots for the hotshots and tryhards who desperately seek out the thrill of danger and chaos. In the end, picking the perfect landing spot can be a difficult decision especially when you consider that you only have about half a minute to choose.

Rushing vs Running

Due to the influence of Fortnite in pop culture and the overwhelming presence of pro players on Twitch, we have been corrupted with the idea that every time you encounter an enemy you have to rush them and chase the kill. Unfortunately, this is a twisted mindset that leads to many players dying unnecessary deaths while trying to emulate their favorite streamer’s playstyle. The fact is good players are smart players and smart players understand that some encounters demand patience or even a completely passive approach. There’s no shame in running or avoiding conflict in fact in cases where you find yourself low on health or sporting sub-par loot it makes perfect sense to pick flight over fight. That being said, the opposite is also true meaning that there are situations that require high-intensity rushing and a ruthless pursuit. You can’t get by being completely passive and avoiding all conflict because at some point you will be required to get a kill even if you somehow make it to the top two. Ultimately, the key is in finding a healthy balance between both extremes and understanding that different encounters call for different tactics.

Landing Headshots

This is one of those unspoken things that is so obvious that it sometimes gets overlooked. Evidently, it’s no secret that headshots deal much more damage hence why they are more difficult to pull off but often you see players get so caught up in a gunfight and in their own building that they don’t aim for the head. One trick to landing headshots with more accuracy is crouching. Crouching and remaining still while aiming down the site with your AR should give you a smaller more precise reticle and allow you to land shots more precisely. Another way to get more consistent headshots in a gunfight is to time your jumps properly. Jumping is easily one of the most common and meta strategies used in tight 1v1 skirmishes because it makes you more elusive and harder to hit while also making it easier to get the all-important headshot. The trick is to jump as your enemy is on his way down from his jump that way by the time he lands you are up in the air and your shotgun is level with his head leading to a clean and easy headshot. If you do these little things right you should notice an improvement in your aim and a more consistent headshot rate on your enemies.


Building is Fortnite’s flagship feature and the key element that separates it from all the other run-of-the-mill battle royale games on the market. From a gameplay point of view building is an essential if you want to dominate gunfights and occupy better strategic positions. To thrive and reach a higher echelon of Fortnite skill you have to learn to master and weaponize your building. That means being comfortable making instantaneous double/triple edits, tunneling at high speeds, and even boxing in your enemy. If you play on console—PS4, PS5, Xbox One or Xbox Series X— you will always be at an undeniable disadvantage compared to those gaming on a PC. That being said, by switching to the builder pro setting—which assigns different builds to different buttons on the controller—you should be able to close the gap significantly and give yourself a fighting chance against PC players. On the surface, building can seem like a simple mechanic and to many players, that’s all it is but the genius of it comes in the hidden depth and complexity of the way that you use the mechanic. There are literally infinite ways to use the building system which is why creativity is encouraged and often rewarded in-game. However, there are certain basic moves that all pros use and that need to be perfected if you want to optimize your building. The first is the double 90.

The double 90 or ‘90ing’ as it’s often referred to is the act of building vertical towers within a 90-degree tilt to gain a positional advantage. To perform a 90 you have to build a ramp, 2 walls around you within the 90-degree tilt, and crucially a floor below the ramp to give the structure extra support. Once you’ve built the first structure you’ll want to run up the ramp build two walls above you then simply jump and simultaneously build a floor and ramp below you while rotating 90 degrees. If you do this correctly then you will have successfully built a double 90 which is practical as it can be repeated infinitely to gain crucial high ground over your enemy.

Another popular trick in the pro-Fortnite community is the use of double or triple editing when ramping up. To double-edit, while ramping up you will have to build a floor and a cone at the top of the ramp you are currently running on. This may seem counterintuitive as the floor and cone block you from running any further but that’s where the double editing comes into play. First, you’ll want to edit the floor by removing either the left or right column from the edit grid—this depends on which side of the ramp you are planning to run up. Directly afterward you’ll want to do the exact same thing with the cone by editing out a column on the same side of the previous edit. If you do this correctly the path will open up and allow you to run up the ramp unobstructed. From there, you can build another ramp, floor, and cone and repeat the steps in quick succession to continue building toward your target. The advantage of this move is that it allows you to rush players at high speed while also ensuring that your back is covered from unexpected gunfire.

Obviously, these moves are not entirely necessary when playing in regular lobbies but they’re important to learn if you want to stand out from the pack or simply if you want to start competing in ranked lobbies or tournaments. The mastery comes with being able to build double 90’s and being able to double/triple edit at incredible speeds to gain a vertical advantage over your enemies. Just like with anything in life becoming really skilled takes practice and commitment. To improve your building you should try to repeat these moves in a creative lobby by yourself until they become like second nature and you’re not even thinking about which buttons you’re pressing. Ultimately, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to building in Fortnite. There are hundreds of different techniques, builds and editing moves. Click here to learn the best Fortnite building tips for console players. 


Augments are one of the big new additions to Fortnite Chapter 4. Where Warzone has perks and loadout drops Fortnite now has augments. From a gameplay standpoint, perks and augments function very similarly. Just like perks augments grant you different abilities and enhancements to help you on the battlefield. One key difference, however, is that in COD’s perks are usually decided before the match whereas augments are chosen at different intervals throughout the game.

Roughly every two and a half minutes you’ll be able to pop open the augment menu and pick between two random ones. As time goes on and the match progresses your survival is rewarded with more augments and by the endgame every player has 5 different ones equipped.

In total there are 22 augments in the game, divided into 4 different categories: combat, game changer, mobility & scouting, and looting. Picking and choosing the right augments for your playstyle and augments that compliment each other is the real trick. For passive players, we recommend pairing ‘Soaring Sprints’ with the ’Aerialist’ augment. This will make it very easy to evade conflict by chaining the high anti-gravity jumps with your deployable glider for increased mobility. On top of this, we think the ‘Bush Warrior’ ability is a must-have for anyone who likes to lay low and avoid firefights. On the flip side, if you’re more of a guns-blazing, all-out action kind of player then we suggest picking augments in the combat category. Some of the best ones include the 'Rushing Reload' augment which reloads your shotgun automatically when you’re sprinting and the 'First Assault' augment which makes the first bullet in the magazine of your AR deal bonus damage. In the end, whether you’re looking to deal more damage, find better loot or increase traversal speed the odds are there’s probably an augment out there for you all you have to do as a player is experiment and be curious.


The quality of your loot and the way your loadout is organized can decide a lot of things in a game of Fortnite ranging from the outcome of a random 1v1 to that of an entire match. When building the perfect loadout you have to keep 3 crucial things in mind. First, is the heals and specifically how many slots you assign to heals. As a good rule of thumb, we suggest having at least two slots of your inventory reserved for healing items. In this category, the chug splash is the best healing item in the game as it heals both shield and health.

The second thing to remember when building your loadout is diversity. You want to have guns for every scenario so that usually means carrying both a shotgun and an AR with the extra slot being for an SMG or a special thematic weapon like the ex-calliber rifle.

And lastly, while it isn’t a requirement you should consider saving a spot in your inventory for a wildcard item. This can be anything from the new shockwave hammer to a simple grenade. The purpose of having an item like this is so that you can be a less predictable opponent and catch your enemies off guard by using items that are not traditionally meta.


And the final tip we have for winning a game of solos in Fortnite Chapter 4 is to be adaptable. It’s vital that as a player you learn to be flexible and adapt quickly to the new chapter and the inevitable changes that come with it. There will always be a new meta, a new best weapon, and a new hotspot for loot. Trying to resist the changes and applying all your old strategies will only get you killed more often. It’s important that you embrace the new weapons, locations, and mechanics. For Chapter 4 that means getting comfortable using the shockwave hammer and bouncing around the map, learning which augments complement your playstyle, and finding the best landing spots on the map.

How to Win a Match in Fortnite and Make Money

And that concludes our guide for how to win a solos match in Fortnite. If you follow these tips closely and improve the weak areas of your game then you are guaranteed to start ranking higher in solos matches and eventually clinch a well-merited Victory Royale. Once you’ve applied these tips and you feel confident with your skill level that’s when you can start playing Fortnite for money. This doesn’t have to be through the traditional Esports route which takes years of training and a crazy amount of talent. In fact, there are many ways to earn money playing Fortnite. One such method is to play online on skill gaming sites. Here at Game Champions, we offer gamers the opportunity to play FREE Fortnite tournaments for money. We are one of the only online platforms that host free Fortnite tournaments where players can jump right into the action without having to deposit into the site. This option is perfect for casual players because it’s completely risk-free and it gives you a good chance at winning crazy cash prizes. And here’s the best part, you don’t even have to be in 1st place to clinch a share of the amazing jackpot prize. All players who manage to rank within the first 50 spots on the leaderboard are rewarded with cash prizes that correspond with their placement. And if you’re turned off by the idea of competing against others then we have the perfect alternative. UPLAY is a unique game mode we created that allows Fortnite players to bet on their own performance. This works through a complex AI-driven algorithm that uses your past match history and ranking on our site to calculate odds for different elimination targets. Other than the independent nature of the mode the best part is that you are completely free to set your own targets. If you’re feeling confident and you’re on a hot streak then you can bet that you will get over 7 kills and if the opposite is true then you can easily go for one of the lower elimination targets such as 1 or 2. With bet on yourself, the freedom is yours. The freedom to set your own goals. The freedom to immerse yourself in our online community. And, the freedom to play your favorite battle royale game for money.

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