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Best Ways to Make Money with Fortnite

For years, there has been a stigma around gaming which has stunted the industry and prevented it from being respected and properly understood. Society has often considered video games distractions and the enemy of productivity. However, the world failed to see the passion and love in the community, both from game developers and gamers. Nowadays, gamers can turn that passion into realistic and lucrative modern careers. The rise of Esports has effectively cast a new light on the idea of gaming for money.

Esports are the number one example of a promising career opportunity in the gaming field, but many more fly under the radar. In 2022, playing video games and earning money is no longer a childhood delusion, but for some, it’s a serious and reliable source of income. 

Making money in the videogame industry depends largely on which game you set your sights on. The games that offer the most opportunities are those with wide mainstream appeal, high interactivity numbers from a player and viewership point of view and a competitive online dimension. Fortnite is one of the few games out there that checks off all these boxes, which makes it one of the likeliest suitors to facilitate a booming job market. Since its launch in 2017, Fortnite has been a commercial slam-dunk, evidenced by its record active players and relentless onslaught of content updates. Fortnite developers Epic Games are responsible for bringing about the recent rise of battle-royale videogames and pioneering the battle-pass model, which has since revolutionized the industry.

It’s not an overstatement to call Fortnite one of our generation's most influential video games. Its influence and astronomical success have transformed the game into a pop-culture icon and elevated it from a genre-defining title to a globally recognized brand. The result has been a broad job market built around the game, which gives fans different avenues through which they can make money interacting with and playing the game. Today in 2022, there are many ways to be profitable with Fortnite online. 

Fortnite World Cup 

Before anything, we think it’s only right to address the elephant in the room. If you follow Fortnite or are involved in the online gaming community, you will probably have heard of the Fortnite World Cup at some point. The Fortnite World Cup is a public tournament event hosted by the game’s developers Epic Games. Parallel to the game’s success, the Fortnite World Cup has grown in scope over recent years and become a unifying event in the gaming community.

The competition’s meteoric rise in popularity is down to two key elements: free public access and insane prize pools. For starters, the fact that it’s free for all Fortnite players already makes it enticing and allows for diverse and fair competition. However, once you factor in the life-changing money on the line, the tournament becomes utterly unmissable both from a playing and viewing perspective. By life-changing money, we’re talking about millions of dollars. The last Fortnite World Cup hosted in 2019 had a prize pool of approximately 30 million U.S. dollars divided amongst the winners and finalists of the two tournaments—the competition is separated into solos and duos brackets. Finalists each received a share of the prize pot amounting to 50k, while the winner went home with 3 million USD. So when the question is asked: can I make money playing Fortnite? The answer is a resounding yes!

By reaching the finals alone, you can make 50,000 bucks and put your life on an entirely different path. The finals are an in-person, 6-hour Fortnite showdown with 100 world’s greatest players and tens of thousands of onlooking fans crammed into a major American stadium. Just reaching this stage is extremely challenging because it means beating out millions of other players—in 2019, 40 million people signed up to participate in the World Cup.

Anyone who’s ever played or watched competitive Fortnite will know how difficult that is, considering the margins for error are so small. You can easily be punished for making one wrong move. The fact is the Fortnite World Cup is both incredibly draining and ruthlessly competitive. Due to the nature of the tournament’s prize, the competition is always fierce and becomes progressively harder as you fight your way through the rounds. Being on the world stage and competing for millions in prize money means that players perform at their highest level and never slow down. Maintaining this insensitivity through each stage of the tournament, which lasts a total of 10 weeks, requires strong mental resolve, which needs to be trained and consistently worked on.

Bugha—one of the highest-ranked Fortnite players in the world and the winner of the 2019 Fortnite World Cup—told ESPN Esports:

my regiment is pretty much, wake up every day […] I get on, for about 30 minutes I warm up my hands, after that, I do some videos hang out with some friends on call, go over some strategies, and from then on I do professional scrimmages [for 6-7 hours] where I compete against the top players in the world and improve”.

This isn’t just playing games for the fun of it or to kill time this is a profession, a craft that has to be refined and practiced every day. In the end, to become a pro-Fortnite player and compete in the World Cup you need raw talent, commitment to the grind and most notably the ability to perform under pressure. If you have all these qualities then with a little luck you could be next in line to follow in the shoes of other Fortnite legends such as Bugha, TFUE and Mongraal. But if you prefer to enjoy the game in a casual capacity then keep reading to find out the other ways that you can make money playing Fortnite. 

Free Tournaments

This is probably the easiest and most relaxed way to make a quick buck playing Fortnite. There are a handful of websites which allow gamers to play their favourite online video games and compete for money, we call these skill-gaming platforms. Of these platforms, Game Champions is one of the few that hosts free Fortnite tournaments where players can jump right into the action without having to deposit into the site. Again, this option is perfect for casual players because it’s completely risk-free and it gives you a pretty good chance at winning money.

And here’s the best part, you don’t even have to be in 1st place to clinch a share of the amazing jackpot prize. In fact, all players who manage to rank within the first 50 places on the tournament leaderboard are rewarded with cash prizes that correspond with their placement. In these tournaments, you join an open league and battle against other Fortnite aficionados for the top spots on the leaderboard. Every day, you compete for points in head-to-head Fortnite matches and by the end of the established time limit, the players ranked in the top 15 positions on the leaderboard receive a variety of fantastic cash prizes.

The free-to-play element is what sets us apart from other platforms. We think it’s important to give users a chance to learn the ropes on our site and get a feel for the tournament before depositing any of their hard-earned money. From a player perspective, this translates to a zero-risk environment where you can sit back and simply enjoy gaming while also getting to experience the thrill of competitive tournament play. Our tournaments are open to everyone. You don’t have to be on an Esports team or be a Fortnite World Cup finalist. Game Champions welcomes Fortnite players of every skill level and competence. All you need to start playing is a console (Xbox or Playstation), a reliable internet/ethernet connection, and a Game Champions account. So, what are you waiting for? Join Fortnite Tournaments

Become a Twitch streamer

Gaming accounts for 55% of all the streaming that occurs on Twitch, making it one of the most dominant genres on the platform. Of these games, Fortnite is the 4th highest streamed videogame on the platform, with 429 average live channels and around 300,000 total broadcasters dedicated to delivering Fortnite-based content. What sets Fortnite apart from other Twitch games is that its streaming scene is populated by some of the biggest names in the content creator/influencer landscape.

Players like Tfue, Mongraal and Ninja are examples of people who have outgrown the 'streamer' label and become self-reliant internet sensations either due to their outrageous skill, captivating personality or a combination of both. Many of these players used minor Esports careers or the spark of a growing YouTube channel to springboard their brand into stratospheric streaming success.

Unsurprisingly, streaming success of this calibre leads to incredible paychecks and a greater wealth of financial opportunities, such as brand deals, sponsorships and paid subscription tiers. Tfue, who is ranked as the 8th highest Twitch earner of 2022 and has a net worth of 8 million dollars and Ninja—who earns approximately 100,000 per month from Twitch alone—are the prime examples of how profitable streaming Fortnite content can be. Together, they've shown everyone that streaming is a viable career path, and they've given every aspiring gamer a new path to realize that old childhood dream of playing video games for money. 

That said, it's still important to clarify the distinction between an average streamer and one of these mega streamers. Ultimately, the examples we mentioned are two of the most well-established and successful Fortnite streamers in the industry, and it should go without saying that they didn't build their empire overnight. It took them years of hard work and commitment to the medium to reach the heights that they reached and to become bona fide gaming icons. And while it's good to dream and believe that anything is possible, starting out on Twitch for most people means being a low-level streamer and earning anywhere from 25-130 dollars per month. In fact, a survey consisting of 5000 small streamers found that 76% claimed they were yet to reach Twitch's $100 minimum payout threshold. This is because of how Twitch's payment structure is set up. As a small streamer, you have three primary ways to earn money on Twitch. The first is through subscriptions.

Subscriptions are monthly payments made by the viewer as a means of supporting the creator. There are three different tiers to subscriptions: the starting level is 4.99, then there is a 9.99 option, and finally, there's the premium 24.99 package. With each tier, the subscriber is entitled to greater benefits such as exclusive emoticons, unique badges in the live chat and Ad-free viewing. On the other end, content creators receive 50% of all subscription earnings, with the other 50 going to the company. Occasionally, popular streamers will have higher rates in the 60,70 and even 80% range to incentivize them to stay on the platform.

The second way to make money streaming on Twitch is through something called Twitch bits. In a nutshell, bits are a virtual in-stream currency that viewers can buy and use as a form of "tipping" or cheering on their favourite streamer. As a creator, you earn $0.1 for each bit—100 bits is equivalent to $1—and you can cash them out once you have reached the payout threshold.

Finally, the last method of earning money on Twitch is through donations. Donations share many similarities with bits and accomplish the same purpose, but they have a different, more direct mechanism of action. Unlike bits, donations don't function through a third-party currency, meaning that the viewer doesn't have to convert his money into a foreign digital currency. Additionally, there's no need to worry about the payout threshold because donations aren't held in your Twitch account like the rest of your earnings. Instead, they go directly into your connected bank account. However, before you can do any of this and start earning money on the platform, you first have to become an official Twitch partner, which means you have to check the following boxes:

  • Have at least 7 unique broadcast days in the last 30 days
  • Have at least 500 total minutes broadcast in the last 30 days
  • Have an average of 3 concurrent viewers or more over the last 30 days
  • Have at least 50 Followers

Once you've met the specific requirements and become an official Twitch partner, you will be ready to start developing your channel and making cash. Truthfully, earning money on Twitch is not difficult, given that the platform facilitates many different pathways for viewers and fans to support the growth of small streaming channels. In the end, it comes down to a matter of expectation. As a profession, competing for the attention of other viewers in a cutthroat environment such as Twitch—which is naturally oversaturated with content and content creators—can be a rigorous and grinding ask. But, if you view it as a side hustle or a simple hobby, it can become a fun and simple way to earn a little extra cash. 

Start a Youtube channel

Of all the options on our list, starting a YouTube channel is the most traditional route to making money playing video games such as Fortnite and potentially the most lucrative. Again, if we look at the hyper-successful YouTubers of our times, it becomes clear why so many young gamers are drawn into the content creator world and try to develop their brand on this timeless platform.

In 2021 alone, YouTube superstar Mr.Beast made a spectacular total of 54 million dollars and set the record for the most money earned by a YouTuber in a calendar year. His peers Prestonplayz and Markiplier, who both run channels focused on gaming, also occupied spots in Forbes' list of the top 10 highest-earning YouTubers in 2021. Historically, video games and YouTube have always been deeply intertwined, even going back to the early days and foundation of the site in 2005. One of the oldest videos ever uploaded to YouTube—the 153rd video posted on the site—was a PS2 video which featured open-world gameplay from Rockstar's cult classic GTA San Andreas title. Since then, gaming has become a dominant genre on the YouTube scene, allowing thousands of passionate gamers to build and maintain their careers as content creators.

After its release in 2016, Fortnite quickly became one of the biggest games on YouTube. The popularity and mainstream appeal of the game helped bring the concept of competitive gaming and Esports into the limelight. Suddenly, professional gamers were ranking in the top 5 places on YouTube's Trending page. They became the heroes and role models of a new generation. Kids would try and play like their favourite YouTubers, emulate their style, and if they could, follow their path. At this time, there was no shortage of modern Fortnite YouTubers. The successful ones such as Ninja and Tfue, usually distinguished themselves by leading with their outrageous skill for the game and by having intensely captivating personalities that grabbed audiences.

Today, there are still thousands of YouTubers who upload Fortnite content, which makes standing out from the pack a considerable challenge. However, by specializing in a particular aspect or brand of content, it's possible to tap into more niche markets and narrow down the competition. To do this, you have to zero in on a specific part of the game and base entire videos and potentially entire playlists on that one premise. To get you started, here are a handful of popular video ideas that are prevalent in the Fortnite YouTube community:

  • A video on the best new places to land 
  • A video reviewing the latest season or update
  • A video that teaches tips and tricks to improve at the game 
  • A video dedicated to whacky party game modes such as prop hunt and cops and robbers
  • A video that speculates and theorizes on the release of new content

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making Fortnite-related videos. There are a million different ways you can approach it, and there is so much to explore within the game itself, so be creative. If you want to succeed in such a competitive industry as this one you have to do things differently or at least find ways to put a new spin on old recycled ideas. 

Then comes the issue of making money. Most YouTubers earn their living off ads and sponsorships. Similar to Twitch, to get ads and/or sponsorships, you need to be a partner of the platform, which you can accomplish by checking off the following requirements:

  • Acquire more than 1,000 subscribers
  • Get more than 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months
  • Have a linked Adsense account 
  • Comply with all the guidelines and policies of the YouTube Partner Program 

Once you become a YouTube partner, you will be able to display ads on your channel and start making money! After that, you can start exploring sponsorship opportunities once you've developed a reputable name for yourself in the Fortnite YouTube community and built something of a decent following. Sponsorships are the holy grail and end goal of creating a YouTube career because that's where the big bucks are made. But, to re-emphasize, this doesn't just happen overnight. It takes a strongly committed mindset and a step-by-step approach to get to where you want to be and have a sponsored YouTube channel. 

Become an Esports player

On average, the entry-level Fortnite Esports player earns around $20k per year, while those playing for big Esports organizations such as TSM, Faze, or Team Liquid have salaries worth double that amount. This income only represents the money made from their professional contracts; however, as an Esports player, a lot of your revenue comes from other sources such as sponsorships, Twitch streaming and tournament earnings. Over the last couple of years, the popularity of Esports has grown at an almost exponential rate, and Fortnite is no exception to this trend. There are hundreds of official Fortnite esports teams competing in a plethora of different tournaments, competitions and leagues during the regular season. 

To be signed by any Fortnite Esports team is a challenge but to make it into one of the prominent organizations demands an incomparable amount of talent and skill for the game. You need to practice every day and grind to improve your skills while concentrating on winning big pro tournaments regularly to be recognized and scouted by a professional team. Yes, it is that hard. But it can never hurt to try if you think you have what it takes.

Bet on Fortnite Esports Tournaments

Making money with Fortnite goes beyond just playing the game; it extends to the thrill of esports betting, turning passion into a potentially rewarding experience. Whether you're an adept player or simply a keen observer of the competitive scene, venturing into Fortnite betting can be both thrilling and potentially lucrative. Armed with an understanding of player strategies, building mechanics, and map awareness, you can make informed predictions on the outcomes of professional Fortnite tournaments. However, as with any form of betting, responsible engagement is paramount.

What sets the stage for a successful Fortnite betting experience is the choice of a reliable platform. Drawing from my extensive background in esports betting, I've delved into the world of Fortnite wagering to identify and assess the most reputable bookmakers in the field. My curated list of top Fortnite betting sites serves as a valuable resource, offering a shortcut to finding platforms known for their integrity, security, and competitive odds. By aligning your bets with a trustworthy bookmaker, you can elevate your Fortnite betting journey and participate in the excitement of this vibrant esports community.

Video Game Journalism

Becoming a videogame journalist is just another way to take your love and passion for gaming and monetize it. As a videogame journalist focused on Fortnite and other shooters, you will have to flex your creative muscles and come up with interesting, thought-provoking stories surrounding your favourite games. First, you need an idea that can be anything from straightforward recaps of new features in a game to more opinionated pieces in which you share your own personal thoughts on the game itself.

Once the idea is in place, that's when you start the research process and accumulate all the information you need to write the article. After that, you should structure your thoughts in the form of a brief outline. This will streamline the entire process and save you from getting lost and distracted throughout the writing process. And finally, from there it's just about writing and imposing your voice and personality on the work created. 

There are two routes you can take in the videogame journalist profession. The first is the freelance path, which means that you write for anyone willing to pay you fairly. This means that you work for various companies, organizations and individuals throughout the year and constantly move from one job to the next. Being a freelance writer means trading the stability and safety of a corporate job for the freedom and flexibility of your own agenda. To be successful at freelance, you need to be incredibly self-motivated, as your income will be a reflection of how many jobs you take in a given amount of time. Additionally, the underlying factor of unpredictability means that all good freelance writers have to be able to adapt and evolve. Whether this is done through censoring your language to comply with corporate policies or taking a bias stance in an article to satisfy your employer's demands. You need to be creatively flexible.

On the flip side, working for a company means you lose the flexible schedule and the freedom to write about what you want, but in return, you gain a fixed salary, the peace of mind that comes with job security and the opportunity to work your way up the ranks. As an entry-level videogame journalist, you will probably be earning around $26000 a year in the beginning, while as a freelance writer, you could earn above and also well below this figure depending on your work ethic and the state of the labour market. In the end, while these salaries may seem like peanuts compared to some of the other choices on this list, becoming a videogame journalist is probably the most attainable and stable career out of the bunch.

Play for money on GameChampions

And last but not least, there is the option of playing Fortnite tournaments for money on skill gaming sites. Skillgaming sites allow you to game for money. On these sites, you can play some of your favourite video games against other online players and bet money on the results. You won't make any ridiculous money playing on these sites, but it is worth a try. Out of all the options to make money playing Fortnite, this is probably the easiest and the one with the most lenient barrier to entry.

Anyone can play on these platforms; you don't need to be a pro, you don't need a degree, and you don't need to be committed to practice every day. The flexibility of playing on these sites makes them so enticing and appealing to players across the globe. All you need to do is register an account, deposit funds, and start betting on your own Fortnite skills.

We at Game Champions offer a straightforward and user-friendly skill gaming experience. Our site will connect you to an entire gaming community built around playing competitive Fortnite for money. Compete against random online opponents, seek to challenge your friends in 1v1 matches or enjoy our unique single-player 'bet on yourself' game mode. Finally, you have a place to settle every argument you and your friends have ever had about who the best and worst Fortnite players in the group are. Become a pro gamer online at Game Champions.

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