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Who are the Best Fortnite players in the world

Top Ranked Fortnite Pro players 2024

In recent years, Fortnite has exploded onto the Esports scene and revolutionized the gaming industry as a whole. One thing that’s always at the forefront of discussions when talking about Fortnite Esports is player rankings. Just like with any other sport in the world fans always want to know who the GOAT or the current best player is. As viewers and fans we thirst for that knowledge and we engage in fiery debates to find these things out. Here at Game Champions, we’ve taken an analytic approach to player rankings that looks at stats and real-life performances to uncover the 5 best pro-Fortnite players on the planet in 2024. This is our list:

Top 5 Best Fortnite Players in 2024

Bugha (Sentinels)

Anyone who follows competitive Fortnite has no doubt heard of Bugha and his historic performance at the very first and thus far only official Fortnite World Cup in 2019. Kyle Giersdorf AKA Bugha took the Fortnite community by storm when he brought home the coveted World Cup trophy, beating out a total of 40 million other participants. In the finals, Bugha battled it out against 100 of the world’s best Fortnite players and still managed to dominate his opponents and stand head and shoulders above the competition. His reward for winning the tournament was a whopping 3 million dollar cash prize which not only made Bugha the highest-earning Esports player off of tournament revenue but also transformed him into one of the faces of Fortnite along with fellow streamers Ninja and Tfue.

For Bugha the success of etching his name in the Fortnite history books and taking home the life-changing cash pot was not enough. Since the World Cup Bugha has shown the same hunger and drive for success in his latest tournament performances. 2022 was a big year for the 20-year-old Pennsylvania-born prodigy as he managed to win the Fortnite Champion Series—FNCS—Chapter 3 Season 1 Grand final and earned 3rd and 2nd place finishes in the following two FNCS Grand Finals. His success in the FCS Finals was complemented by memorable performances throughout the year including his two Duos Cash Cup wins and more recently his 2nd place finish in the Elite Cup Weekly Finals in November. In the end, Bugha is showing the world that he will not be defined by a single moment and while his name may always be synonymous with the World Cup victory he’s given us plenty of reasons in 2022 to believe that his future may be even brighter than his past.

Veno (Tundra)

In 2022 Veno emerged as a rising star of the pro-Fortnite community and quickly gained public admiration for his aggressive playstyle and his impressive streak of Cash Cup wins. Veno enjoyed great success playing alongside Austrian pro ‘Aqua who is widely regarded as one of the best duos partner in the competitive Fortnite scene. These two joined forces for a few memorable tournament performances including a streak in which they won back-to-back major tournaments with one of those wins coming in an FNCS Final. Sadly, this would mark one of the last times Veno and Aqua shared the battlebus as the pair disbanded following an underwhelming cash cup results in the summer. This separation lead to the birth of perhaps the most iconic duos partnership of 2022 between Veno and Queasy.

The Veno and Queasy combination started with an incredible Cash Cup run in which the pair placed 2nd, 1st and 3rd in consecutive competitions. From there it was hard to escape the fact that Queasy and Veno were destined for greatness in the duos scene. The team finished the year with 4 Elite cups, 1 Cash Cup and one 3rd place finish in an FNCS Final. However, their most remarkable achievement wasn’t a win but instead clinching a second-place finish at the biggest competitive Fortnite event of the year: the FNCS Invitational. The invitational tournament was an international, in-person event held in North Carolina that featured all the best pros in the world playing and fighting to win a share of a 1 million dollar cash pot. In the end, Veno and Queasy took home 14% of the jackpot which amounted to a total of 140k split between the two players.

In solos, Veno was also able to prove his talent with a handful of top 10 finishes in cash cups and a respectable 7th place ranking at the LAN DreamHack Summer event.

Queasy (Galaxy Racer Esports)

Queasy who’s on the Galaxy Racer Esport’s roster is one of the top-rated EU players in the pro-Fortnite community. When it comes to Queasy vs Veno there is very little that separates the two players since the majority of their accomplishments were in duos when the pair were working as a unit. The main difference between these two outrageously skillful players is that Queasy had a slightly better solos run in 2022.

In fact, Queasy won 9 high-profile tournaments which was the highest number from anyone in the EU region. Included in those 9 tournament victories was the first FNCS Final of the year which Queasy won alongside former duos partner Hen. Overall, because of his extra tournament wins and his better solos form we have to put Queasy over Veno in our list of the top 5 Fortnite players in 2024.

Setty (Become Legends)

Coming in at number 2 is the 19-year-old Polish sensation, Setty. For those who follow pro-Fortnite Setty is a man who needs no introduction. This is a guy who won the DreamHack summer event and the FNCS Invitational, arguably the two biggest tournaments in the calendar year. That’s why Setty has gained the label of a big-stage player in the Fortnite community meaning that he thrives in high-pressure situations such as the many live events.

However, Setty was not always known for his composure and high-profile tournament antics. In fact, at the beginning of the year, Setty struggled to make an impression playing with his ex duos partner Chapix. After a string of disappointing results in early 2022 the two decided to go their own ways and the breakup set the scene for an incredible partnership between the two Polish phenomenons Setty and Kami. Together these two dominated opponents like they were nothing and won the most prestigious tournaments including the all-important FNCS Invitational. Their immediate chemistry and complimentary playstyles made them a force to be reckoned with and their win at the FNCS Invitational effectively solidified their claim as the undisputed kings of Fortnite duos. Simply put, no one was better than Setty and Kami in 2022 and that’s why we put them at number 1 and number 2 on our list.

The Best Fortnite Player in the World in 2024 is Kami

Our number one pick for the best Fortnite player in 2024 is Kami. And once again it’s a case of fine margins between two players that achieved most of their successes as a team. Out of the two, it’s difficult to know who’s the better player since they are almost inseparable in every category, and it's hard to imagine where one would be without the other. That being said Kami’s placement in solo cash cups was slightly better than Setty’s and he even managed to win a few solo tournaments which Setty did not do. In the end, Setty and Kami are nearly identical in every regard including the fact that they are both a class apart from the competition and that they are undeniably the two best current players in competitive Fortnite.

Becoming an Elite Player

Since its release in 2017, Fortnite has shaped a generation of gamers and put renewed emphasis on the idea of competitive play and organized competitions. The result has been an exponential influx in the number of Esport organizations, competitions, and most importantly players. Because of the nature of public qualifiers winning any major Fortnite tournament automatically puts you amongst the top 1% of players in the game.

However, it’s only by winning multiple major tournaments that you can be considered one of the best Fortnite players in the world on par with the players on this list. Separating yourself from the hordes of pro players is something that requires constant practice and an excellent knowledge of the game. No one gets to be a top dog without putting in the grind and the endless practice hours. If you want to learn a few tips to instantly improve your skills - check out our guide on how to win get more Fortnite Victory Royales

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