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What does KEKW actually mean?

Exploring the world of gaming lingo often leads us to fascinating discoveries. One such term that has intrigued many is 'KEKW'. But what exactly does KEKW mean? We'll uncover how a Spanish comedian inadvertently gave birth to the KEKW emote and its subsequent viral spread through meme creators. We'll also explore key contributors like AdmiralBulldog and xQc who played pivotal roles in popularizing it.

In our quest to understand what KEKW means, we'll examine the origin of 'KEK' along with the significance of the letter ‘W’. The journey doesn't end there; we'll dive into how prominent streamers have replaced traditional expressions with KEKW on Twitch and discuss variations in pronunciation as well as potential remixes.

Finally, for those eager to use this emote on Twitch, we provide simple steps for getting the KEKW emote. Plus, shed light on why it was briefly banned following an unfortunate event involving its inspiring person.

Origins of KEKW Emote

The story behind the KEKW emote is as fascinating as its widespread use in gaming communities. It all started with a viral YouTube video featuring Spanish actor and comedian Juan Joya Borja, also known as the "Spanish Laughing Guy". This video gained immense popularity due to Borja's infectious laughter.

The 'Spanish Laughing Guy' and KEKW

Borja's hearty laughter not only made him an internet sensation but also inspired meme creators worldwide. His laugh was so contagious that it eventually led to one of Twitch's most widely used emotes - KEKW.

Viral Spread through Memes

Meme creators played a significant role in spreading this unique form of expression across various platforms. Their creative use of Borja's laughing clip paved the way for KEKW to become a universal symbol for laughter among gamers on Twitch.

Who Invented KEKW?

The origins of the popular Twitch emote, KEKW, are a topic of debate among gamers. Some attribute its creation to AdmiralBulldog, a prominent Dota 2 streamer known for his humorous commentary and engaging streams.

AdmiralBulldog's Contribution

Many believe that AdmiralBulldog was the first to introduce this emote during his streaming sessions. His widespread use of KEKW helped it gain traction within gaming communities worldwide.

Role Played by xQc

In contrast, others argue that xQc, another well-known streamer with an extensive following, was responsible for bringing KEKW into mainstream usage on Twitch. Regardless of who introduced it first, there's no denying that both these influential figures have played significant roles in popularizing this unique emote across various platforms.

This ongoing discussion about the invention of KEKW highlights how integral such elements have become in shaping online gaming culture and communication styles today. Who should be given recognition for the origination of KEKW? Leave your thoughts in the remarks section.

Understanding What KEKW Means

KEKW is a slang expression that has achieved popularity in the gaming world, but what does it signify? Well, at its core, KEKW represents laughter. This explains why an image of Juan Joya Borja laughing uncontrollably was chosen for representation on Twitch.

The Origin and Meaning Behind 'KEK'

'KEK' is derived from World Of Warcraft language between opposing factions where it translates into LOL (Laugh Out Loud). It's essentially an expression of amusement used by gamers. Kek also translates to the same in Korean.

The Significance of the Letter W in 'KEKW'

The addition of the letter 'W' to create 'KEKW' further emphasizes this laughter. It's like adding extra exclamation points at the end of LOL... The more you add, the harder you're supposedly laughing.

So, when someone types KEKW during a game or live stream on Twitch, they are expressing their amusement or finding something extremely funny. Next time you see this emote popping up in your chat feed, know that someone somewhere is having a good laugh.

Popularization of the KEKW Emote on Twitch

The KEKW emote gained popularity in August 2023 when influential streamers like AdmiralBulldog and xQc started using it during their streams. This unique expression of laughter quickly caught on, with viewers and gamers alike adopting its use.

Influence of Prominent Streamers

Prominent persons in the video gaming world have a powerful sway over tendencies within the sector. AdmiralBulldog and xQc's usage of KEKW greatly contributed to its widespread adoption across various gaming platforms.

Replacing Traditional Expressions with KEKW

The rise of KEKW has seen it replace more traditional expressions such as 'LUL' and 'ROFL'. In fact, according to recent statistics from, KEKW is now among the top 15 most-used emoticons on Twitch. Its infectious nature continues to resonate with users worldwide, making it an integral part of online communication within gaming communities.

Pronunciation and Possible Remixes of KEKW

The pronunciation of 'KEKW' may vary among gamers, but it's typically pronounced as a three-syllable word - 'keh-Kuh-wah'. This unique pronunciation adds to its charm and appeal within gaming communities. Nevertheless, its usage is constantly evolving and adapting.

Variations in Pronunciation and Spelling

The beauty of online language lies in its fluidity. Depending on individual accents or personal preferences, you might hear different versions of how 'KEKW' is pronounced during streams or in videos. It can also sometimes be misspelled 'KEWK' as well. Despite these differences, the core essence remains - it symbolizes laughter and amusement.

Possible Remixes

Similar to how 'LOL' evolved into 'lulz' or 'omegalol', there are possibilities for further remixes with 'KEKW'. It's not unusual for internet jargon to alter over the years due to usage patterns. Given KEKW's popularity on platforms like Twitch and Kick, we can expect new variations to emerge soon.

How to get KEKW Emote on Twitch and Why Was It Banned?

Getting your hands on the KEKW emote on Twitch is a piece of cake. However, this popular emoticon was temporarily removed from the platform in April 2023 following the passing of Juan Joya Borja - the man whose infectious laugh inspired its creation.

Simple Steps to Acquire KEKW

To acquire this laughter-inducing emote, install a browser extension called BetterTTV (BTTV). Once installed, go to settings and enable "BetterTTV Emotes" as well as "BetterTTV GIF Emotes". You can then use KEKW by typing it into chat.

Brief Ban Post Demise of Inspiring Person

The ban on KEKW was short-lived. Despite being taken down due to respect for Borja's death, the emote made a return after some time. Today, gamers across different platforms continue using it with great enthusiasm - an ode to Borja's legacy that continues living through his infectious laughter encapsulated within KEKW.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does KEKW mean

KEKW is a popular Twitch emote used by gamers to express laughter or amusement in chat.

What is the story behind KEKW?

The KEKW emote originates from the infectious laughter of Spanish comedian Juan Joya Borja, which became a viral meme and was later turned into an emote on Twitch.

Why was KEKW temporarily removed?

Twitch temporarily removed the KEKW emoticon as a mark of respect following the passing of Juan Joya Borja.

Why is KEKW so popular?

KEKW gained popularity due to its association with prominent streamers like AdmiralBulldog and xQc who frequently use it during their live streams.

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