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Mafia 4: Gameplay, Plot & Other News

Here's the latest updates on the developments of Mafia 4 by Hangar 13

when is mafia 4 release dateImage credit: Hangar 13

Mafia is one of the most influential gaming franchises, with it even managing to give GTA a run for its money at one point. Honestly, who didn’t love the mafia fantasy the games offered, right? Well, a fourth title is in the works, but developers Hangar 13 have been keeping quite hush. 

You might be like me, and starved for information on the fourth Mafia game. Mafia 3 came out back in 2017 so it’s about time that fresh blood is added to the series. Thankfully, Mafia 4 has been confirmed, but when will it release, and what do we know about the game so far? 

Mafia 4: Expected Release Time Frame

Hanger 13 gave us Mafia: Definitive Edition back in 2020, and they’ve most likely been working  on the fourth installment since then. There had been rumors that there would be an announcement at the 2024 Summer Game Fest. Unfortunately, Hanger 13 left us hanging and didn’t make a big splash with new information. 

mafia 4 news and updatesImage credit: Hangar 13

But with how much time has passed since the last Mafia released, I would have to say that 2025 or either 2026 seems feasible. 2025 might be tough, with the release of GTA 6, so maybe Hangar 13 will want to wait until after then to release their game. 

Mafia 4 Gameplay Details Leaked

Some gameplay details have leaked online, while job postings by Hangar 13 seem to have also given away some of the key aspects that the devs have planned for Mafia players. So, let’s go over what we know. 

Potential Multiplayer

A job listing for a Senior Systems Designer gave us a few juicy details. Hangar 13 seems to have been looking for someone with experience in AAA titles, multiplayer games, and live game design. This could mean that Mafia 4 will also have some form of multiplayer mode. Of course, it’s just a guess, but I would love to have this included in the game. 

Stealth System

how the stealth system works in mafia 4Image credit: Hangar 13

A LinkedIn post was also found in which Hangar 13 was looking for both a Principal AI Designer and Lead AI Designer. According to the posting, these positions would create “engaging Stealth and Combat gameplay loops” which could hint at a stealth system. This isn’t too surprising, though, but still great to know that it will be included in the game. 

Working With Unreal Engine 5 

Another job listing from Hangar 13 has let slip that they're dabbling with Unreal Engine 5. They're on the hunt for a programmer to join their team on an unannounced multi-platform game that's still in the pre-production phase.

Given that it's quite improbable Hangar 13 is developing another AAA game alongside Mafia 4, this likely pertains to that very title. While using Unreal Engine 5 might not be shocking, it's certainly a smart move by Hangar 13.

Details To Mafia 4 Plot Leaked

plot leak in mafia IVImage credit: Hangar 13

A Kotaku report previously revealed that Mafia 4, internally referred to as "Nero," will be a prequel focusing on the ascent of the Salieri family. For those unfamiliar, Don Salieri, the Mafia boss featured in the first game, is a Sicilian immigrant who rises to power in America.

I believe that it will be structured similarly to Godfather 2, which switches between Sicily in the 1900s and America in the 1950s. This approach effectively gave viewers insight into the early life of Vito Corleone, alongside the story of his son, Michael Corleone. A similar approach in Mafia 4 would be quite interesting. 

Recently, this rumor gained more credibility when XboxEra co-founder Nick Baker, during a podcast episode, supported the claim that Mafia 4 will partially take place in Sicily, spanning the years 1890 to 1920.

While Mafia 4 is still a ways out, this game could be huge, and I hope we will get some more details on the development and release soon. 

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