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The PUBG Ranked System Explained (The Basics)

PUBG is a great Battle Royale game for both serious and casual play. PUBG’s Ranked Mode is the main attraction for a lot of players. With it, you can get a real measure of your skill and make sure you’re playing with others of a similar level to you.

The Essentials

  • PUBG's Ranked Mode offers a competitive experience, allowing players to gauge their skills and compete with others at a similar level.

  • The rank system divides players into tiers such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Grandmaster, with divisions within each tier.

  • PUBG's ranked system is segmented by game mode, squad size, and region, providing diverse competition opportunities.

Understanding the PUBG Rank System

While climbing PUBG Ranks is a bit more difficult than the CSGO ranks or Valorant ranks, in terms of both investment of time and effort, you can still get a decent rank even without absolutely owning every lobby you enter. This guide covers the PUBG ranked system, explaining how it works, what determines what tier you are in the PUBG rank system, and what you can do to improve it.

How the PUBG Rank System Works

Each new season in PUBG provides something of a soft reset to its rank system. This gives you a fresh chance to place higher in the ranked mode. At the outset, you’ll be able to play 10 different games. The outcomes of these games are going to determine what rank you’re starting in for the season.

These are the PUBG Ranks you can be placed in:

  • Bronze – Less than 1500 Points Needed.
  • Silver – 1500-1999 Points Needed.
  • Gold – 2000-2500 Points Needed.
  • Platinum – 2500-2999 Points Needed.
  • Diamond – 3000-3499 Points Needed.
  • Master – 3500+ Points Needed.
  • Grandmaster – Top 500 Players on the Ranked Ladder.

Navigating the PUBG Ranks

Each rank is divided into 5 divisions going up in descending order from 5 to 1. As soon as you get over the point mark, you will advance to the Division 5 of the next rank.

As you can probably see, the ranked system has lower amounts of points between ranks than in other games. This is because you can lose points just as easily as gaining them. This makes gradually increasing them more difficult and keeps the ranks difficult to progress through even when only 100 points are needed to climb.

Different PUBG Ranked Modes

PUBG doesn’t have one big pool for ranked players with a score that is attached to your entire account. The Ranked system is divided up by your game mode. You will have a separate score for different game modes. So playing in first or third person will mean you’ll be playing in a different ranked mode and your points or score won’t be affected in others.

Furthermore, different squad sizes have different ranked ladders as well. In all, this means the ranked system in PUBG is quite nicely divided up with a lot of different areas for you to be competing in.

Finally, different regions have different ranked queues enabled, based on what PUBG Corp. has deemed is of player interest.

  • EU: Ranked Squad (FPP)
  • KR: Ranked Squad (FPP/TPP)
  • AS: Ranked Squad (FPP/TPP)
  • SEA: Ranked Squad (TPP/FPP)
  • NA: Ranked Squad (FPP)

Strategies for Increasing Your Rank

How do you increase your rank in PUBG? There are several surefire ways to get the PUBG rank you desire. While you can't expect to get Master or Diamond in your first go-around, Platinum is fairly easily achievable if you follow these 5 simple pointers.

  1. Play on one game mode – There are separate ranked mode tiers (in some regions) for first and third person or the number of players. So, it is spread pretty thin. Playing one game mode lets you get more time in with that ranked system. You’ll have a much better chance of rising up ranks this way.

  2. Survival counts for a lot – Surviving in the game is a pretty solid way to increase your rank. This isn’t anywhere near as fast as getting a lot of kills, but it isn’t as risky since you’ll die less often. Placement points alone can easily get you into high Platinum rank. Everything above will also require getting a solid amount of kills.

  3. Play a lot of matches – This is the best way to gain in ranked mode. It rewards playing a lot more than it rewards playing well. If you keep playing games and placing in the top 10, your score is going to go up from sheer brute force.

  4. Squads are easier than Ranked Solo – Playing with a squad or even as a solo in a game filled with squads is an easier path to decent (Diamond+) ranks in PUBG. Squad play usually makes players pool together and play positionally which opens a lot of area for snakes to get easy placement points and survive late.

  5. Team Deathmatch – You know the old saying: “A team deathmatch a day, keeps potato shots away”. Indeed, playing 30 minutes of TDM each day will increase both your dueling prowess and ways to survive, which should, in turn, increase your ranked performance.

How to Improve Your PUBG Skills

In order to improve in PUBG, you shouldn’t just keep jumping onto a map and improve by failing. Matches take a while to finish, and just playing the game will have a slow curve for you to quickly improve. Instead, we propose watching official PUBG Esports streams to learn about positioning, rotations, and how to navigate the map in the most efficient way.

Furthermore, PUBG streamers like Wackyjacky101 and TGLTN provide great insight on their streams and YouTube clips for you to get some clear ways to improve inside the game. The best PUBG players also regularly stream their public matches, providing a good way of learning how different players approach different situations on the map.

Finally, the Shooting Range and Team Deathmatch are both great ways to improve your gun skill and get used to weapon spray recoils and bullet travel times.

Impact of Ranked System on Matchmaking

If you get a lot of kills or survive to be the last one standing in a game filled with people of your skill level, your PUBG rank will increase. You will have shown that you’re now better than these players. Equally, if you have a bad game, it will drop, and you will have shown you’re not as good as other players of your level, so you’ll fall down in rank. This is the obvious part.

The not so obvious part is that PUBG tries to match you with players of your skill level regardless of rank, meaning higher KDA low ranked players may end up in a lobby with high ranked players. This is further heightened by the lowering amount of Ranked players in PUBG, resulting in the system mismatching players to fill out a game lobby.

The main way to ensure you are matched with players at your level while also advancing is to consistently place among the final survivors regardless of your kill count.

The Wrap-Up

The PUBG ranking system is a multifaceted challenge, requiring a balance of survival skills, strategic gameplay, and consistency. Specialize in a game mode, prioritize survival, and engage in Team Deathmatch to improve your skills. Watching professional players and streamers can also offer valuable insights. The ranking system's matchmaking complexity ensures that skill outweighs rank, making every match a unique and exciting test of your abilities. Embrace the journey, focus on honing your skills, and rise through the PUBG ranks with confidence.

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