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Rainbow Six Mobile: Arrives in September 2024

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Rainbow Six (R6) Mobile will launch globally in September 2024, bringing Rainbow Six Siege to mobile. The planned staggered release in Canada and Mexico in 2023 was canceled. Despite the delay, the anticipation just builds up but, will it be worth it? Time will tell.

When is the Release of R6 Mobile?

While details about the specific launch date haven't been revealed yet, September is the confirmed target window for all players to join the siege. This marks a shift from the originally planned staggered release with earlier access for some regions. 

What Caused the Delay?

Ubisoft hasn't officially commented on the specific reasons behind the delay, but it's common for game developers to request additional time for various purposes.  This could involve further refinement of the mobile experience, fixing bugs, optimizing the game for different devices, or even adding more content like maps or Operators.

Why I am Excited for Rainbow Six Mobile

R6 Mobile free-to-play tactical shooter and the eighteenth installment in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Franchise. It brings the intense tactical action of Rainbow Six Siege to your fingertips. This mobile adaptation focuses on the core gameplay that fans know and love strategic 5v5 matches, destructible environments, and a diverse roster of Operators with unique gadgets and abilities.

Fans are hyped for the mobile version because it offers shorter matches and game sessions. It lets players customize the game’s controls in the HUD to fit their play style and level of comfort to play on the go. 

Rainbow Six Mobile Beta Testing

The closed beta tests were not made available globally. Ubisoft chose to test the game with a limited audience in specific regions to gather feedback and identify areas for improvement before a wider release. There were two reported phases for the closed beta tests.

Rainbow Six Closed Beta 1.0

This initial phase likely occurred sometime before June 2023. Details about this phase are scarce.

Rainbow Six Closed Beta 2.0.

This second phase ran from June 6th, 2023, to mid-July 2023, and was offered to the following countries:

  • Australia

  • Canada

  • South Korea

  • U.S

  • Mexico

  • Brazil

  • Spain

  • Philippines

  • India

  • France

  • U.K

  • Singapore

  • Germany

  • Italy

  • Japan

What are the Mobile Requirements

R6 Mobile is now available for pre-registration on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. I attached links below to the registration requirements for each platform:

IOS (iPhone and iPad) Android

Requires iOS 14.4 or iPadOS 14.4 and later and with the A12 Bionic chip or later. Rainbow Six Mobile IOS.

Download Rainbow Six IOS

If your Android device can pre-register the game, your device is compatible. Most Android devices with 4GB RAM+ can install R6 Mobile

Download Rainbow Six Android

The Verdict

The wait for Rainbow Six Mobile has gotten a bit longer, but the prospect of strategic siege action on the go is still very exciting. With Ubisoft's focus on quality, this delay could translate into a fantastic mobile adaptation that captures the essence of Rainbow Six Siege. Here's to hoping September brings a mobile siege experience!

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