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Rust Cheats And Commands To Help You Survive

These were the most useful cheat codes that I used during my latest Rust survival session

best cheat codes for rust survivalImage Credit: Facepunch Studio

Rust is one of the most popular online survival games with thousands of players. It offers players a challenging and immersive experience within a post-apocalyptic world. With it being so tough, though, there are times you might want to get things done quicker and easier, right?

This is where cheats and specific console commands can be used to make life in this post-apocalyptic wasteland a little easier. White I do not condone using cheats against other players, there are some authorized console commands you can use in Rust to help with your survival struggle. 

Console Commands In Rust

rust cheat codes list console commandsImage Credit: Facepunch Studio

You can use unauthorized cheats and hacks from third-party websites, but those are strictly prohibited in Rust. Thankfully, there are some official commands in the game you can use to help you out. 

Here is a list of all console commands that anyone can use in Rust: 

Console Command


censornudity 0

Show nudity

censornudity 1

Censor nudity


Show last 30 damage events (attacker, target, weapon, ammo, area, distance, old_hp, new_hp)

combatlog 100

Show last 100 damage events (attacker, target, weapon, ammo, area, distance, old_hp, new_hp)


Disconnect from server

fps.limit (number)

Set FPS limit

fps.limit -1

Remove FPS limit

grass.displace true

Enable grass displacement (flattens grass when stepped on)

grass.displace false

Disable grass displacement


Kill your character

Display music info (current song, intensity, next song)

perf 0

Turn off all counters

perf 1

Display FPS

perf 2

Display FPS and latency

perf 3

Display FPS, latency and RAM usage

perf 4

Display FPS, latency, RAM usage and garbage collection

perf 5

Display FPS, latency, RAM usage, garbage collection and ping

perf 6

Display FPS, latency, RAM usage, garbage collection, ping and tasks


Show ping


Quit the game

streamermode 0

Disable streamer mode

streamermode 1

Enable streamer mode

How To Use Console Commands

It’s super simple to use the console in Rust. You simply have to tap “F1” and then a window will appear. Here, players can type in their inputs. Since I’ve already given you all the commands above, you just have to choose the one you need, and then you’re good to go. 

Third-Party Cheats & Hacks: What Are The Risks?

rust third party chaet codesImage Credit: Facepunch Studio

While the above-mentioned console commands are safe and dev-approved, be super cautious about using third-party cheats and hacks like aimbots, wallhacks, ESP hacks, and resource bots. These tools can bring serious risks. 

  • Unfair Advantage: Using hacks not only ruins the fun for everyone else, but also goes against the core values of fair play in the gaming community.
  • Security Threats: Downloading cheats from unverified sources can put your computer at risk of malware, viruses, and other security threats. Stay safe and keep it clean, gamers!
  • Account Bans: Facepunch Studios, the devs behind Rust, enforce a strict anti-cheat policy, and players caught using third-party cheats risk permanent bans from the game.

You don’t want your fun to end like that, eh? So be safe and play the game fair and square, with the approved console commands at the ready to help you through a tough situation in Rust. Plus, it wouldn’t be fun to win with the help of some unfair cheats, right? 

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