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The Top 10 Earning Slot Streamers on Kick

A closer look on how much these casino streamers are raking in every month thanks to Kick

Although Kick is still a noob on the scene, it quickly became the arch-nemesis of Twitch as streamers flock in the hopes of getting paid higher since the latter's Partner Program turned out salty.

Kick has stormed onto the scene, offering streamers a haven for slots and casinos, games, music, and more. And, just this year, the all-time viewership peak of Kick was over 745,200.

So, I was intrigued by the Stake-backed streaming platform as it enticed slot streamers of various levels with a lucrative offer of a 95:5 revenue split in favor of the streamer. It seems too good but streamers are earning big time. But, who are the top-earning slot streamers on Kick? I listed them down so you can see how much they're raking.



Carlos Barrueco or Westcol is a streamer from Colombia, who is taking Kick by storm with his Spanish-language streams. He mixes things up with casino games, sports chats, and even just chatting.

Over the last month, Westcol has averaged over 40,000 viewers per stream, with a peak exceeding 154,000! His follower count has also exploded, growing by over 85,000 in just 30 days. His most-watched stream garnered a record-breaking 806,667 viewers, showcasing his ability to draw a largely Spanish-speaking audience on Kick.

While the exact figure of Westcol's total income remains undisclosed, we can estimate his potential earnings from Kick subscriptions. By taking into account the average viewership, and follower growth rate, and assuming a hypothetical subscription range of $14-$17, we can calculate an approximate monthly income range.

Considering Kick's reported 95% streamer share for subscriptions and assuming that around 5% of viewers are actively subscribed though this percentage may vary, Westcol's potential monthly earnings from Kick subscriptions could range from approximately $26,954.44 to $32,730.40.



His real name is Aaron Travis, ac7ionman is a force in poker streaming on Kick. If you can recall, ac7ionman is the streamer who went viral for revealing his Kick earnings. He reportedly made a staggering $38,000 with just 7,000 followers, showcasing the platform's potential for financial success.

While his current earnings are private, his high viewership of about 87,341 in the past month and 130,000 follower count suggest he's doing quite well for himself on Kick.



egorkreed, also known by his real name Egor Krid, is a well-known Russian slot and casino streamer on Kick. While he is primarily recognized as a famous singer and songwriter in Russia, Egor has also ventured into the world of online streaming. With his popularity, he has found success in the slot and casino genre, attracting a large following on Kick.

His Kick income may contribute to his streaming wealth but his estimated net ranges from $92.7K to $556K.



Syztmz, a Canadian streamer, is making waves on Kick, mainly focusing on blackjack, roulette, and slots in his gaming sessions. He's a dedicated streamer, putting in over 100 hours in the past month, and is attracting a loyal audience with an average of 4,480 viewers and a peak of over 38,915.

His income from Kick is not publicly available but he has earned a good fortune from streaming on different platforms and social media which has an estimated $1-2 million. 

Corinna Kopf

Corinna Kopf, a prominent social media influencer, gained attention when she became one of the first well-known female streamers to make the switch from Twitch to Kick. According to Corinna, one of the main factors that influenced her decision was the freedom offered by the streaming platform.

Kick provided her the opportunity to display a wide variety of gaming content, which ultimately resulted in a substantial following of over 99,000 devoted fans.

As one of the top slot streamers on Kick, she has successfully secured a profitable deal. However, it remains uncertain whether her compensation solely comes from her sponsorship with the online casino Stake, or if she also receives financial benefits from Kick.

Regardless, Corinna's immense popularity enables her to generate a substantial income of $680,000 to $2.3 million through these avenues, making her profile incredibly lucrative.



ClassyBeef, a popular team of slot streamers on Kick, has managed to gather an impressive following of 106,172 fans. Based in Malta, their most successful stream to date took place on January 30, 2024, attracting a peak viewership of 51,060.

Unlike individual streamers, ClassyBeef is formed by dedicated gambling enthusiasts who stream daily, from morning until late at night. Their preferred games are video slots though they occasionally mix things up by going live with some roulette wheel spins. ClassyBeef is known for its love of high-risk, high-reward games like Money Train and Dog House.

For five years, ClassyBeef has streamed for an impressive 13,500 hours and accumulated millions of views. While they have not disclosed their Kick earnings publicly, their estimated net worth sits at over $5 million. Their revenue streams include income from streaming, subscriptions, and even selling merchandise.



Andrey Burim popular by the name mellstroy271 is a 25-year-old streamer residing in Gomel, Belarus. Following his ban from Twitch, he streams on Kick with an impressive following of 452,206, and recent statistics show he has 93,697 peak viewers and an average of 50,376 viewers. His content mainly includes Slots & Casino, Just Chatting, and PUBG: Battlegrounds. This data secured his position among the top 10 streamers on the platform.

Mellstroy gained fame through controversial "trash streams" involving gambling, lavish lifestyle, and provocative behavior. His tactics include paying viewers to create memes, donating large sums to other streamers, and offering monetary rewards for specific tasks. His Kick salary was not disclosed but his net worth is reportedly at USD 7.2 million.



Cody Burnett, known as "xposed," is a highly popular Canadian slot streamer on the Kick platform. He consistently attracts an average of over 4,200 viewers on Kick, with peak streams reaching a remarkable 7,465 viewers. As a testament to his talent and charisma, his follower count is steadily climbing. In the past month alone, he has gained over 4,800 new fans, bringing his total follower count to an astounding 104,000.

Cody has secured substantial wins on popular slot games, contributing to his overall success and earnings. It is estimated that Cody, or "xposed," has accumulated a net worth of approximately $13,000,000. This impressive figure is a result of his lucrative streaming endeavors and collaborations with various brands.


Adin Ross

While Adin Ross primarily focuses on other genres, he has delved into slot streaming on Kick to cater to his massive fanbase who are intrigued by the platform and the world of slot streaming. One of his most popular stream sessions attracted an impressive peak viewership of 487,037. With a substantial following, whenever Adin Ross broadcasts slot streams, Kick sees a significant increase in viewers.

As for his income, Ross earns through various methods. Before leaving Twitch, he accidentally disclosed his astronomical earnings from the platform. According to reports, he was making a remarkable $10,000 to $99,000 an hour.



Ishmael Swartz, popularly known as Roshtein is a streamer to watch on Kick if you are into gambling. He recently moved his streams to Kick and built a massive following of over 253,000 fans.

What makes Roshtein so popular is his combination of skills at playing slots and keeping his audience engaged. Unsurprisingly, he's become one of the top earners among Kick's slot streamers. Although Roshtein has never disclosed his exact earnings, it is estimated that his net worth is a staggering $30-$40 million, considering his inclination for placing high-stakes bets of up to $1000 per spin.



Trainwreckstv or Tyler Niknam isn't your average casino streamer. He is known for his humor and antics and has been around since 2015. He built his reputation on streaming casino games in 2019 and recently co-founded Kick. His most popular stream by peak viewers was at 86,947 with a total of 287,000 followers.

Trainwreckstv's net worth is a subject of much speculation. Some estimates place it around $1.4 million, but the true figure is likely much higher, over $300 million, especially from his gambling promotions.


How Kick Pays Streamers and Makes Money for You

If you love playing slots and casinos, you can turn your skill into money by signing up with the Kick Creator Incentive Program. Kick offers a remarkable 95% revenue share for subscriptions, allowing you to retain an impressive 95% of the earnings from viewers who subscribe to your channel. This is a substantial advantage when compared to other platforms such as Twitch.

To become a Kick affiliate, one must meet minimum requirements, here's how:

  • Your channel must be clean. This means adhering to Kick's Terms of Service (TOS), Community Guidelines, and DMCA Policy.
  • Verify your channel. Once verified, you may now apply to KCIP
  • Polish your Kick Profile by adding the About section and relevant social media channels.
  • Build a loyal fanbase. Consistently pull in at least 100 viewers on average during your streams in the last 30 days.
  • Stream for at least 50 hours and hit 15 unique streaming days in the last 30 days.
  • Cultivate a vibrant community with at least 25 active subscribers
  • 500 unique chatters engaged in the past month.
  • At least 3 VODs (recorded streams) uploaded in the last 30 days
  • Aim for at least 1500 followers to be considered for KCIP

The Achievements section lets you monitor your progress toward KCIP, making it easy to see what you need to do to unlock this earning opportunity.

Will Kick Overtake Twitch?

As with any new platform, it's difficult to predict Kick's long-term success. However, its focus on streamer monetization and openness to new content categories makes it an interesting player to watch in the evolving world of online streaming.

Its close ties to Stake will likely shape its initial development, but its long-term success might hinge on its ability to diversify and cater to a broader range of viewers and streamers. If you are looking for ways how to monetize your skills, GameChampions curated all the legit online casino games you can safely, and surely win.


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