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How to Change Valorant Username: Step by Step

Outgrown your Valorant name? It happens to the best of us! Choosing a killer username is part of the fun, but sometimes you need a fresh start. Here's the good news: changing your Valorant name is easy. But there's a twist - it's your Riot ID.

When you change your Valorant name, you're changing your Riot ID which is displayed across Riot's games.

How to Change Valorant Name

To get a new Valorant name, you need to change your Riot ID through your Riot Account webpage as mentioned in the next step. Good news is that on November 20th, 2023, everyone got a free chance to change their Riot ID. Now, you can change it again for free every 90 days. Just keep that in mind for future name tweaks! 

How to Change Riot ID

The quickest way to change your Riot ID is to head over to your Riot account. The steps for changing Riot ID are the same regardless of the games you play. Follow these:

  1. Log into your Riot Account
  2. Go to the Riot ID tab. 
  3. Change your Game Name and Tagline
  4. Click Save Changes.

changing riot id on valorant

What is a Riot ID?

Your Riot ID is a unique identifier that links all your activities across Riot's game platforms. It's directly connected to your email. Changing this ID alters your in-game persona everywhere. So, if you have numerous accounts, ensure you're logged into the right one before attempting to change your Riot ID!

How to Choose Your Next Valorant Name

If you are done with the JettSetRadio#Boom and want to change it to something cooler, note that Riot Games has some special rules when changing your Valorant name. Take note of the following:

Choosing Your Riot ID:

Your Riot ID is made of two parts:

  • Game Name: This is your main username, displayed prominently in-game.
  • Tagline: This is a shorter addition to your name, appearing after a hashtag (#).

Here are the rules to keep in mind for each:

Game Name:

  • Any 3-16 letters, numbers, and symbols (alphanumeric characters).
  • Must be appropriate and not offensive.
  • Doesn't have to be unique (as long as the tagline isn't taken).


  • Any 3-5 letters, numbers, and symbols (alphanumeric characters).
  • Cannot be a region code (e.g., BR, NA, EUW). These are not available for custom taglines.
  • Must be appropriate and not offensive.

Tips for a Killer Username

The possibilities are endless, but how do you pick the perfect Valorant username? Here are some tips:

  • Embrace Your Playstyle: Reflect your favorite agent or your strengths as a player in your name. (e.g., SmokyViper, ClutchMaster)
  • Get Creative: Use wordplay, puns, or pop culture references with a twist.
  • Keep it Simple: Short and catchy names are often the most memorable.
  • Cool Abbreviations: Consider cool-sounding abbreviations or variations of your real name.

Remember the Rules!

Most importantly, choose a name that reflects your personality and makes you feel good. Have fun creating your perfect Valorant (and Riot Games) persona!

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