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Is MW3 Cross Platform

The anticipation for Call of Duty's Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) was huge, and players are eager to know if crossplay is part of this highly popular game. We will delve into the details surrounding MW3's crossplay, multiplayer gameplay, and exciting new features. Let's explore what's in store for players across different platforms.

The Essentials

  • Crossplay Support: MW3 facilitates crossplay, allowing PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC players to engage in multiplayer from the start.

  • Enhanced Community: Crossplay promotes inclusivity and community, strengthening player connections regardless of the platform.

  • Seamless Crossplay: Crossplay simplifies the gaming experience, ensuring easy connections and squad formation, transcending platform boundaries.

  • Unified Gaming: Crossplay eliminates the need for platform-specific lobbies, fostering a unified gaming environment.

  • Friends Across Platforms: Crossplay lets friends and players from different platforms team up and enjoy MW3 together.

Is MW3 Crossplay a Reality?

The world of gaming has evolved significantly, and crossplay has become a game-changer, allowing players to unite regardless of their preferred gaming platform. The question on everyone's mind is whether MW3 will embrace this trend. The answer is a resounding "yes." MW3 supports crossplay from the very beginning, ensuring that players on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC can engage in thrilling multiplayer battles together.

This feature is not new to the Call of Duty series, as it was introduced in 2019's Modern Warfare, and its inclusion in MW3 is a clear indication of its importance. Crossplay has been instrumental in the success of Warzone, enabling friends to squad up without being limited by their console preference.

mw3 crossplay in 2024

Why Does MW3 Need Crossplay?

The Call of Duty series has thrived even without crossplay, but its inclusion is a significant advantage. It brings together players on various platforms, allowing friends and family to enjoy the game without platform restrictions. Crossplay is closely linked to cross-progression, which ensures that your progress, stats, and customizations are available across platforms. In a world where Call of Duty games are interconnected with Warzone and Warzone Mobile, removing crossplay or cross-progression would be counterproductive.

MW3 Crossplay Beyond Launch

The good news is that MW3's crossplay extends to all major platforms, creating a seamless gaming experience. Whether you're on a PlayStation console, Xbox, or PC via Steam or, you can easily join your friends. To enable this, players need to create an Activision ID, which can be used to invite and connect with friends on various platforms. You can also add friends through their gamertags on other platforms, making the process straightforward and hassle-free.

Multiplayer Gameplay Details and Exciting Features

MW3 promises more than just crossplay; it introduces several gameplay enhancements and features to elevate the gaming experience. Here are some key highlights:

  • Maps: MW3 brings back the nostalgia of 16 Modern Warfare 2 maps from 2009 at launch, catering to both new and returning players. This includes 6v6 and ground war maps. Map voting also makes a triumphant return, giving players more control over their gaming experience.

  • Perk System: MW3 introduces a gear perk system, where each piece of gear (e.g., boots, gloves, helmet, vest) provides individual perks. All perks are active at the beginning of the game, eliminating the need to earn them during the match.

  • Health and Time to Kill: The game features 150 health, elongating the time to kill. Combined with returning weapons from Modern Warfare 2, this promises a longer and more strategic gaming experience.

  • Movement Mechanics: MW3 revamps movement mechanics, offering faster mantling, slide canceling, and the ability to fire immediately after sliding. The game also introduces increased tactical sprint duration, strafe speed, and ads movement, offering more dynamic gameplay.

  • New Features: MW3 introduces tactical stance, a stance between aiming down sights and hip-firing, designed for close-quarters combat. Another intriguing addition is "aftermarket parts," 3D printed weapon attachments, providing customization options throughout the seasons.

  • Zombies: While details about DMZ are still unclear, MW3 offers a PvE-only zombie mode, played on the Warzone map, with up to 24 players in a team of four. It combines elements of outbreak, DMZ, and the Treyarch zombie story, ensuring an exciting experience for fans.


In summary, MW3's crossplay feature will unite players across different platforms, ensuring an inclusive and vibrant gaming community. With a wealth of multiplayer gameplay enhancements, MW3 promises to be a thrilling addition to the Call of Duty series. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer, MW3's crossplay and exciting features are set to make this game a must-play experience for all gamers. Stay tuned for further updates and get ready to dive into the action-packed world of Modern Warfare 3.

MW3 Crossplay

PS4 and Xbox One Yes

PS5 and Xbox Series X Yes

PS4 and PS5 Yes

Xbox One and Xbox Series X Yes

PC and Console Yes

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