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Have you ever dreamed of making money by playing FIFA on your console? Well, this dream is now a reality for thousands of gamers who compete in FIFA tournaments on Game Champions. This global esports platform lets you play FIFA and win real money without even getting off the couch.

On this website, you are in control of everything! You choose who you want to play against and how much money you are willing to wager. The more money you wager the more money you will make when you win the match!

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Get Paid to Play FIFA

The time has come for you to put your FIFA skills to the test! If you have what it takes you can make tons of cash playing FIFA matches online for real money. Turn your PlayStation into a "Pay-station" and make a living from home simply by playing your favorite video games. Thousands of players are already playing video game tournaments in GameChampions the biggest online FIFA for cash community in the world. 

FIFA 23 Tournaments Online

GameChampions is the best site to play FIFA 23 tournaments and stand a chance to win amazing cash prizes. Every weekend thousands of players make money online competing in our FIFA tournament. We host a free tournament with an epic prize pool every week and we hand out thousands of dollars in prizes every season. So, what are you waiting for? Join the most expansive FIFA community and start earning your share of the epic prizes! 

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How to Get Started

You will need a console, a PSN/Xbox Live account, and a copy of FIFA 22 or FIFA 23 depending on which you prefer. You will also have to be 18 years or older to participate in online matches for money. If you can check all these boxes, then you are a prime candidate to start making money playing FIFA.

The first step is to register your Game Champions account for free by clicking here. Our site is 100% secure and entirely legal.

This web app will connect you to an entire gaming community built around playing competitive FIFA for money. Compete against random online opponents or seek to challenge your friends in 1vs1 matches. Put your money where your mouth is and settle every fiery FIFA rivalry you and your friends have ever shared.

How Matches Work

Playing an online FIFA match for money is as easy as one, two... three. Simply login into the dashboard and create or accept a 1v1 match for however much money you are willing to wager. Once both players have accepted it will automatically put you in a lobby with your opponent where you can discuss things like team selection and the match settings.

Now put your laptop/mobile phone away and power up your console. Send a friend request to your opponent on PSN or Xbox Live—his Gamertag will be indicated on the website. From there, you both join an ‘online friendlies’ FIFA match and choose your favorite team, formations, and controller settings. And off you go, play the match and compete for the prize money. If you win, you take home the pot. Check out the handy tutorial video below for a more detailed breakdown of the steps involved in making you first FIFA wager.

Can I make money from playing FIFA?

We built our platform so that all gamers could get paid to play FIFA online through fair and fun esports competitions. That why we developed Champions Draft a unique game mode where we use the difference in players' skill levels to select the teams in the pre-match lobby. This mode is a fun and innovative new way of playing FIFA on our site.


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