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Top 10 Pokémon ROM Games

These are my favorite Pokemon ROM Hacked versions that I cannot stop playing

download pokemon rom hacks

If you're a seasoned Pokémon player seeking a fresh experience, check out these these fan-modified versions of classic Pokémon games. Known as ROM hacks, these games offer new stories, improved graphics, and custom gameplay mechanics that add an exciting twist to your usual adventure.

An emulator is needed to play. For this list we recommend using the Visual Boy Advance GBA Emulator. Here's guides on how to install it on Android, iOS, Linux, Mac and Windows.

Top 10 Best Pokémon ROM Hacks in 2024

Here are our top 10 Pokémon ROM hacks that are truly worth the download:

#10: Pokemon Ash Gray ROM
pokemon rom hack ash gray version

💾Download Ash Gray

In "Pokemon Ash Gray ROM," players step into Ash Ketchum's shoes with Pikachu by their side to embark on an adventure heavily influenced by the Pokemon anime series. Following Ash's journey through a 116-event narrative path, complete with two movie events, players capture the same Pokemon as Ash and make decisions that shape the game.

This ROM hack introduces refreshed visuals with new tiles, sprites, and maps, complemented by an intuitive computer teleport system and other tools replacing traditional HMs. Besides enhancing gameplay mechanics, it ensures a well-rounded and accessible gaming experience with features such as a fast text speed, stereo sound, removable help system, and fully colored badges.

Revised game stats, deletable HM Moves, and various graphical and spelling fixes make the gameplay smoother. Experience a Pokemon adventure through Ash's perspective for a unique twist on the classic franchise!

#9: Pokemon Fire Red Multiverse ROM
pokemon fire red multiverse rom hack

💾Download Fire Red Multiverse

Pokemon Fire Red Multiverse ROM, a unique game inspired by different Pokemon fan games, enthralls players with its multiverse concept, where characters from various games unite for a common goal.

The storyline unwinds with accidental creation of Mew causing trainers from generation 1 to 7 to appear and the appearance of the legendary Pokemon, Arceus. Alongside Brendan, players confront Team Magma and Team Rocket, aiming to control Arceus. 

In this quest, you'll team up with various protagonists such as Ash Ketchum, Red, Elio, Serena, and Gold. The adventure escalates with the possibility of Arceus erasing mankind unless defeated!

The game also boasts new features including mega evolution, inclusion of all protagonists from generations 1 to 7, legendary Pokemon from various regions, Galarian forms, reusable TMs, updated graphics, a day and night system and more. Despite some known bugs, it offers regular updates to fix issues and improve gameplay. Dive into the Multiverse to discover more!

#8: Pokemon Liquid Crystal ROM
pokemon rom hacks Liquid Crystal

💾Download Liquid Crystal

Pokemon Liquid Crystal ROM is a revamped version of the initial Pokemon Crystal game from the Gameboy Color era. It preserves the original story while incorporating a slew of extra events and presenting a fresh region, the Orange Islands.

As you play, you will navigate through the core plot of Pokemon Crystal, intertwined with additional events. The game features newer adversaries and rivals, adding unexpected twists throughout the gameplay. It offers enhanced graphics, maps, music, and a day and night system.

You'll be traversing through Johto, Kanto, and the Orange Islands, experiencing genuine weather impacts based on seasons. There's also the thrill of discovering new and concealed areas.

#7: Pokemon Sword and Shield Ultimate ROM
pokemon Sword and Shield working rom hack

💾Download Sword and Shield Ultimate

Pokemon Sword and Shield Ultimate ROM manages to set a new standard for Pokemon ROMs by introducing multiple unique features and modifications. This advanced version includes Pokemon from the Galar region up to the 9th generation, a full gym challenge, and the entire Sword and Shield story encompassing the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra post-game scenarios.

In this game, conventional HM techniques are replaced with a bike system for surfing and a Corviknight system for moving around. The room for scouting Pokemon, Dexnav, and the facility to invoke Dynamax sets it apart from other ROMs. Interestingly, this game also includes Gigantimax, Mega evolution, Ultra Beasts, and Z-moves.

The game includes newly introduced Pokemon such as Hisuian Typhlosion, Decidueye, Samurott, Dipplin, and Hydrapple, and split evolution for regional variants like Exeggcute, Cubone, Koffing, and Mime jr. Despite a few bugs and missing shiny palettes, it creates a unique gaming experience with its striking features and immersive storyline. 

#6: Pokemon Elite Redux ROM
pokemon Elite Redux rom hack 2024

💾Download Elite Redux

Pokemon Elite Redux is a game that reimagines the traditional Pokemon gaming experience with a focus on challenging gameplay and diverse strategy-making choices. It provides players with the ability to deploy up to four varied skills at once, leading to an exciting blend of battle strategies.

The game has taken significant efforts to rebalance every Pokemon and trainer, ensuring an immersive gaming experience for players.

With over 100 unique abilities and a host of new moves inspired by popular hacks like Inclement Emerald and Radical Red, strategies now have a whole new dimension. Plus, eliminating tedious grinding and integrating numerous quality-of-life enhancements let players focus on the gameplay.

If you are anything like me and enjoy challenges, team-building, and combat without the endless grind, Pokemon Elite Redux promises an unrivaled Pokemon gaming journey. From brainy AI opponents to exciting rematch opportunities, rare candies for swift leveling, 100% catch rate Pokeballs, and smart level scaling, this game overhaul is sure to offer something remarkable for every Pokemon enthusiast.

#5: Pokemon Blazed Glazed ROM
best pokemon ROM Hacks Blazed Glazed

💾Download Blazed Glazed

The Pokemon Blazed Glazed ROM is a unique version modified from Pokemon Emerald. It employs an array of features and improvements, bringing you a refined gaming experience.

This hack introduces new moves from generations 4 to 6, adds fresh Pokemon into the mix, and offers stat changes for a dynamic playthrough. The alterations do not stop there; expect changes in movepools and typing, redefined wild distributions, and a complete overhaul of movesets and rosters.

#4: Pokemon Radical Red ROM
Radical Red rom hack for pokémon

💾Download Radical Red

The Pokemon Radical Red ROM hack is a gaming masterpiece combining high difficulty with added features. The hack encompasses all Pokemon up to Gen 9, introducing moves from even the latest Isle of Armor DLC.

Some details have been updated, such as sprites, mega evolutions, abilities, and reusable TMs. Hardcore changes make training and battle engagement essential due to bosses possessing max IVs with proper EV spreads, and an enforced set battle style.

The inclusion of new abilities, revamped game corners replacing coins with regular Pokecoins, and several updated features makes this ROM hack stand out. The recent addition of 'shiny hunting' code, Scarlet & Violet DLC with character customization captures the essence of the Pokemon gaming universe, making Radical Red a must-try for all Pokemon fanatics.

#3: Pokemon Gaia ROM
Gaia is one of the best ROM Hacks for Pokémon

💾Download Gaia

You will be drawn into the world of Pokemon Gaia ROM, an enthralling FireRed hack. This version invites you to explore the storied Orbtus region, once home to a flourishing civilization that was tragically lost to severe earthquakes.

As a new Pokemon trainer, Professor Redwood will call upon your courage and intellect to help him understand the increasing seismic activities that potentially threaten the Orbtus region. Reflecting diverse regions such as Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos, Pokemon Gaia ROM offers Pokemon from gen 6, mega evolutions, and an assortment of modern competitive items.

Adventures await with the physical/special split in-battle, mega evolution, updated move sets, and more. Also embedded in this wonderful gaming universe are hidden grottoes, underwater maps, secret temples, original songs, and an engaging battle marsh. Dive into this rich tapestry of gameplay and you might just save the Orbtus region from another potential catastrophe.

#2: Pokemon Unbound ROM
pokemon Unbound rom hack

💾Download Unbound

Delve into the rich history of the Borrius region with the Pokemon Unbound ROM, where you're tasked to save this region from ultimate destruction.

This ROM has a custom Gen 8 battle engine, letting you catch your favorite Pokemon from Gen 1 to Gen 8. It comes with convenient features like unlimited bag space, auto-run, daily raids, and more to make your gaming experience richer. You'll also appreciate the new HM system that eliminates the need for "HM slaves" and revel in over 50 unique songs that make up the custom OST. The ROM boasts Gen 4 graphics in the overworld and Gen 5-like interfaces, offering game difficulty ranging from Easy to Insane.

With over 75 exciting missions that can be tracked in a log, the gameplay won't get boring. Personalize your character with up to 300 different combinations of skin tones, hair colors, and outfit colors! Solve puzzles, daily events, fun mini-games, and a post-game packed with battles, legendary Pokemon and much more.

#1: Pokemon Emerald Rogue ROM
this is the best pokemon rom hack: Emerald Rogue

💾Download Emerald Rogue

Pokemon Emerald Rogue ROM provides a unique roguelike experience where your journey is reshaped with each run. Each adventure introduces procedurally selected routes, encounters, and items, with the challenge increasing as you proceed.

After navigating through a series of routes, you'll face off against a randomly chosen Gym leader with a procedurally chosen team. Between runs, you'll return to a hub area, which expands with more features as you advance in the game. This hub allows you to purchase permanent items and capture new starter Pokemon for the next adventure.

The duration of each run can vary, typically lasting between 3-4 hours. Some of the ROM's unique features include character customization, varied game config settings, hub area with unlockable amenities, and a special seeded mode for multiplayer races.

Experience mega evolution in battles, have rare encounters with legendary Pokemon, and have the ability to catch previously used Pokemon to use as starters for next runs. The game offers a quick save option but doesn't allow "save scumming."

And that concludes our list of the 10 best Pokémon ROM Hacks. With these, you have countless hours of extra gameplay in your favourite game.

Check out for more Pokémon ROM games like these!

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