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The 10 Best Valorant Teams to Watch in 2024

With continued updates, engaging game circuits like the VCT (Americas, Pacific, and EMEA), and a passionate community, Valorant shows no signs of slowing down. Its future in the world of FPS gaming remains bright and promising. The esports scene is thriving, there is no doubt about that, But which teams are the best in 2024? I spent countless hours watching and crunching the numbers of these top Valorant teams and these are my findings.

Top 10 Valorant Teams 2024

In 2024, ten powerhouse teams are making their mark, each with a unique style and hunger for victory. From seasoned veterans to rising stars, these 10 contenders are in my opinion the ones to watch.

Team  Achievements
#1 Fnatic, Europe Masters Tokyo 2023 Champions, VCT EMEA Playoffs Finalists
#2 Sentinels, North America  Masters Reykjavík 2022 Champions, VCT Champions Tour Stage 2 Champions
#3 Team Liquid, Global  VCT Champions 2023 Quarterfinalists, VCT Masters Copenhagen Champions
#4 G2 Esports, Europe  VCT Champions 2023 Runners-up, VCT Stage 3: Masters Berlin Champions
#5 Vision Strikers, South Korea  VALORANT Champions Tour Korea Stage 1 & 2 Champions
#6 DRX, South Korea VALORANT Champions Tour Korea Stage 3 Champions, VCT Champions 2023 Group Stage
#7 FULL SENSE, Japan  VALORANT Champions Tour Japan Stage 1 & 3 Champions
#8 Team Falcons, Middle East & North Africa  VALORANT Champions Tour MENA Playoffs Champions

#9 EDward Gaming, China 

VCT Masters Tokyo 5th-6th Place
#10 Made in Thailand, Southeast Asia VALORANT Champions Tour Thailand Stage 1 & 2 Champions

#10 Made in Thailand, Southeast Asia

Image Credit: Liquipedia

Made in Thailand, the pride of Southeast Asia! These guys crushed both Stage 1 and 2 of the VCT Thailand, proving they're more than just hype. I could still recall their Breeze match against XERXIA. Their coordinated Viper smokes and Jett flanks were pure magic, dismantling their opponents with precision and flair.

They might've fallen short at Champions, but I'm sure they got a glimpse of playstyles and high-pressure situations, which makes them even more dangerous now.

#9 EDward Gaming, China 

Image Credit: Edward Gaming

EDward Gaming emerged as the biggest underdog story of the 2023 season, defying expectations with their dominant run through China and thrilling performances at Masters Tokyo. 

Muggle's Viper executes were suffocating, ZmjjKK's clutch plays were heart-stopping, and the whole team moved with a synergy honed to perfection. But then, something shifted. Losses piled up, and their 5th-6th place finish felt bittersweet.

Maintaining their proven formula, this team returns for the 2024 season with the same lineup, hoping to replicate their past accomplishments.

#8 Team Falcons, Middle East & North Africa 

Image Credit: Liquipedia

Team Falcons taking home the MENA Playoff was electrifying! Watching them claw their way through the competition, especially their nail-biting victory against NASR Esports, was pure adrenaline.

They're fantastic at what they do, but expanding their strategic arsenal will make them less predictable and more adaptable. Can't wait to watch them diversify their tactics, and sharpen each player's skills. They could easily be a force to be reckoned with on the world stage. 

#7 FULL SENSE, Japan 

Image Credit: Liquipedia

Remember their Ascent match against Crazy Raccoon? Full Sense, Japan's rising stars! Let me tell you, these guys got me hyped. They crushed both Stage 1 and 3 on their home turf, showing some serious tactical prowess and impressive teamwork.

However, the international stage is a different beast, and let's be honest, their performance at Champions wasn't exactly stellar. They had their moments, but they struggled to adapt to the diverse playstyles and aggressive tempo. Maybe it was nerves or a lack of experience, but they didn't quite live up to their domestic dominance.

If they improve player skills and gain some more international experience, I have no doubt they can make some noise on the world stage.

#6 DRX, South Korea

Image Credit: Liquipedia

DRX's journey from Korean champions to global contenders is fascinating. Rb's electrifying plays keep fans on the edge of their seats. However, adapting to the diverse strategies on the international stage requires flexibility. DRX doubling down on Foxy9 is a bold move, sparking both excitement and curiosity. 

Whatever the reason, it's clear they're betting on his ability to overcome past inconsistencies and seamlessly integrate into the team's dynamic. While some might view this as a risk, others see it as a chance for Foxy9 to shine and DRX to evolve. Only time will tell if their gamble pays off, but one thing's for sure: their commitment to Foxy9 adds another layer of intrigue to their pursuit of Valorant glory.

#5 Vision Strikers, South Korea

Image Credit: Vision Strikers

I've witnessed many skilled squads, but Vision Strikers are something special. Watching them play in Korea's VCT was like witnessing a masterclass in controlled chaos. Their calculated attack, led by the tactical mastermind BuZz and the clutch king stax, was a sight to behold. What interests me is the way they support each other, covering angles and anticipating enemy movements. It's a ballet of bullets and coordinated executes, executed with the precision of a well-oiled sniper rifle

Vision Strikers may not be the loudest team, but their quiet confidence and methodical dominance speak volumes. They're a force to be reckoned with because these disciplined strikers are aiming to paint the global stage with their colors.

#4 G2 Esports, Europe

Image Credit: Liquipedia

I get a special thrill watching G2 Esports play. They won the Masters' Berlin Title and finished as runners-up at the 2023 VCT Champions! Mixwell and Neos' skills are undeniable, the kind that makes jaws drop and highlight reels explode.

They might have stumbled a few matches but this team just makes watching Valorant even more exciting. Let's just hope that their flashy maneuvers and aggressive pushes will lead them far.

#3 Team Liquid, Global

Image Credit: Liquipedia

With their strategic prowess and individual talent on full display, Team Liquid entered 2023 as clear favorites for Valorant dominance. Watching their victory over Fnatic in the EMEA League was a statement win, solidifying their position as a top contender. Disappointing results at Champions 2023 prompted Team Liquid to re-evaluate and revamp their roster.

They've brought in big guns like Enzo and Mistic, both former Fnatic players with the intent to refine their strategic approach and inject fresh ideas into the team dynamic.

While the impact of these changes remains to be seen, it's undeniable that Team Liquid is entering a new chapter. Their experience, coupled with the hunger of their recruits, creates an intriguing proposition for the upcoming season. Only time will tell if they can translate their potential into consistent success, but one thing I'm certain: Team Liquid is a team to watch.

#2 Sentinels, North America

Image Credit: Sentinels

Sentinels were once an undisputed heavyweight in the Valorant scene claiming titles like North America Masters Reykjavík 2022 Champions and VCT Champions Tour Stage 2 Champions.

Star players like TenZ and Shaiiko are like magnets. Their aggressive playstyle captivated audiences and garnered a massive fanbase. However, recent times have brought some challenges to the team and have immensely affected their performances. 

Despite these obstacles, Sentinels remains a formidable team with talented players. They actively strive to qualify in major tournaments. Seeing those new faces on the team brings a different energy and perspective that will spark the winning strategies needed.

#1 Fnatic, Europe

Image Credit: Liquipedia

Fnatic EU is one of the fiercest competitors in Valorant esports. These guys are known for their aggressive tactics, deep strategic playbook, and impressive international trophies.

Recently, they dominated at Masters Tokyo 2023 and came close to taking the top spot at the Europe VCT Champions. Watching them play is thrilling. They switch gears seamlessly, adapting to any opponent or situation. It's like they have a chessboard laid out in their minds, constantly strategizing.

The synergy between these players is undeniable, I feel like they're fighting as one unit. Derke, their duelist, is a monster on the battlefield, racking up kills like it's nobody's business. Magnum, their initiator, controls the map like a puppet master, setting up perfect plays for his team. And Chronicle, the controller, anchors sites like a rock, shutting down any attackers in their tracks.

While their European reign is impressive, the true test lies in overcoming the strategic depth and individual talent of global powerhouses. Fnatic's run at Champions 2023 ended with a placement of 13-16th, falling short of expectations.

*Note that this ranking reflects my opinion after analyzing hours of Valorant competitive play. 

Beyond the Stats: Decoding Team Strategies

As an avid Valorant player, I know that dreams of joining the big leagues go beyond just popping heads left and right. To truly climb the ranks and land a spot on a world-class team, you need a whole arsenal of skills and strategic know-how. So, what exactly does it take to get noticed by these Valorant giants? Buckle up, because I'm here to lay it all down for you!

  • Sharpen Your Arsenal. Forget fancy flicks, true mastery lies in the fundamentals. Map knowledge, hero abilities, and game mechanics? Gotta nail them all. Consistency is king, so dominate like a boss, crushing even the toughest opponents, day in and day out.

  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work. It's not a one-man show, Valorant is all about the squad! Your comms gotta be on point, gotta synergize like a dream team, always focused on that sweet, shared victory. High-fives are always better with teammates!

  • Metamorphosis Mindset. The meta is a slippery beast, shapeshifting faster than you can say "patch notes." Stay ahead of the curve by sniffing out the trends, mastering those dominant strats, and adapting like a chameleon. Stay sharp, stay ahead, and leave the competition in the dust.

  • Forge Your Champion Spirit. Champions aren't born, they're built with dedication and grit. Grind like crazy, learn from every beatdown, and never let that fire improve. It's not just about frags, gotta be a good sport, and respect the game and your opponents, true sportsman spirit is the heart of a champion.

There you have it, my map to Valorant greatness. It's a tough climb, but with passion and the right mindset, who knows, maybe you'll be the next legend taking the scene by storm!

Looking Ahead

Buckle up, because Valorant is one wild ride! Just when you think you've got the game figured out, an underdog upsets the giants, a new strategy emerges from the shadows, and fresh faces claw their way to the top. It's chaotic and exhilarating, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Sure, the top 10 might grab the headlines, but trust me, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Every tournament is a whirlwind of unexpected plays, team rivalries, and individual moments that'll leave you speechless. And the best part? This is just the beginning. More players, more leagues, more jaw-dropping plays - the future of Valorant is blazing bright.

Who will be the next champions to etch their names in Valorant history? You might just discover the next team poised to reign supreme!

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