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Is Drake the Worst Gambler Ever? $1 Billion Wagered on Raises Eyebrows

Drake has wagered astronomical amounts, reportedly betting over $1 billion in just two months on various sports and casino games.

Drake, the music superstar, has another side hustle, gambling. But unlike his chart-topping hits, his bets haven't exactly been bringing him trophies. He's a huge sports fan, always cheering on his favorites. Unfortunately, those cheers sometimes backfire.

Recently, he posted a hefty $565,000 bet on the Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk fight, and you’re right, it didn't go his way. This happened quite a few times, birthing him the unluckiest gambler ever, or even joking about a "Drake Curse" like the opposite of a Midas Touch.

Whether he is a jinx or not, this article goes right into Drake’s most significant betting losses and wins, the history of his curse, his partnership with Stake with $1 billion+ wagered, and the bigger impact of his gambling endeavors.

The Drake Curse and High-Profile Losses

Drake's gambling mishaps are numerous and often well-publicized. One of his most notable losses happened when he bet $850,000 on Logan Paul to knock out Dillon Danis in a boxing match. Although Paul won the fight, it wasn’t by knockout, leaving Drake without any payout. This incident is just one in a line of significant betting failures for the rapper.

Another striking example of Drake's poor gambling logic is his $1 million bet on Argentina to win the 2022 World Cup in regular time. Despite Argentina winning the tournament, they won in a penalty shootout, which meant Drake’s bet was void.

More Infamous Drake Curse

Here are a few of Drake’s most significant losses:

  1. Super Bowl LVI (2022)- He bet $1.25 million on the Los Angeles Rams to win the Super Bowl and for his friend Odell Beckham Jr. to score a touchdown. While the Rams did win, Beckham's early injury meant Drake lost a substantial portion of his bet.
  2. UFC 274 (2022)- Drake wagered $427,000 on Justin Gaethje to beat Charles Oliveira in a lightweight title fight. Oliveira won the match, and Drake lost his bet.
  3. UFC 272, (2022) - He lost $275,000 betting on Jorge Masvidal to beat Colby Covington in UFC 272. Drake's bet on the fight had unclear odds, but if Masvidal had won, he would have earned close to $1 million from his original stake.
  4. Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix (2023)- Drake placed $300,000 on Charles Leclerc to win the race. Unfortunately for him, Leclerc did not finish, resulting in another loss for the rapper.

These high-profile losses have contributed to Drake's reputation as a poor sports bettor.

Any Wins?

He once won $2 million from a $1.1 million bet on the Kansas City Chiefs to beat the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship.

Drake reportedly won $1.2 million after Alex Pereira KO'd Jamahal Hill at UFC 300 on April 2024 with some fans claiming that the curse is broken. 

Drake Curse History


The "Drake Curse" is a phenomenon in sports associated with rapper Drake, known for bringing bad luck to teams and athletes he supports and even his gambling.

It all started in 2015 when Serena Williams, a tennis legend, was on a history-making tear. Aiming to be the third woman to win all four Grand Slams in a year, she'd already dominated the Australian Open, French Open, and Wimbledon. Victory at the US Open seemed inevitable.

Then came Drake. Rumors swirled that summer of a romance between Williams and the Canadian rapper. Drake, known for embracing the spotlight, fueled the speculation.

Naturally, he showed up to cheer Williams on at her US Open semi-final against a massive underdog, Roberta Vinci. In a shocking upset, Williams lost. Her Grand Slam dream shattered, and the "Drake Curse" was born. Since then, the Canadian rapper has been tagged with this pop-culture occurrence. 

Drake’s Sports Betting Stats

Here are Drake's accrued gambling activities:

  • Total Number of Sports Bets- Over 100 bets in various sports events. Total wins at $79.1 million and total losses at $34.2 million.
  • Win/Loss Ratio- A win/loss ratio of approximately 1:3.
  • Biggest Single Win- Drake's largest single win was around $1 million on an NBA game.
  • Biggest Single Loss- His biggest single loss was the $1.25 million bet on Super Bowl LVI.
  • Average Bet Amount- Drake's average bet amount is $300,000.
  • Sports and Events Bet On- He usually bets on UFC fights, NBA games, NFL matches, and Formula 1 races.
  • Bet Frequency- Almost weekly
  • Annual Betting Totals- In 2022 alone, his total bets amounted to over $5 million.

Drake with

Despite these losses, Drake continues to bet large sums, often in partnership with the crypto betting site This cryptocurrency casino platform has involved a series of live-streamed events called "Drake Vs Stake."

According to co-founder Ed Craven, Drake's participation in their livestream was a natural progression of their collaboration. Craven highlighted their shared passion for cryptocurrency, gambling, and fostering a strong community.

These collaborations provide fans with a unique opportunity. Viewers can watch Drake gamble on roulette live, witness him place high-stakes wagers, and even participate in occasional giveaways of Bitcoin prizes during the streams.

Since joining Stake in 2021, Drake has wagered astronomical amounts, reportedly betting over $1 billion in just two months on various sports and casino games.

Celebrity Gambling and the Risk

For celebrities like Drake, gambling can be like that rollercoaster you can't resist, thrilling, a little scary, and everyone's watching. Some celebs love the adrenaline rush of betting big, the whole boom or bust feeling with flashing lights and cheers from the crowd.

Others might be about keeping up a flashy image, like playing the part of a high roller. But gambling can be a gamble for celebs, too, and not just with their money. Even if they can afford a big loss, all those public fails will hurt their reputation and careers.

Drake's a prime example. His giant bets and frequent losses are a huge part of how people see him now. Some fans admire his willingness to take risks, but others see his gambling as a cautionary tale for anyone thinking about betting.

Is He The Worst Gambler?

Drake's venture into the world of high-stakes gambling is undeniably captivating. He is consideringly suffering major losses, gaining a reputation for poor sports betting logic. However, to label him the "worst gambler ever" seems a bit harsh. 

Betting is inherently unpredictable. Perhaps the real takeaway from Drake's betting curse is the stark reminder that even the most successful individuals can lose big in wagers. 

Whether Drake will turn his luck around remains to be seen, but one thing's for sure, his gambling adventures will likely continue to fuel public fascination for a long time.

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