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FC 24 Best Controller Settings

With the wide range of controller options that FC 24 provides, players can customize the game to suit their tastes. You may greatly improve your gameplay by becoming proficient with these settings. However, it's often necessary to experiment before determining the "ideal" setup.

How to Change the Controller Settings for FC 24

  1. Go to Settings from the main screen
  2. Navigate to Game Settings
  3. Go through each setting and make the necessary changes. 

Recommended FC 24 Controller Settings

FC 24 offers pre-configured control schemes within the "Gameplay" menu. You can choose between "Classic" and "Alternate" layouts.  Most players use the Classic layout since easier to pick up if you're new to the game. The primary difference lies in the button assignments for shooting and crossing, which are swapped between these presets.

Presets and Gameplay Training

FC 24 offers various pre-configured controller settings. However, online matches automatically switch you to the "Competitive" preset, regardless of your chosen layout. This ensures a level playing field by disabling certain assists:

  • Auto Clearances
  • Assisted Headers
  • Auto Flair Pass
  • Auto Shots
  • Jockey
  • Contextual Dribbling

If you're comfortable with the game's mechanics, consider hiding the Gameplay Training altogether. This removes on-screen prompts for a cleaner interface and allows you to focus solely on the action.

  • Shot Assistance: "Assisted" offers some aiming help for shots, but some players prefer full manual control. Experiment to find your sweet spot.
  • Timed Finishing: Mastering timed finishing can significantly increase your scoring chances, but it requires practice. Finesse shots (performed with a double tap of the shoot button) with timed finishing can be particularly effective.

We recommend keeping most passing settings at "Semi" or "Assisted" for a good balance between control and accuracy. Here's a breakdown:

  • Through Pass, Lobbed Through Pass, Cross, and Lob Pass Assistance: "Semi" provides some targeting guidance while allowing you to fine-tune the pass direction.
  • Ground Pass Assistance: "Assisted" can improve accuracy, especially for beginners.
  • Pass Receiver Lock: "Late" gives you more control over who receives the pass.
  • Precision Pass Sensitivity: Adjust this setting to find the ideal balance between responsiveness and power when controlling pass strength.

  • Clearance Assistance: "Directional" allows you to choose the direction of clearances for more precise control.
  • Defending: Choose between "Tactical Defending" and "Advanced Defending."
    • Tactical Defending: Automatically selects the best tackle type based on the situation. (Recommended for most players)
    • Advanced Defending: Gives you complete control over tackle types, requiring more precise timing.

Here you can learn more about defending in FC 24.

For smoother player switching, consider these settings:

  • Auto Switching: Activate "On Air Balls & Loose Balls" for automatic switching in chaotic situations.
  • Auto Switching Move Assistance: Turn this "Off" to avoid unwanted switching while dribbling.
  • Right Stick Switching: "Classic" is the most common and reliable method.
  • Right Stick Switching Reference: "Player Relative" switches based on the player you're controlling, not the ball's direction.
  • Right Stick Switching Sensitivity: Experiment with settings around "4" to find the ideal responsiveness for switching players.
  • Next Player Switching: "Classic" offers a familiar switching method.
  • Player Lock (On): This allows you to lock onto a specific player for more control during attacking runs. However, consider turning off:
    • Icon Switching: This can be confusing during fast-paced moments.

  • Orbit Dribbling (Off): This new feature can feel less responsive than standard dribbling. Experiment to see which you prefer.

  • Save Assistance (Semi): This offers a balance between automated saves and player control.

  • Analog Sprint (Off): Consider turning this off to simplify sprinting control.

  • Power Shot Zoom (Off): Disabling this removes the dramatic zoom during power shots for better focus on the action.

Check out this advanced camera settings guide in FC 24.

Remember, these are starting points. Experiment in practice matches to find the settings that best suit your gameplay preferences.


While this guide has provided a foundation and explored popular options, the key lies in personal preference and adaptation. Don't hesitate to experiment, and prioritize settings that enhance your comfort and effectiveness on the field.

As your skills evolve, revisit your controller settings and make adjustments. FC24 offers a vast customization toolkit – embrace it to tailor the game to your unique style and maximize your potential. With dedication and a little experimentation, you'll be scoring goals and dominating matches in no time!

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