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Boost Your Defending Game in EA FC 24 with These Insights

EA FC 24 may be the latest release, but mastering defense remains a challenge! If you're looking to dominate opponents, improving your defense is just as important as honing your attacking skills. 

"offense wins you matches, but defense wins you championships”

No joke, your goal scoring flair might not always guarantee victories in EA FC 24. So, if your defense has loopholes, apply the following insights to strengthen your defending game. 

Formation and Positioning 

Shift to a formation with 2 holding midfielders and set their custom tactic instructions to ‘block passing channels’. To successfully prevent passes, maintain a distance from which you can still tackle (a step or two away from the attacker). Running aimlessly between 2 players is a sure-fire way to concede a goal. 

Bonus: This strategy works best when you’ve mastered manual switching between players. 

Master the Art of Jockeying 

Initiate the jockeying motion by using L2/LT (add R2/RT for speed jockey), maintain a safe distance to react effectively to skill moves and changes in direction. The trick here is not to lunge in. Instead, keep jockeying to maintain a defensive stance until you can make a swift tackle. 

Technique Over Aggression 

In EA FC 24, a wrong tackle can easily result in a foul or a penalty. Avoid impulsively hitting the tackle buttons unless you're sure of intercepting the ball. Instead, use the jockey move and approach the player for a more effective tackle. 

Interestingly, slide tackling is quite effective and adds an element of surprise. Don't hesitate to apply force when required! 

Defend from the Front 

To regain possession higher up the pitch, utilize the Team Press tactic. Double press down on the D-pad to activate it. Primarily, it's best used in situations when you need to score fast, although it can also create early pressure on your opponent. Remember, EA has incorporated a timer on Team Press interspersed with a cooldown phase. 

We suggest having your 2 central defenders in a defensive mode to deal with any counterattacks effectively. 

Extra Tip: Mastering the Goalkeeper

Your goalkeeper is your last line of defense, but don’t leave everything to the AI! Manually move your goalkeeper by holding down R3 and predicting the attacker’s shot direction. This skill may be tricky to master, but it's a game-changer. 

Playing Central Defenders Wide 

Ever thought of how a wide central defender in soccer parallels the strategic moves in a game of chess? Intriguing, isn't it? Let's dive into the incredible advantages they offer. Picture this - these all-seeing defenders sweep across larger swaths of the field, notably the wings, like a protective mother bird, throttling the attempts of opponents to advance offensively. How cool is that?

Navigating high and long balls becomes their forte, offering a crucial lifeline to our fast defenders daringly embroiled in those heart-stopping one-on-one situations with nothing but the goalkeeper in sight. But hey, ever wondered who covers the middle when these wide guys are so busy? That's where a deep-lying defensive midfielder comes in, maintaining a formidable line of defense like a steely-eyed sentinel.

Final Thoughts

And there it is, your cheat sheet to becoming unbeatable in defense at EA FC 24. I have given you my tried and tested game-winning strategies on Formation and Positioning, shown you how to Master the Art of Jockeying, urged you to prioritize Technique over Aggression, encouraged you to Defend from the Front, and spilled my top-secret on how to Turn Last-resort Defense into an Art. Plus, remember that bonus tip on Playing Central Defenders Wide? It's a game-changer! 

Grasp the Pressure and Push strategy – make sure you have a tactical surprise when your opponent least expects it.

The essence of what I've shared here is - go into the game with a well-thought-out plan, understand the strengths and weaknesses of your team, stay composed even in the face of extraordinary attacks, and lastly, always be ready to adapt your approach. The art of defending is not just about reactive maneuvers, but equally about being proactive, and understanding the game. 

Remember, the remarkable part about EA FC 24 is the realism it brings to your game, and your success here, just like in real football, is going to be a thrilling blend of strategy, technique, patience, and quick thinking. Are you ready to make every match an epic win? 

I hope these tips and techniques ignite your passion and elevate your gameplay. So, get your team ready, dive into the experience, and start defending like the champion I know you can be.

Alex Cabal from Game Champions

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