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Best Formations and Tactics in EA FC 24

Ea Fc 24 Best Formations

With an abundance of strategic possibilities at your fingertips, comprehending the best formations and custom tactics can provide that crucial edge in both Career Mode and Ultimate Team. This guide aims to explore the top-performing formations and offer expert advice on custom tactics, equipping you with the knowledge to dominate in EA FC 24.

The 4-3-2-1

This formation has gained immense popularity among both casual and professional players due to its versatility and effectiveness. We'll break down the custom tactics, player choices, and instructions needed to maximize your success with this formation.

The Team Setup

Before diving into the tactics, it's crucial to understand the importance of player choices. The success of the 4-3-2-1 formation relies heavily on having the right players in each position. Let's take a look at the key positions:

  1. Center-Backs: Pace is really important for center-backs this year.

  2. Left Back and Right Back: Speedy full-backs who are comfortable on the ball are essential. They will contribute to both defense and attack.

  3. Central Midfielders: You can have two box-to-box midfielders or one holding CDM and one box-to-box. The key is to have at least one midfielder with a tendency to move forward.

  4. Left Center Forward, Right Center Forward, and Striker: Your attackers should have high pace andfinishing ability. You'll also notice that Defensive Stats on a forward in EA FC 24 is becoming meta thanks to the ability to steal the ball high up on the field for an easy goal.

Custom Tactics

Now, let's break down the custom tactics to make the most of your 4-3-2-1 formation:

  • Defensive Style: Set it to "Balanced." This keeps your team balanced between attacking and defensive play.

  • Width: Set it to 45. This provides enough width for your team to attack effectively while maintaining defensive stability.

  • Depth: Keep it at 60. A balanced depth prevents your team from being too exposed to counter-attacks.

  • Build-Up Play: Set it to "Balanced." This ensures that your team maintains possession and doesn't rush forward unnecessarily.

  • Chance Creation: Choose "Direct Passing." This tactic stretches your opponent's defensive line, creating space for your attackers.

  • Players in the Box: Set it to 7. Having more players in the box offers multiple attacking options during crosses and build-up play.

  • Corners and Free Kicks: Both set to 2. This provides a balanced approach to set-pieces.

Player Instructions

Now, let's delve into player instructions to fine-tune your team's performance:

  • Goalkeeper: Default. Allow the goalkeeper to play as usual.

  • Center-Backs: Default. No special instructions needed for your central defenders.

  • Left Back and Right Back: Instruct them to "Stay Back While Attacking" and "Overlap." This combination ensures they maintain defensive while joining the attack when space opens up.

  • Central Midfielders: The central and defensive midfielders should be set to "Stay Back While Attacking" and "Cover Center." This keeps them focused on defensive duties, maintaining the midfield.

  • Right Center Midfielder: This player should have instructions to "Get Into the Box For Crosses." This aggressive approach helps them make unexpected runs into the box, providing an additional attacking option.

  • Left Center Forward: Set this player to "Get In Behind" and "Come Back On Defense." This ensures they maintain a balance between attack and defense, helping in build-up play.

  • Right Center Forward: Instructions for this position should include "Stay Central" and "Get In Behind." This player will stay central and make runs behind the defense.

  • Striker: Default instructions. Allow the striker to operate as a standard forward.

Formation in Defense

In defense, the 4-3-2-1 formation transitions to a 4-4-2 shape. Here's how it works:

  • Left Center Forward: Moves into a left midfield position.

  • Central Midfielders: Shift to the center, covering the midfield area effectively.

  • Right Center Forward: Takes up a right midfield position.

This defensive setup ensures that your team remains compact and covers the essential areas defensively.

The 4-3-2-1 formation in EA FC 24 offers an exciting blend of attacking prowess and defensive solidity. By following the custom tactics and player instructions outlined in this guide, you can harness the full potential of this formation. Experiment with different player choices and adapt the instructions to suit your preferred playing style. Whether you're aiming for victory in Rivals or preparing for the next FUT Champions, mastering the 4-3-2-1 formation can be a game-changer in your FIFA journey.

If this doesn't suit your playstyle, then we have a few more formations to show you below.

The 4-1-2-1-2 (Narrow)

For those who prefer a narrower approach, the 4-1-2-1-2 (Narrow) formation is another great choice. This setup solidifies the defense with both full-backs staying back while attacking. The central defensive midfielder covers the center and stays back when attacking, ensuring a strong defensive presence. The central midfielders are encouraged to get into the box for crosses and get forward, contributing to the attack. The central attacking midfielder stays forward, while the strikers maintain their positions by staying forward and getting in behind.

Defensively, the formation opts for a balanced style with a width of 40 and a depth of 50. On the offensive front, build-up play remains balanced, while the focus is on forward runs. The width is set at 40, with an emphasis on players in the box at 5 and two players for corners and free kicks. This formation excels at controlling the midfield and generating scoring opportunities.

The 4-2-3-1

Another versatile formation to consider is the 4-2-3-1. In this setup, both full-backs stay back while attacking, providing defensive stability. The central defensive midfielders are strategically positioned with one covering the center and staying back when attacking, while the other maintains a balanced role. The central attacking midfielder stays forward and gets into the box for crosses, while the striker remains forward and looks to get in behind the defense.

Defensively, the formation adopts a balanced style with a width of 35 and a depth of 55. On the offensive side, build-up play emphasizes direct passing, and chance creation focuses on forward runs. The offensive width is set at 40, with a notable presence of 5 players in the box and two players allocated for corners and free kicks. The 4-2-3-1 formation strikes a harmonious balance between offense and defense.

The 3-4-2-1

For those seeking a heavily offensive playstyle, the 3-4-2-1 formation introduces three defenders at the back. The wide midfielders are instructed to come back on defense, stay wide, and position themselves on the edge of the box for a potential cross. The central midfielders cover the center, stay back while attacking, and also position themselves on the edge of the box for crosses. The attacking trio, including the striker and left and right forwards, is instructed to stay central, get in behind, and stay forward.

Defensively, the formation employs a balanced style with a width of 35 and a depth of 55. On the offensive front, build-up play is balanced, chance creation emphasizes direct passing, and the width expands to 50. Players in the box are set at 6 bars, with two bars allocated for corners and free kicks. The 3-4-2-1 formation offers an intriguing tactical perspective, allowing you to explore new dimensions of play.

The 5-4-1

Lastly, for those who prioritize a strong defensive foundation, the 5-4-1 formation is perfect. The wing-backs are encouraged to join the attack and overlap, offering width in offensive situations. In midfield, one central midfielder covers the center and stays back, while the other maintains a balanced role. The wide midfielders come back on defense, look to get in behind, and position themselves to receive crosses. The lone striker stays forward, remains central, and seeks to get in behind the opposition's defense.

Defensively, the formation adopts a balanced style with a width of 35 and a depth of 50. On the offensive front, build-up play prioritizes long balls, chance creation focuses on direct passing, and the width expands to 50. Players in the box are set at 8 bars, with three bars for corners and two for free kicks. The 5-4-1 formation provides a robust defensive stance for those looking to fortify their backline.

Final Thoughts

Mastering these formations and custom tactics will grant you the strategic advantage needed to dominate your competition. Whether you favor a balanced approach or a more defensive posture, these recommendations serve as your roadmap to success.

Remember, practice and dedication are the keys to excellence. With commitment, you'll undoubtedly emerge as a formidable presence on the virtual football pitch. Best of luck, and may your tactical prowess guide you to victory in EA FC 24!

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