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How to Do the Griddy in FC 24: A Step-by-Step Guide

Scoring a goal in FC 24 unlocks a world of celebratory moves, including the ever-popular Griddy dance. This iconic move, made famous by NFL star Ja'Marr Chase, joins a massive library of 77 celebrations carried over from previous FIFA titles. While FC 24 boasts seven new celebrations, including Marcus Rashford's Think celebration, the Griddy remains a fan favorite for adding some post-goal flair.

How to Do Griddy Celebration in FC 24

The Griddy celebration has become a phenomenon both within and outside of FC 24. Its popularity stems from two key factors. Firstly, the dance itself is fun and unique, making it a crowd-pleaser (or perhaps an annoyance) in the game. Secondly, Griddy's association with NFL stars like Ja'Marr Chase adds a layer of coolness, with players readily having access to it across all platforms in FC 24. 

Top Tip: Avoid pressing extra buttons after scoring as they might trigger a different celebration. A successful Griddy will see your player run forward and raise their hands like goggles.

Footballers like Jesse Lingard and NFL players have adopted this move in real life. The dance originated on social media in 2018 by high school footballer Allen Davis and even made it to Fortnite!

Important Note: While FC 24 offers a vast library of 77 celebrations, including new additions like Marcus Rashford's "think" celebration, the Griddy (officially called "Eyes and Arms" in-game) remains a fan favorite for its unique flair. You can even set it as your signature celebration in Career Mode or Clubs to add some extra personality to your victories.

Bonus Tip: If you mess up the button sequence or simply want to skip the celebration, press R1+L1 (PlayStation) or RB+LB (Xbox) to cancel it. While a quick cancellation might still be slightly disrespectful, it's less annoying than the full celebration!

Bust Out the Griddy

Just like other popular celebrations in FC 24, the Griddy dance lets you add a layer of personality to your victories. Following the simple guide above, you can flawlessly mimic the signature moves and truly show off your skills on the virtual pitch. So next time you score a screamer, don't just stand there – bust out the Griddy and celebrate in style!

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