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How to Do the Griddy in FC 24: A Step-by-Step Guide

Welcome, FIFA enthusiasts! We've got something exciting for you today. We are going to delve deep into one of the most celebrated goal celebrations in recent times - the Griddy. Have you wondered how to bring those dance floor moves onto the virtual green turf of EA's newly released FC 24? Well, this article is your ultimate guide! 

If you're a football fanatic, it's likely you're familiar with the Griddy - a celebration dance made famous by NFL players and now, gaining popularity in the world of virtual football gaming. 

"FC 24 released by Electronic Arts (EA) has swept everyone off their feet with its stunning graphics, immersive gameplay and, of course, its array of goal celebrations."

How To Do The Griddy

Inspired from the world of American football, FIFA 24 players are often intrigued by the famous 'griddy' celebration. This iconic move doesn't just add style to your gameplay, but also boasts a bit of fun spirit. However, performing the 'griddy' rightly in the game could be slightly confusing for some. Hence, our guide delineates a step-by-step approach to nailing the griddy celebration in FIFA 24. 

So, without further ado, let's delve into the process: 

  1. Start your game: Launch FIFA 24 on your device. Be it on a console or a PC, the process remains identical.

  2. Note the controls: Before proceeding, ensure you're well-versed with the basic control system in FIFA 24. Particularly pay attention to those about celebrations.

  3. Score a goal: This might seem obvious, but griddy celebration can only be initiated after you've successfully scored a goal.

  4. Initiate the griddy: Once you’ve scored that goal, it's time to do the griddy! Here's where your command over the control comes into play.  After scoring a goal, run off to celebrate then Hold R2/RT, now flick up the right stick twice.

And voila, there you have it! With these steps, you can celebrate your fantastic goals in style. Doing the griddy celebration in FIFA 24 not only exudes excitement and cheers, but also brings a flavor of authenticity that players cherish. After all, nothing motivates soccer players more than a good celebration!

What Do We Think Of The Griddy

As an online gaming community and avid followers of the epic EA FC 24 game, we at GameChampions take our in-game celebrations seriously. Indeed, a well-timed celebration can be the cherry on top of a stunning victory, and the recently introduced Griddy, has perfectly captured this idea. 

The Griddy is not just a celebration; it is a declaration of dominance, skill, and sheer in-game prowess.

In previous versions, we've seen celebrations like the 'Dab', the 'Sii', and the 'Flip Flap' that stirred the pot of excitement. However, compared to the Griddy, we believe that these celebrations, though entertaining, lack the cheeky, playful undertone and serious bragging rights that come with executing a flawless Griddy. 

Comparing The Celebrations 

To further illustrate our point, let's create a comparison between the Griddy and some of the other popular celebrations. 

Celebration Excitement Difficulty
Griddy High Medium
Dab Medium Easy
Sii Medium Hard
Cellphone Low Easy

This table nicely encapsulates why we believe the Griddy to be superior. Each celebration possesses its unique charm, but the Griddy seamlessly merges difficulty with a high excitement factor, pushing it to be a top pick among experienced players. 

So now, it’s time to get your game on and master the Griddy. Remember, practice makes perfect, and the more you perfect your Griddy, the better you'll get at driving your opponents crazy with your victorious celebrations!

The Wrap-Up

In conclusion, the Griddy dance celebration in FC24 is not only fun but is also an excellent way to express your excitement after scoring a magnificent goal. The beauty of this celebration lies in its simplicity and ease of execution. Follow the procedure meticulously, and you'll soon be entertaining your friends with this iconic celebration. 

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