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How to Ronaldo Siu Celebration in EA FC 24

There's no denying the iconic status of Cristiano Ronaldo's 'Siu' celebration. It's a guaranteed way to add flair to your winning goal in EA FC 24. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to perform this legendary move.

What is the "Siu" Celebration?

"Siu" originates from Portuguese, translating roughly to "yes" or "let's go." Ronaldo popularized this celebration in 2013, making it his signature move.

Performing the "Siu" in EA FC 24

The process is simple but requires precise timing. Here's a breakdown for each console:

Console Button Combo
PlayStation 5/4 Hold R1 + Press Circle
Xbox Series X/S Hold RB + Press B
Nintendo Switch Hold R + Press A

Remember you can only do this after scoring a goal, just like Ronaldo himself!

Tips and Tricks to Master the Siu Celebration

  • Precise Timing: Note that the "Siu" celebration might not trigger every time you score. The key is to execute the button combination (remember your buttons!) precisely after hitting the net.

  • Camera Angle: Some gamers find wider camera angles during replays more enjoyable to witness the full "Siu" animation in all its glory.

Who Can Perform Siu Celebration

While Cristiano Ronaldo made the 'Siu' celebration famous, any player in the game can do the "Siu" celebration. We've seen it adopted by teammates and even rival players as a sign of respect or to capture the excitement of a big goal. One recent example was Alejandro Garnacho's exhilarating wonder goal against Everton. The young player's joyous rendition of 'Siu' was an obvious tribute to Ronaldo, demonstrating both his respect and the contagious nature of the excitement.

Celebrate Like Your Favorite Player

The "Siu" might be the current king, but EA FC 24 offers a variety of celebrations to express your joy. Here are a few other iconic celebrations and how to perform them:

The Dab

This celebratory move was extremely popular a few years back. To perform the dab in EA FC 24:

  • On PlayStation, hold L2 and flick the right stick right twice.
  • For Xbox, hold LT and flick the right stick right twice.

The Point Celebration

Point to the crowd or the sky to show your dominance.

  • On PlayStation, hold L2 and press Up on the D-pad.
  • For Xbox, hold LT and press Up on the D-pad.

The Shush Celebration

Here's how to silence your haters with the Shush celebration.

  • On PlayStation, hold L2 and press R1.
  • For Xbox, hold LT and press RB.

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