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How to do the Think Celebration in EA FC 24

how to rashford think celebration ea fc 24

If you've been keeping up with the latest trends in EA FC 24, you've probably noticed that the buzz is all about the Rashford Think Celebration, also known as "The Workout". This is the newest, most popular goal celebration to make its mark on the gaming world. However, this celebration isn't just a jovial expression of triumph—it's become notorious as a strategic move to rattle opponents. So, be forewarned, use this with caution! Here's how you can add this epic celebration to your gaming repertoire.

Rashford's Signature Think Goal Celebration

Whether you're playing on Playstation or Xbox, pulling off the iconic Rashford Think Celebration is remarkably easy and accessible. 

Steps to perform the Think Celebration:

  1. Score a Goal: Firstly, play a match and make sure Rashford is a part of your team. Naturally, the first step to performing the Think Celebration is to score a goal with Rashford himself.
  2. Perform Celebration: After scoring a goal with Rashford, the next step is all about the correct button press:
  • On Playstation: Simply push the X button on your controller.
  • On Xbox: Press the A button on your controller with confidence.

Think Goal Celebration with Another Player

Yes, that's right! You can perform this iconic celebration with another player as well, not just with Marcus Rashford. It might prove a tad more challenging, but with a bit of practice, you'll nail it in no time. Here's how it works:

  • On Playstation: Hold L2 + double-tap Square.
  • On Xbox: Hold LT + double-tap X.

Note that the precise timing might take a few tries to master, but the satisfaction of perfecting it is surely worth the effort! Whether you use it as your routine celebration or reserve it for those exceptional moments of triumph, it's bound to leave a lasting impression. Just be careful, your opponent might quit the game in rage. Or maybe, that is exactly what you wanted?

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